UN´s Korea NWO Summit: Planetary Sustainability Brainwashing of Our Children to Dumb them down to Communist Global Citizens on a Level with Immigrant Children

I recently wrote about the UN as the world´s bureaucratic adminstration bureau for the the self-appointed, autocratic Luciferian — Illuminati world rulers via their tool, the USA. and other bought Masons. Their aim is to destroy the world through chaos and war and here and here and here and here and here and here and here  and here –  and then build their New World Order for their master Lucifer on the ruins – having reduced mankind to 500 mio.

Then EU Council President van Rompuy declared 2009 to be the first year of one-world governance.


The UN is the Illuminati key to their one world government

TUN-logohe UN is a Rockefeller/Rothschild  Institution, built to be a one-world Parliament and governmental executive instance for the Illuminati
The UN has so far  been run by the Jesuits in the  US Council on Foreign Relations of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers – but has not been able to unite the world under Illuminati sway. Three decisive factors have prevented that: 1) Nationalism 2) Different religions not tolerating each other 3) Racial factors, some races having distinctively lower IQs than others.

So how to solve the problem in the West? One way is racial miscegenation. Solution: Mass immigration of low IQ peoples  into high IQ West. This will also eliminate the the final remnants of Christianity not already eradicated during Masonry,  Jewish-owned media, and decadence in wealth. Islam is easily controlled through a world Caliph to command the imams what to tell the “faithful”. And the Rothschilds and their Shriner  Masons are de facto just as much Muslims as Jews, for they are Shabbatai Zvi-Frankist Satanists. Their Messiah Shabbatai Zvi was a Jewish “Messiah” who converted to Islam – and Frank preached “Holy Sin”!
But the main force is Rothschild´s George Soros and here  – supported by the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood. 

Illuminati Masonry is realizing that the way to to their NWO one world Communism goes through our children: Destroy nationalism, religion morals, culture in them, educate  girls to be boys and boys girls, that homosexuality and all sexual depravity is in and “normal”, that  the welfare state is your benevolent big brother. All this was taught by the originators of Communism: Adam Weishaupt  and Mayer Amschel Rothschild 


Negative social and inherited heritage of migrant children
 Document 26 Aug. 2016: A major new study of preschool (0-6 years) children´s  cognitive and social skills has been run by Ramboell and Aarhus University and the South Danish University for the Ministry of Education. It  finally documents, what teachers and educators have long known: children of immigrants with non-western (Muslim) background generally do significantly worse than Danish children.

And this applies to both cognitive skills (language and logic) and social skills (concentration, self-esteem, persistence and sociability) at any age.   There is nothing to suggest that children with non-western background who have a weak start in the nursery will catch up with their  Danish comrades in the Kindergarten or ever later on. If your cognitive and social skills are poor when you are a young child, you will have more difficulties in education  and on the whole to maneuver in an increasingly complex society with high demands for adaptability and maneuverability. In other words, a high risk of ending up on lifelong public benefits, and the risk of increased criminality are also present.

Denmark now sees a series of burning cars and of stones being dropped by groups of southern looking men from highway bridges  on passing cars. The one below weighs 30 kg., killed a German woman, and severely injured her husband



The higher the education the mother, the more stimulation at home – the more skills the child acquires. Children with the strongest social skills score 3 times higher than children with the weakest social skills – and here immigrant children are in the heavy end of all age groups.

The proportion of children with non-western background have long since crept above 30% in the Copenhagen schools. A disproportionate share of the 16% functional illiterates leave school every year has an immigrant background.

And there is moreA five-year-old child of non-western parents has  less developed empathy on an average, is less able to cooperate and finds it harder to express his feelings than a three-year-old child of Danish parents.
On an average, non-Western children have  a level of development that is lower than the one of a 2 years younger child of Danish parents.

So what does immigration promoting UN see as the solution: Make all children equally dumb!! – uncritical, easier to lie to and govern. And they are given a new “religion”: Sustainability. 

