UN Religion Lucifer´s Trust: Homosexuality Promoter to Reverse all Concepts of Sin and Sodomy. “Love Energy of Approaching “Maitreyah Christ” Overstimulates Men”

Acc. to the Bible, homosexuality is is an abomination to God (Leviticus 18:22). This is repeated in 2. Peter, 2:6-10 – referring to Sodom and Gomorrha (Gen. 19:5-9), as well as by Jude – Jesus´brother! (1:7-8) – and Paul (Timothy 1:8-11, 1. Corinthian 6:9-11 and 6: 17-20). 

Iworld-goodwill have often referred to the UN NGO named Luci´s Trust, originally Lucifer´s Trust, now also called “World Goodwill” founded by Buddhist Alice Bailey pupil of Hitler´s prophet, Helena Blavatsky. UN Secr. Gen. Ban ki-Moon is deeply influenced by Luci´s Trust´s Buddhism,  seeing this as the solution to the world´s problems.
I have written extensively about Alice Bailey´s 10-point plan for the NWO of the UN.

Bibliothecapleyades: “World Goodwill/Luci´s Trust “opposes the materialism of science and every dogmatic theology, especially the Christian one, which the Chiefs of the Society regard as particularly pernicious.”

The Luci´s Trust Publishing Company and their many fronts and organizations worship an “Externalized Hierarchy” of “Ascended Masters,” who carry out the work of a Luciferian “master plan” for the establishment of a permanent “Age of Aquarius”

sabat-kumararuled by one Sanat  Kumara“, the “Lord of the World.”
He is said to occur in all religions, thus being .especially inclusive and fit for the one-world religion = the Antichrist. You can feel him when you listen to Johan Straus s´Vienna waltzes!!! He comes from the planet of Venus!! Flying saucers also belong to this tale!


Notice that Sanat (I nearly wrote Satan)  makes something like the Jewish Cabbala Shadai sign with his left hand.

Luci´s Trust is a powerful institution that enjoys “Consultative Status” with the United Nations,  including a seat on the weekly sessions, but most importantly influence with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world.

Lucis Trust is as much a political organization as an occult religious one. Aggressively promoting a globalist ideology, Luci´s Trust founded its World Goodwill, which is closely connected to international elitist circles. Authors and participants in its various conferences read like a Who’s Who of globalist insiders.”

Homosexuality – just like pedophilia – is an important agenda of  the Luciferian NWO,  which is simply turning the teachings of  Christ upside down – or put otherwise: banning the concept of sin, making it good and legal.
Therefore the word sin  is tabu in the NWO!

Luci´s Trust founder, Alice Bailey  had the   following opinion:
The present orgy of sexual expression is caused by changes wrought from astrological transitions in the zodiac and from the imminent “coming of
Christ/Maitreyah,” whose love energy temporarily overstimulates men s sex lives.


This all-inclusive Maitreyah has nothing to do with exclusive Jesus Christ, God´s son, who says no one comes to God except through him (John 14:6) – and unless he keeps Jesus´commandments (Joh. 14:15, 21, Matth. 25).

The UN is preparing this coming with Project Bluebeam – and the Vatican is dancing to the tune. Not so strange since Pope Francis has been appointed head of the one world church snd here by the Jewish Pharisees World ruler clique – and His Church has enthroned Satan as its head.

Project Bluebeam  is to deceive the world into believing that this Sanat Kumaras Messiah comes to various regions in various shapes with exactly the message that corresponds to the local religion in order to dominate the world for the NWO of the UN and with love in all its forms – especially seemingly homosexuality.

In the “Great Invocation” the UN states:
“From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth”.

The name Maitreya Jesus is used about what Alice Bailey  called “The Christ” (This was later changed to “The Coming One“): He is a fictitious syncretic figure from Christianity and Buddhism.

Oadam-weishaupt2mayerrothschildf course the sickening distorsion in  Alice Bailey´s 10 point program of natural human life is derived from the 6-point program of the Jewish satanic Illuminati-duo Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild:  “5) Abolition of the family, through the abolition of marriage, all morality, and the institution of communal education for children. 6) Abolition of all religion”.

David Cameron´s struggle for sin
Do you remember Prime Minister David Cameron´s new year´s speech to stifle free speech and to clamp down on all forms of non-violent extremism – especially “antisemitism”. On his list of “extremists” are many Christian organisations. So, preaching what Christ said of the Pharisees (the forces behind the NWO) in e.g. John 8:44 will be considered “extremism” and be punishable – like so much else Christ said – especially this taboo word “sin” – the worst of all words in the ears of NWO-ideologists. 

