Incredible: Rothschild Clan to Stand Overdue Trial for Fraud – Indicted by French Government.

Bdavid_rothschild2aron David de Rothschild is the head of the french division of the House of Rothschild (descended from Mayer Amschel´s son Jacob) and shares most people’s view that there is a New World Order. In his opinion, banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance.
So how did the Rothschilds manage to emerge relatively unscathed from the financial meltdown (which they had created themselves)? “You could say that we may have more insights than others. As a family business, we want to limit risk. There is a natural pride in being a trusted adviser.” (Aftermath News 7 Nov. 2008).

 ‘David is intent on keeping the Rothschild name intact and protecting the brand as one that can be relied on in any crisis, even one involving another family member.’ The Daily Mail 23 Febr. 2013).

So, the Rothschilds are much concerned about its “good” name among investors. The following is a catastrophic backlash for that family.

Olive Press 18 June 2015: Baron David de Rothschild indicted in France
Rothschild’s product, the Credit Select Series Mortgage Loan, was sold to pensioners as a legal means to reduce the value of their homes for inheritance tax mitigation purposes.

The Tax Agency ruled that such a scheme constitutes fraud and (top lawyer) Flores believes that Rothschild should be held accountable. “ Rothschild advertised a loan aimed at reducing inheritance tax, which is a breach of tax law,” he said.
Marbella-based Antonio Flores of Lawbird and two other prosecuting lawyers, will submit questions for Rothschild in relation to fraudulent advertising.

FDavid de RothschildRENCH police have been ordered by Paris-based liaison judge Javier Gómez Bermudez to track down one of Europe’s wealthiest aristocrats.
Baron David de Rothschild has been indicted over the allegations after the victims who have lost their houses, mostly expats living in Spain, bought into his loan scheme.
The banking magnate will now be questioned in his native France – if he can be found.

But the truth is that that family never had a “good” name – only people did not know why  – for the Rothschilds and their Jewish fellow travellers own “our media” and politicians – and have cleverly kept the truth of the criminal acts of that family secret: (NEARLY) EVERY WAR AND REVOLUTION OVER THE PAST 240 YEARS WAS INSTIGATED BY THE ROTHSCHILD ILLUMINATI.
All for their own enrichment at our cost – and to enslave us through their one-world government.

The Rothschilds own about half the word´s money – and control most of the other half.
The imprisonment of the controlling interest of life on Earth would mean a stop to endless wars, illegal mass surveillance, debt slavery, and a Luciferian cultural agenda. Basically, peace on Earth.

Only the advent of the alternative internet media has made their crimes widely known.

Bloomberg 4 March 2016The Swiss unit of Edmond de Rothschild said it’s the subject of a French probe regarding a former business relationship managed by a former employee.
“Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA is actively participating in the criminal investigation under way,” the Geneva-based bank said.  “The bank denies all the allegations that have been made against it.”

Ebenjamin-de-rothschilddmond de Rothschild, a private banking and asset management firm established in Paris in 1953, oversees about 150 billion euros ($164 billion) and is led today by Baron  Benjamin de Rothschild    (right) and his wife Ariane.

In 2011, one Nathan Rothschild was indicted in New York for fraud

Christine Lagarde, IMF boss,  to stand trial for corruption when she was finance minister in France.
The IMF is owned by Rothschild and other rich Jewish families.

The following videos will show you the giant fraud and robbery you are the victims of due to the Rothschilds.
The first video shows you how the Rothschilds are looting us through their central banks  – which they have in every country – except the “rogue states”  which refuse to have such a Rothschild Bank: North Korea, Syria, Iran, Cuba. Previous rogue states were Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, but they have been taught Rothschild mores!!

These central banks print money out of thin air and lend it to governments  without any other coverage than people´s trust in … the willingness of the peoples to continue as slaves for the banksters, to pay the interest to the bankers for these “loans” via taxes. This is the main vacuum cleaners for the  bankers to suck your money out of your pockets.

The Rothschilds have funded both sides of every war for the pst 240 years – including World War I 

The Rothschilds´FED and Rockefeller´s Standard Oil (Chapter 2) funded Hitler, Auschwitz,  and the Communist Revolution.

They have gone free from punishment  – although acc. to Anthony Sutton they and their  financial forces fulfilled the same criteria of the Nuremberg trials for prosecution as did their German colleagues in the IG Farben (Chapter 2)

However, now members of this clan are suddenly being prosecuted for minor fraud. I wonder why. And I wonder if they will really be sentenced to anything but a fine.
But the very fact there is reason for prosecution  of 2 Rothschild banks shows the rottenness of that clan – and corrupts its “good” name in the public..

Why this is possible is not evident to me. On 22 Febr. 2013 Counterpunch wrote: With the bank nationalisation under Pres. Mitterand, the patriotic Rothschild family is appalled by the affront to its status and dignity. Guy escapes to the US, where he declaims: “A Jew under Pétain, a pariah under Mitterand”. The family bunkers down over its future.
But the article concludes that the family surged again: Rothschild is an arm of the French state and the state is an arm of Rothschild.

There is also Edmond, son of Maurice who was banished from the family business in the 1920s for attitudes deemed unsatisfactory.
Edmond built an exceedingly profitable wealth management house in Switzerland, but there is an arm’s length relationship with the French relations.
And Pres. Hollande seems in Rothschild´s pocket: On 26 Aug. 2014, Hollande appointed Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron as finance Minister.

So who are the mysterious masterminds behind the lawyers hunting David and Benjamin de Rothschild? They must have strong backers, since they can mobilize a French court of justice and French police.
In fact,  the French government has purportedly indicted David de Rothschild.

Could it have something to do with the Charlie Hebdo false flag in Jan. 2015? Pres. Hollande then called the perpetrators “Ces illuminés” – which can be translated as Illuminati or just “crack-pots”. At least, Edouard de Rothschild´s magazine “La Libération”  was the one which greatly profited. 


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