Pope Francis: Terror-Islam No Sin – Producing CO2 (Breathing) is a Mortal Sin. Pope Parrots NWO Program

Wpope-francis+Cardinal-Philippines_orldly Pope Francis has done it again: He clearly professes the NWO Agenda 21  and here – now even making it a sin to produce CO2 (Breathing).
He clearly serves the “Prince of the World” (John 14:30).  No wonder, since in a Black mass in the night of 28/29 June 2016, the Vatican enthroned Satan as its head    – and later Pope Francis as head and here of the one-world religion and here and here – which excludes Jesus Christ. The Pope practices Interfaith. 

The Daily Mail 1 Sept. 2016The faithful should ask forgiveness for the ‘sins’ against the environment.
Pope Francis called for all of humanity to take concrete steps to change course, starting with repaying what he called the ‘ecological debt’ that wealthy countries owe the poorproviding the financial resources and technical assistance needed to help them deal with (non-existent) climate change and promote sustainable development,’ he wrote.
Finally, he proposed that caring for the environment be added as a ‘complement’ to the seven spiritual and corporal works of mercy (See Year of Mercy).

The works of mercy the Pope is asking people to perform are ‘not about changing the world tomorrow.’ Rather, they’re about changing mindsets.

Tpope-welcomehe Pope hails the ideology of Islam and invites Koran-obedient terrorists and Christian-persecuting and – eradicating  Muslims to Europe in unlimited numbers – even goes to Lesbos to fly them to Rome on his plane
– although  disciple John in his 2. letter 1:7-11 forbade it and clearly said that people who welcomed and sheltered  people with different teachings than those of Christ made themselves guilty of such peoples´evil deeds.  This pope is working for Lucifer´s Masonic NWO and here.

To mock this teaching derived from  the spirit of Christ, the pope calls these Christian-haters a gift  and asks for their forgiveness that Christians rightly fear and do not welcome them!!

Francis blatantly preaches Communist sustainability and North-South redistribution of wealth – without seeing the real threat: The Koran and unsustainable Muslim reproduction and the unlimited corruption of the dictators of these countries who put our money into their own pockets.
Africa´s population will  double by 205o!! The Vatican condemns contraception!

This pope is deliberately paving the road for the Sharia  to Europe – but instead he calls breathing harmless  CO2 – the gas of life – a mortal sin!!.

Tfrancis_bent_cross_medhis pope even shows his contempt for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross by showing the Masonic Satan sign and demonstrating the Masonic bent cross: It was designed by Italian Lello Scorzelli (1921-1997) during the 1960s and was introduced  by Masonic “Pope” Paul VI, who used it for the first time at the closing of his modernist robber synod known as the satanic “Second Vatican Council”, on December 8, 1965.

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