Nice: Terror, False Flag – Amateurish Drill? Nothing Seems to Be Straight here

ADDENDUM:  “Nice-Killer” Bouhlel sent 84.000 British Pounds to his family in Tunisia 2 days before his act of terror (The Independent 17 July 2016) – Where does a lorry driver have so much money from?


The following is full of incomprehensible circumstances.

A lorry driven by a Franco-Tunisian drives into a large crowd in Nice, just as  people were celebrating the 14th July in memory of the Illuminati-Masonic controlled bloody French Revolution and the beginning of the extermination of Christianity – as well as the introduction of the laïcité/Luciferianism  of Freemasons. He killed (provisionally) 84 and wounded purportedly more than 200.
In the unholy Illuminati numerology, 7/14 = 7 / 7+ 7 has a number of sinister significances

The driver is said to be an ISIS-affiliate.  But acc. to  Veterans Today – and many other sources – ISIS is WE and Mossad

Coincidentally, the Tunisian had taken his passport with him, the most important thing a suicide terrorist must do! – as we have seen also on 9/11 and here: On top of the burning debris of the Twin Towers was the luckily undamaged passport of “terrorist” Atta – who was still alive  after Sept. 11. As usual, in Nice, the culprit was immediately shot, without the police making an attempt to catch him alive. As usual, he was known by the police (like in Orlando, Breivik,   The Boston Marathon bombing, the Sandy Hook “massacre”  and many other terrorist attacks).

The lorry had bullet-proof  windshields acc. to the Mossad. Damage to the windshields show that the bullets did not penetrate!!
Comment: Is an ordinary lorry-driver able to fix this? And why would he do it, when he purportedly jumped out, shooting and getting killed?

The Daily Mail 15 July 2016: ‘He drank alcohol, ate pork and took drugs. He was NOT a Muslim – he was a s***’: Truck terrorist’s cousin reveals he is an ‘unlikely jihadist’ who beat his wife and NEVER went to mosque (Taqija?).

Paul Joseph Watson has a different view. Well, in the end terrorists are Muslim Brotherhood Masons – and they cooperate closely with the EU about… Europe´s islamisation.
What Watson forgets to tell is that the Jewish Pharisees are “the natural allies of Islam”  – and the masterminds behind Muslim mass immigration and the NWO

As to the Charlie Hebdo– and the later Parisian massacres and here in November 2015, President Hollande declared immediately, without any investigation, that the attack was due to masterminds in  Iraq and Syria (where the French are perpetrating mass murders). After Paris, the police had retained the main suspect and searched man  – but let him go.

The Paris attacks were undoubtedly false flag operations with governmental involvement. This main suspect was blamed for being the mastermind behind the false  flag/hoax in Brussels and here in March 2016 – although this assassination was staged in advance by the police.  (The video evidence is deleted from Youtube – I  still have  a copy in my computer – but it can not be uploaded  because of its length).

After the November attacks, I immediately wrote about 2 consequences ahead: 1) More police state. France was then declared in a permanent state of emergency. 2) France would become involved in the war in Syria. This happened.

Hier ist der Report from  The Telegraph 15 July 2016
“French President “Francois Hollande extends state of emergency
Investigating sources said Bouhlel’s last appearance in a criminal court was as recently as March, when he was found guilty of violent contact. Despite this, he had no known links with terrorism and was not under surveillance.
Bouhel left his French identity card in the hired 19 tonne lorry used to murder dozens of people on Thursday night.
The fact that the killer was known to the authorities will be of grave concern to those trying to prevent terrorist attacks in France.

After being stopped by armed police, who fired bullets into the lorry’s windscreen, the so far unnamed man exchanged fire with officers using a 7.65 pistol, before being shot dead.

A recent Paris parliamentary investigation into last year’s attacks identified multiple failings by France’s intelligence agencies.

President Francois Hollande meanwhile spoke of a “monstrosity”, and said soldiers would be deployed to support gendarmes and police, particularly at the country’s borders”.

And today again flash-manhunt / no manhunt
Although no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, Pres. Hollande said tonight, the ringleaders were to be found in Iraq and Syria. Therefore France will step up its military operations there (Infowars 15 Luly 2016).

How bad  it was in Nice, this crisis shocked eyewitness  tells. I have seen  several video interviews with eyewitnesses who smiling told, the truck drove with about 50 miles / hour (about 80 kilometers per hour) into the crowd – which is not compatible with present videos. A couple reports, they heard shot cracking  – and saw  police and military  swarming everywhere. How could the military be mobilized so quickly – already during the shooting?
In the videos below you don´t hear unusual screaming – with the exception of one female voice.


Pres. Hollande had announced he would lift the state of emergency on 26 July.
I bet that will not happen.

Fox News brings a Video showing  “corpses” on the road – no blood – with approximately 10 m spacing. This is very incredible – because people had every chance to dodge. If the truck had actually killed so many people, they would lie in an initially unorganized heap – and stop the  the truck from going on..

Here the truck after the police shooting


Here a young woman – apparently covered by a sheet – is said to be resuscitated on the street by a paramedic. Heart massage for a trauma-killed person??  Otherwise the lack of ambulances and chaos on the photos is strange.


Here, we see the truck from behind – leaving a fine row of “bodies” behind it – no blood to be seen.

French Truck-from-behind

Here from the “scene of Crime”




Here, blood is seen on the street – quite a lot below left – from babies, gauging from the sizes of  he sheets – not from adults.
By the way, I find it strange, that the sheets are fitting the sizes of the “victims” in such a disaster situation!


I expect more inconsistencies in the coming time.

Today, Pres. Hollande holds crisis meeting with his Cabinet. I have no doubt that there will be more police state, war in Syria and thousands more refugees to Europe.

“This affects us all. I cannot grasp why any one can du such a thing. We must proceed even more forcefully against these dark forces” said the Danish Prime Minister, while his F-16 jets and bombers are perpetrating mass murder in Iraq and Syria. “Now we  Europeans must to stick together,” says the upcoming Prime Minister.
Oh, yes – such a stage play helps the NWO considerably!Soros-chaos-out-of-order

All  signs of the ordinary government false flag operations/hoax is again obvious – amateurishly staged. But the Europeans still believe these Masonic criminals.

Ever more clearly, we see why the Merkel-Soros-axis and here and here is driving the Muslim mass immigration ahead: NWO out of chaos – but first create the Total Chaos.
For  that,  Soros is a genius and here and here.

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