To the UN general assembly 2015, Cameron said Non-violent extremism of any kind must be dealt with by all means. In particular he is after those speaking the truth about the 9/11-2001  and here as well as the 7/7 -2005 bombings.
He did not think this is an attack on the right of free expression!


Here is a fellow in Manchester who really has transgressed the law against “Hate Speech”!  (The Daily Mirror 21 March 2016).
This seems even worse than when an imam preaches violent Jihad – because this concept of sin hits the very heart of the NWO ideology – and thus  it is sacrilege.
 Based on this sick ideology, a poor brainwashed Swedish feminist politician says that rape by a Swedish man is worse than rape by a migrant. Why?  Because such a Swedish man defies what femists taught him in the Kindergarten, school and media. Such a Swedish man is a defeat  for the feminists – or is she just perverse?

The reaction in the public to the poster: Scores of social media users, baffled by the sign, indulged in ‘sin bingo’ after the image was posted – attempting to beat each other’s scores.

The Catholic Herald 13 Aug. 2015Legislation to counter ‘extremism’ will threaten free speech for all faiths and give the state the final say on what we can, and cannot, teach our children.

Conservative MP Mark Spencer volunteered the suggestion that reprisals might, be used against someone teaching that gay marriage was wrong.
circular  went out from Essex County Council last year to all churches telling them they must “comply immediately” with the legislation about gay marriage or face the consequences.

We see this, too, in the way police forces have treated street preachers. There has been a slew of cases where men preaching from the New Testament have found their collars being felt by the police. Invariably they have broken no law, but policemen, overzealous to show their own compliance with groupthink, have pulled them in claiming they thought there might have been a chance that they might have caused a breach of the peace, or that there was a suspicion of “hate speech”.

TJohn-Craven_2868518bhe Daily Mail 31 March 2014: John Craven, 57, was preaching from his soapbox in Manchester city centre when 2 youths asked him about his view on being gay. He replied that the Bible stated that homosexuality was sinful.”
The boys began kissing in front of Mr Craven before approaching a mounted policeman and claiming that Mr Craven’s comments were “insulting” and had caused them “harassment and distress”. The constable detained the preacher  for 19 hours without food or water on suspicion of public order offences and led him away.
And Craven is not the only victim to NWO Antichristianity

Homosexuality promotion has the highest priority of the UN
The New American 6 July 2016: The United Nations “Human Rights Council,” which counts some of the world’s most ruthless communist and socialist rulers with fervent support from the Obama administration  as members, sparked global outrage last week by voting to appoint a UN czar to oversee the normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism around the world.

In the crosshairs are religious and moral views that reject homosexual behavior as sinful. But criticism of the UN extremism is growing.

Obama´s fervent support for “normalisation” of homosexuality worldwide comes as no surprise: He is gay himself. 

In reality forces on both sides of the issue know full well that the the UN LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) “expert” UN czar will serve as another weapon in the global war against religion, traditional values, morality, and truth.

Uban-homoN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon  who last year celebrated a notorious child rapist for launching the “gay rights revolution,” cited schools as one of the many targets for the new UN homosexuality czar to focus on.

This Christian married baker couple denied to bake a wedding cake for a same sex-wedding. A judge in Oregon sentenced them to pay 135.000 dollars damages, whereupon they went bankrupt. A campaign to collect money to help the couple was shut down by the authorities!

Jack Phillips is a genuinely Cristian Colorado Baker. He denied to make a wedding cake for a same sex wedding and was condemned for discrimination to reeducation/senitivity training  and to report to the state regularly on how many declines he had made and why. Phillips stopped making wedding cakes

Consider that, under the guise of stopping “discrimination” against homosexuals and people confused about which sex they are, extremists at all levels of government in the United States and the West are working overtime to turn the world upside down.

This photo from “gay pride”  at my old University town of Aarhus, DK, shows the Success of Adam Weishaupt´s NWO: Even babies are involved!
Below that, you see, how the Aarhus students make their annual public nude performance in the town! 

Foto: Kenneth Moustrup Lysbjerg

The New United Nations LGBT Enforcer will determine, without a doubt, that your religious beliefs are nothing more than hate.”

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