Why I Am Editing Euro-Med.dk the Way I Do

A successful revolution against tyrants presupposes familiarity with the tyrants’ arsenal:  Sunshine Bribery, Cloak-and-Dagger, Contrived Terror, False-Flag Operations, Absence of Real Democracy, and the Conspiracy Theory Bogeyman (Veterans Today 5 July 2016).


Fellow-Christians have sometimes wondered why I keep reporting on Lucifer and his works and disciples – Illuminati/Masons instead  of preaching Christ and presenting a lot of Paul´s quotes.

The answer is that this has been done for 2.000 years and now rather rebuffs people – because they do not believe in the Resurrection and 2. Coming Christ – and do not want to knoew the teachings of Christ

And why don´t they?

Because there is a force at play on this planet that people do not know and cannot at all comprehend – and do not believe in because it is diabolically camouflaged and at the same time uncannily visible to those who know that evil force. So, I see it as my task to inform the few remaining seekers about this force which I have now been studying over the past 15 years.

For the gospels have no chance with those brainwashed and blinded by the magic of this this evil force.

And I will not conceal that this force is strongly manipulated into all countries of the world by the same order that crucified Jesus Christ: The Pharisees and their devilish New World Order and here and here  and here.

I have been sent a link to a post written by a Catholic with deep understanding of the crisis of the Catholic Church.

I do not agree with author, that Jesus Christ and his teachings need to be defended.
They ought to be the very standard of this world. For they are the only ennobling factor in all of human history.
So, please, replace the word “defend” with  “for Christ expose the ideology and ways of Lucifer´s disciples”
For seeing the difference between the Devil´s ideology and the teachings of Christ should lead any seeking person to make a proper choice – the very meaning of our lives.


Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta

Tpope-francis+Cardinal-Philippines_he reason Our Lord is letting the Bergoglian Antipapacy happen, is because He is giving us ONE. LAST. CHANCE to cease the very crime we have committed against Him for lo these 50 years, one last chance to come to His defense. One last chance to shake off our effeminacy and instead rise up in virility and fight for Him.

Why does He expose Himself to possible desecration all day every day all over the world?

He makes Himself so incredibly vulnerable so that WE CAN TAKE CARE OF HIM. He leaves Himself wide open and exposed so that we can be good and loving TO HIM. He who provides and gives us everything, even gives us the ability to give back to Him. He who guards, defends and protects us, gives us the ability to guard, defend and protect Him.

He who stepped into the breach and fought and conquered sin and death for us, the perfect act of chivalry, borne of perfect virility, borne of perfect, infinite love, gives us the chance to DEFEND HIM, to confront and combat His enemies. He intentionally remains passive – for a time – precisely so that we may rush to HIS AID.
This is what we have failed to do, and what we are being given one last chance to do now, in these dark days. Just as he gave Peter the three-fold chance to unwind his three-fold denial.

We are being given the chance to “unwind” our silent betrayal. Turning our backs on Him and retiring to our diversions and navel-gazing distractions from the pangs of our consciences as we fail.

Turning our backs on Our Lord, telling ourselves the lie that objective reality, truth itself, is unknowable, and even if known, far too risky or costly to speak in anything but the most hushed tones amongst the right company, as Jesus is attacked by an axis of sodomites, Freemasons, Modernists and satanists with a dimwitted arch-heresiarch squatter paraded before them as their ringleader, is more of the same malfeasance that brought this scourge down upon us in the first place.

I had occasion to have a truly disheartening conversation with a priest recently about a situation where I am currently living involving the display and selling of pornographic materials, in a location where children pass every day. He used the metaphor of the Titanic to make his point, namely that the ship is going down, and that it is futile, and even smacks of pride, to think that I or anyone else can do anything to correct the situationon – that any efforts we make to resist the onslaught of evil is “rearranging deck chairs while the band plays .”

If we take the Guggenheim route, the route of fatalism, souls will be lost that could have been saved, and, in all likelihood, we will be lost ourselves, because failure in charity – indifference – so often manifests as a sin of omission.
What Guggenheim do on board the sinking Titanic? Guggenheim, upon learning that the ship was going down, took his mistress and her maid up to the deck and put them in a lifeboat. He and his valet then went back to the foyer of the Grand Staircase, reposed themselves in deck chairs, and sat, sipping brandy and smoking cigars, until they died – instead of persuading and helping people on board the life boats. Guggenheim was praised as a hero.

We MUST warn others. We MUST tell them the truth of the situation so that they understand the enormity of what is happening, and so that they will get into the lifeboats and be saved. We MUST tell them that to follow Antipope Bergoglio is to reject Christ and embrace the spirit of Antichrist. And we must keep doing this until the very end.



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