All Signs point to Munich Shooting being a Mossad Psyop Theatre, too. Same Mossad Agent filmed Start in Nice and Munich.

 ADDENDUMShoebat 23 July 2016: The real name of the Munic “perpetrator” is Ali Daud Sonboly. He is a Syrian with Turkish sympathies – and not a German Iranian. He  has a record with Interpol and was being watched.
This is the typical profile of Muslim “perpetrators” in the many false flags over the past year: They are easy to put under pressure to act as the useful idiots/crime actors for the police in staged psyops.


On July 22, a shooting is said to have taken place at the Olympia Shopping Center in Munich,, where 9 or 10 were killed and 16 (according to The Guardian suddenly 27) persons were wounded.

Would you move out of the Olympic Shopping Center this calmly  if real shooing were taking place there? Would you so calmly say: “That’s incredible!” if you had just experienced mass murder and would have had to fear for your own life ??

Here is a photo of a so-called victim of Munich. 2 things stand out: 1) The enormous belly 2) The completely unnatural rotation outwards of the feet. Lie down  and relax: Your feet are by no means in this position! This seems like a dummy. No blood is seen – just like in Nice! 



Below, you see an artificial “blood” trail: The blood is coagulated at the brims. Nevertheless, the blood trail remains equally red-coloured from the beginning to the end – instead of decreasing in intensity and being irregularly distributed, as it would naturally do. Besides, the trail does not correspond to to any body shape.  


Below, you see a similarly artificial “blood trail” from the Bataclan shooting in Paris last November (The Daily Mail 15 Nov. 2015).

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Online usage fee £500. Print use £750. All fees will be paid to a charity of the Daily Mirror's choice. THIS BETTER QUALITY IMAGE REPLACES EARLIER VERSION SENT. The scene inside the Bataclan Theatre in Paris, France in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the venue on Friday 13th November 2015.

The culprit is said to be 18-year-old German-Iranian student  Ali Sonboly (The Guardian 23 July 2016). He had no criminal record, but has been the victim of theft in 2010 and a body injury 2012. He is said to have been in psychiatric treatment. Three of those killed were from Kosovo, 3 were Turks, and 1 Greek. The victims were teenagers. So, a motif of revenge because he was called a  rascal   by a German just before the attack is not at hand. Indeed, he would have been carrying the weapon. Oddly, the German did not notice it!!! So, the conclusion is “obvious”: German Police Chief Andrä  states the deed was perpetrated on  exactly  the 5. anniversary of Breiviks shooting in Norway – and therefore it is to be assumed it was inspired by far right murderer Anders Breivik!!
Incidentally, witnesses heard Sonboly crying Allahu Akbar!

For once, here are ambulances – but with no alarm – and no activity.
Apparently, the police wanted no one on the streets to see -what was not going on! Composed and calm foreigner witness hears the cry: “Allahu Akbar”.

Thus the NWO liars know to distract from the fact: Once more, a Muslim terrorist is at play in what once again seems to be their planned theatre

Wgutjahr2ikipedia: Richard Gutjahr (right) is an employee on the Editorial Board of the Bavarian Radio . Since 2007 he is married to former Israeli Knesset member and  Mossad-Agent  Einat Wileinat-wilfft – a former Israeli intelligence officer in unit 8200.

On July 14 2016, Gutjahr happened to be in Nice on the Promenade Anglaise just as the  “ISIS attack” and here started   – (seemingly pre-placed). He reported on it on Twitter, in the ARD Night Magazine, and the Bavarian Radio/TV about it.

He filmed a video apparently showing the beginning of the attack and made it available  to the WDR .

Now the French police demands  the city of Nice to destroy all footage and films connected to the event on July 14 !! I wonder why???

Here is Gutjahrs alleged  video  of the Munich shooting. Very poorly done.

But here in better version

The Daily Mirror on 22 July 2016 has a video with the perpetrator – allegedly as he comes out from McDonalds, where he had allegedly invited children for for a surprise on Twitter
2 things come to mind: 1) He has no hurry to get away 2) Those who film him, are speaking a mixture of German and a foreign language.

So, now the question is: Was it really Richard Gutjahr, married to Mossad agent Wilft who stood filming outside the mall? How is it that he was placed in front of there there just on time?
He must have known of the impending event – just like in Nice, where he was also pre-placed to photograph the beginning of the fake!!!

Here’s the proof in The Mirror of July 22, 2016.
Note the Arabic writing on the deposits under his name.


Incidentally, this post on Gutjahr´s blog disappeared after a few hours, as the suspicion grew on him !!

In this simultaneous video by N24,   a large police deployment in front of the scene at the Olympia Shopping Center in Munich is reported – but we see no ambulances. Nor here. I have found no  interviews with direct eyewitnesses of the operation. Can my readers help?

Here is a  Daily Mail Foto of an emergency room for the wounded after the event: No patient to be seen. Seems to be preplaced


Indeed,  very much suggests that this Munich affair was exactly like the ones in Nice and Orlando and here and Jo Cox and Brussels and here, and Paris November 13, 2015 and here and the Charlie Hebdo massacre and here –  a so-called Psyop fake to intimidate the population  to make it accept more police state and escalation of the war in the Middle East. The Mossad appears to be involved here.

The Gutjahr-videos really show only that this Mossad husband was on the spot  from the beginning in two “terrorist” cases – pre-placed and thus informed in advance.

Israeli intelligence agency Mossad´s role in 9/11 has been clearly admitted by Mossad agents.
A group of Mossad agents (“students”) jubilated and danced as the WTC Twin Towers fell. They were arrested  but soon released.  Here ia a video showing an interview on Israeli TV: They said they were sent to report on the upcoming event (which, accordingly, they knew about beforehand!)


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