Why Are We Losing Our Minds? Feelings with Ego Religion instead of Logic!

ADDENDUM: Acc. to a Pew poll, Hungarians and Italians have “unfavorable views of Muslims” at 72% and 69% respectively, followed by 66% of Poles, 65% of Greeks, and 50% of Spaniards. At 29%, Germany and France were the European countries with the lowest percentage of respondents who have unfavorable views of Muslims. (ANSAmed 12 July 2016).

However, according to a R + V study,  2/3 of the Germans suffer from terror fear and feel their politicians are not equal to their task  due to the migrant flow  (DWN 13. Juli 2016).

What  caused this difference? Pew is funded by the Pew Charity Trusts of  the former Sun Oil Company, which is now  owned by the Energy Partner Equity (ETE). ETE (and Pew) is owned by major banks, insurance companies and hedge funds – including Bronfman and Rothschild.

Thus, this Pew survey is  disinformation from the “secret world government”.


Whom God wishes to ruin, he first deprives of reason


The Following video is from the Josh Tolley show. Here is something important for all of us to ponder.

Josh Tolley asks why we direct our anger against each other instead of against those who deserve it.

Tolley says the reason is that we are emotional instead of logical. We base our laws on emotions instead of logics. Therefore, we already live under martial law with surveillance, restriction of freedom of speech – due to hate speech laws based on the emotion of “hate”. He defines tolerance as recognition of people to think what they want although one disagrees.  And he thinks that tolerance has  turned into accepting evil due to emotions.

Tolley says (correctly) that the Bible is based on logic. Instead people base their Christian beliefs on emotions, leading to 38.000 Christian denominations fighting each other.
Peter and Paul disagreed – but that did not destroy the main goal – which is based on logic.

(Even the resurrection of Christ is a logical fact!).
Christ´s charity was practical help on the spot – not sentimentality (The Good Samaritan). 

Then one may ask: Where does this split come from today?
Apart from the increasing militarism I see  Rothschild´s satanic Marxism as one main source today.

Marxism mobilized women into Feminism: “Peace” through the Sharia of  low IQ  macho men instead of loving their own intelligent sissy-sons (inasmuch as they have one) and husbands.
Apparently they cannot see that staying warm by peeing in pants is a very shortsighted solution with very unpleasant consequences!” 
I have written on Marxist feminism  and here and here and here  etc. to pave the road for the NWO  – accelerated by the Jewish Marxists of the Frankfurt School in 1968.

In Borlänge, Sweden, an “antiracist” concert resulted in migrants raping and sexually abused present women. New Years eve molestations of women in Cologne only seems to excite feminists. Gang rapes is everyday phenomena in Sweden, where rapes are 1472% higher than before Sweden became a multicultural countrystockholms borgarråd.

In Stockholm,
 the City´s feminist dominated Council 
(Right) has hired
summer workers to engage in spreading feminism and “anti-racism”. 

And why is it so important for the feminists to put everything upside down? They seem to be  full of hate-feelings!
Therefore, they are easy victims/ useful idiots for the London City and the Vatican.

woman´s-logicFeminism is an Ego religion.
Where logic recedes into feelings  policy, i.e. ego-feelings, prevail. That´s our misery today.
Therefore, the NWO prevails now. 

This movement began educating their boys to be girls and the girls to be boys. Therefore,  women are taking the role as the elite´s puppets worldwide today  – while the masterminds behind this is an ice-cold calculating male Masonic/Illuminati clique. 

This feminist Marxist movement is based on the feelings of hatred.

These feminists are being used by Rothschild/George Soros as useful idiots to create total chaos through Muslim mass immigration supported by these feminists led by Mason Angela Merkel as the most obedient tool – taking her orders from Soros/Rothschild via 3 Rothschild´s/Jesuits´ superlodges.

So, today´s society is based on various destructive emotions, indeed

And above it all, Lucifer,  the God of Masons and here and here and of the Pharisees behind this Masonic stage play is rubbing his hands for his success with his old trick: Divide and rule.

Well, then, since we cannot stop him, let him have his pleasure for yet a very short spell: His days were numbered on Golgatha – and he will be executed shortly (Luke 21, Matth. 24, 25).

But gradually, we should be  wiser! For we see his works every day. We cannot stop Lucifer, indeed – but every one of us should vote him out.


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