CERN – Lucifer´s Scientific Temple Paid by Us!

The CERN Large Hadron Collider is placed in a tunnel between Switzerland and France. Scientists are making experiment there, accelerating particles to collide in the hope they will make conditions as in the Big Bang.
In particular they are looking for Higgs Boson, the “god particle”.

But there is something else about CERN: It is a Satan temple.
Another Swiss project was the new St. Gotthard tunnel through the alps. The engineers and politicians behind this amazing achievement celebrated the initiation of the tunnel with satanist rituals.

 Right: 2higgs-boson-thumb protons collide and emit 2 elektrons ( lines) + 2 hadron jets.  So refined processes require intelligence   – and are the opposite of chaos.

The project is financed by the European Council for Nuclear Research to the tune of 5 bn euros.shiva-2

Many conspiracy theories are associated with the project. But it does seem that occult worship is taking place there. Mock or real human sacrifice is taking place to the Hindu god Shiva (left), the deity of destruction!! See the video below.

Below this sacrifice video you can see another video postulating   Shiva and the Higg Boson becoming one (Masonic dualism) – and a lot more about  this imaginative theology.

Well, this shows that the best gifted part of mankind, the scientists , are in reality very religious: They have recognized that the world is based on intelligent design and here – and that consequently is the work of a superintelligent designer.

However, these highly gifted scientists have emptied the  chalice of poison of the ancient serpent, whom these EU-officials  worship, calling their creator Shiva/Lucifer, because their religion is Masonic satanism. Who gave them the chalice of  poison?CERN-Logo

Left is CERN´s Log: 666 – the number of the Antichrist (Rev. 13:18)

Masonry is simply Judaism – i.e. Baal cult – for non-Jewslaunched by the Jesuits, who in their turn were  founded by Crypto-Jew Ignatius Loyola and his many Jewish followers:
These Gnostic orders are the heirs of the Knights Templar – the order which was disbanded in 1312 and wants to unite the Abrahamic religions and lives on in Freemasonry. Gnosticism is of Jewish origin.

What puzzles me is not that these gifted sccientists have realized that God has created the world through the big bang.

What puzzles me is that they have degenerated into ancient superstition – which is nothing but unproven belief.

What puzzles me even more  is that they have not even occupied themselves with the only deity who has proven his supernatural deity acc. to all sciences: Jesus Christ through his 2000 year-old 3-dimensional  photographic negative on  the Shroud of Turin.

But this is due to the fact that the world-elite is waging  a merciless war on not only Jesus Christ – but against reason: They insist on reason and evidence as the basis of science and society – but choose lack of reason and no evidence, at all. And they do it out of the Jewish hatred of Christ which  they have inherited by Freemasonry. Without Freemasonry – no career !!


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