Hillary Clinton Finished Due to Sequels from Brain Blood Clot. Too Sick to Become President if the World Is to Survive

ADDENDUM 2YourNewsWire 12 Aug. 2016Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has issued a report saying that the father of a doctor treating Hillary Clinton for dementia was found killed under mysterious circumstances this weekend after he leaked information about her deteriorating health to the public.


ADDENDUM:  Jon Rappoport 8 Aug. 2016: Hillary is taking Coumadin, also known as Warfarin.
It’s a rat poison killing rats by causing them to bleed out internally. This is a fact.
This patient, Hillary Clinton, is very high-risk.
(My brother, too,  takes it. Once again, he has spent 1 month in hospital having several evacuations of gigantic bleeding in his thigh musculature)

YourNewsWire 9 Aug 2016: Hillary Clinton travels with a personal medic by her side who is ready at all times to administer life-saving drugs/diazepam  and attention during a crisis. This acc. to Twitter detectives. 



illary Clinton is so sick and unstable that she has to be helped up a flight of stairs (The American Mirror 7 Aug. 2016). Hardly to become president! Lucifer is eagerly awaiting her NWO soul.

The Daily Mail. Hillary Clinton  needed hand-holding with her daily schedule and was ‘often confused’ while she was secretary of state, her former top aide and ‘body woman’ Huma Adebin wrote a colleague in a January 2013 email.


Breitbart 6 Jan 2016: There’s Something Seriously Wrong With Hillary Clinton’s Health.

 A law-enforcement source with inside connections source just told me something I suspected. Hillary’s debate ‘bathroom break’  and other long-lasting symptoms stem from a concussion and blood clot, according to a neurologist, suggesting Clinton is suffering from post-concussion syndrome.
One of the sources told that Clinton was “very pale, kind of disoriented. He said she looked like she was about to faint. She was very pale, almost sweaty.”

“A number of New York Democrats, very prominent, well-known, wealthy New York Democrats, told me last year that Hillary had very significant health issues and that they were surprised that she was running I don’t think she has the physical stamina to be president,” one said

The Neurologist “I would say as a neurologist having seen many post-concussion syndrome patients that I would not want a president who I knew had post-concussion syndrome  because their super high-level cognitive abilities are clearly impaired and even their routine multitasking high-stress abilities are affected because post-concussion syndrome patients in general don’t tolerate even moderate work, stress-related environments”.

 The ABC  31 Dec. 2012 quotes a neurologist about Hillary´s brain blood clot: “These venous sinuses drain blood out of the brain. The transverse sinus is less commonly affected than the main sagittal venous sinus. The cause of transverse sinus clots is not well understood although trauma and dehydration have been described as risk factors. Mrs. Clinton suffered from both.

ABC writes that Clinton was in dangerous anticoagulation treatment. 

She is  to have her finger on the nuclear weapons trigger? In that case the end of the world is really near!

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