How Rothschild´s Jewish Lawyer Tries to Bypass the Brexit and Deceive the Brits

Vmay-goveeterans Today 4 July 2016:  The latest intelligence in London is that Number 10 and the Cabinet Office are planning to defy the electorate and reverse Brexit. Cameron, the Tory whips and Sir Jeremy Heywood, the pro-EU Cabinet Secretary, are backing a Remain campaigner, failed Home Secretary Theresa May, in the Tory leadership election and the Man who stabbed Boris Johnson, Michael Gove (a real Trojan horse – from Brexit to Remain), is to be finance minister – converted from Brexit to No-Brexit!
Thus, the NO-side will be ignored.

The Daily Mail 4 July 2016  under the heading “Who are the shadowy Fat Cats trying to trying to block Brexit?” reports: A top law firm is refusing to name ‘hundreds’ of business figures and academics behind a bid to prevent the new Prime Minister formally triggering our exit from the EU without agreement from the House of Commons.
The Guardian 4 July  2016 brings the same story.

Tfat-cathe New York Times has described fat cats as symbols of “a deeply corrupt campaign finance system riddled with loopholes”,

Mishcon de Reya is taking action to ensure MPs have their say before Downing Street invokes Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

If successful, the bid could hand MPs – three quarters of whom supported Remain – the power to delay our departure and control the terms.

Home Secretary Theresa May, the favourite to take over as PM, and Justice Secretary Michael Gove have suggested they would not push ahead with the move this year.
But Andrea Leadsom, who supported Brexit, has insisted Article 50 should be activated as soon as possible to give investors and the public certainty.

Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg today suggested that the Treaty mechanism should not be used until after a general election has been held – potentially as late as 2020.

Tony Blair has also hinted there could be a second referendum before a final decision is taken on whether to Leave.

Some MPs who campaigned for Remain have stressed the referendum was advisory and suggested the impact should be minimised or even ignored.

The Mischon de Reya said the identities of those involved would be confidential unless the issue ended up in a public court battle.

Who are the Mischon de Reya clients? 
1) Mayfair Private, an independent, high-end private client advisory business launched in June last year by Mishcon de Reya (pillar of the Anglo-Jewish community) and family office specialists Opus Private, has today announced the appointment of Alistair Morgan, who joins as Chief Executive Officer.

Alistair joins Mayfair Private having been the Head of the family office of Lord Jacob Rothschild since August 2012.

Mischon lists its further clients here, i.a.
2) The American Express, owned by Rothschild Bank Kuhn Loeb.  Investment bank for John D.Rockefeller.
3) Pfizer owned by Rothschild
4) Rothschild client Regus.

So, I feel entitled to claim that Rothschild and his puppets are now doing their utmost to cheat the British electorate, postpone the Brexit, renegotiate with the EU and have a few changes, whereupon a second referendum will be held.  Already 1 week after the referendum, the Establishment tells that 1.2 mio. Brits regret their Leave vote!!!

In the meantime, the EU will be reformed: Martin Schulz, President of the EU Parliament is now demanding the European Commission to be transformed into an EU government.
Thereby,  the fiscal Union, that  Rothschild agent George Soros has been calling for so long, will automatically become a reality, with Germany as paymaster for Southern  Europe.
This is manipulation of the worst kind. It´s deception.




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