As all demagogues know, it is easier to brainwash children than adults. The UN has, therefore, launched a Rockefeller conceived comprehensive social engineering program in order to wash any remnants of nationalism and the teachings of Christ out of childrens heads. the oint of attack is, of course, schools.

The sustainability religion is the greatest deception in history.

It is not about global warming – it is about one-world government. For there is no global warming and here and here and here.

sex1The program is called “Common Core”: Concentrate on free sex as soon as possible – and make pupils as stupid as possible. The means is to turn everything upside down: Evil into good, good into evil – truth into lies – lies into truth – decency into indecency etc. Indeed, the UN is a Luciferian religion.


Common Core  – makes promiscuous sex “an amusement park ride” (Henry Makow) – and standardizes children.

Lisa Haven news 6 June 2016 : All of us should be outraged by the United Nations summit in Korea this week that adopted a global “action plan” demanding a planetary education regime that will brainwash our children into social-justice warriors and (Communistsustainability-minded world citizens.

In other words the UN will promote “merged development” of the “whole person” including their beliefs, values, spirituality and lifestyle. Their goal includes indoctrinating our youth to understand their responsibilities to “protect the planet,” and promote the UN agenda for the “common good.” Meaning throw personal individuality and freedom out the door and accept the hive mentality of “the good of the whole.”


If–that wasn’t bad enough it also details how they plan to integrate the New World Order concept into our youth by, “exploring ways and means by which education for global citizenship can be integrated into curricula and the agenda for education.”

Another disturbing document is UNESCO’s UN Decade of Education For Sustainable Development report and here that lays out, in detail, what the summit in Korea was truly about—brainwashing citizens and our youth to be poor obedient “sustainability-minded, social-justice, world citizens.” As UNESCO writes:  “Without education and learning for sustainable development, we will not be able to reach that goal”.


Probably the most shocking information contained in UNESCO’s report is found on page 12-13 which states:

“Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher income, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower income. In this case more education increases the threat to sustainability.” (pg.12)

The report further details:

“Simply educating the citizens [specifically the US] to higher levels is not sufficient for creating sustainable societies.” (pg.13)

In other words, they can’t “educate” the citizens to follow their agenda, therefore they brainwash our children and target the middle class. The more money you and I have, the worse off the “world” is, therefore it is their goal to force us into poverty and make us a lower poorer class of obedient zombies. Keep in mind this agenda has been promoted and accepted in a majority of countries—all of whom are dictators wanting to control their citizens and all of whom plan on keeping money in their pockets while taking ours.

But that’s not all! The report also details how they plan on “indoctrinating” children in the schools to accomplish the sustainable development agenda for the next generation.

agenda-21-global-citizenship2As far as possible, information on global citizenship is to be integrated in curricula and educational Agenda”

“Education for sustainable development is the use of education as a tool to achieve sustainability.

The report further details how the role of women is essential and they need their participation in order to accomplish more depopulation:

“The full participation of women is essential to achieve sustainable development….an educated woman tends to desire a smaller family size and seek the health care necessary to do so. She has fewer and healthier children.” (pg.11-13)

While I’m all for women being educated, you should not do this under the banner of attacking traditional values or forcing it on a population. There is nothing wrong with a stay-at-home parent, which is exactly what they are attacking in this section of the report.

Pbrainwashinglease understand the agenda here, they want to indoctrinate your youth and the world and make them into poor lower-class sustainable development zombieswhich includes depopulation, the homosexuality agenda, abortion, socialism, freedom loss, bondage and tyranny.

For More Information See:

World Core Curriculum http://www.unesco.org/education/tlsf/mods/theme_c/popups/mod18t01s03.html

This is the UN preparation for its final aim: The NWO Agenda 21: Urbanized Eco- Communist Dictatorship for a reduced planetary population, a life like battery hens Sweden already being a preliminary model – and China too, after the founder of the Agenda 21, Rothschild agent,-  Maurice Strong, became adviser to the  Chinese government, who is just transferring 250 mio. unwilling peasants into megacities an initiative highly praised by then EU Council president van Rompuy     It is being hammered into us – to decide very detail of our lives.



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