The NWO´s Syllogistic “Logic” of Changing Muslims into Europeans

This is an NWO repetition of  some students “art of Syllogism” of the 18. century´- something like this:

All terriers are dogs.
All terriers are mammals.
Therefore, All mammals are dogs.

Or worse – as a Danish peasant´s son who would impress the ignorants at home
(“Erasmus Montanus” by Ludvig Holberg) boasting that he could change anyone into whatever he wanted to!!

“A stone cannot fly
Granny cannot fly
Consequently, Granny is a stone”.
Whereupon the old woman began crying!

For my part, I must laugh at the  NWO´s applied  syllogism below!













*                                 *                                                              *

Well, what is Misho?

A fish, of course, acc. to NWO logic!!



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