Austrian Presidential Election: Not the Votes but Those who Count the Votes Count. In Brexit, too?

ADDENDUM: Global Res. 22 June 2016:  Goldman Sachs has agreed to donate a “substantial six-figure sum” (to the remain-side) according to one source, while JPMorgan was preparing to make a similar donation, another source familiar with the matter said.

A former Goldman official (Canadian Mark Carney) who is not even a British citizen currently runs the Bank of England.   Thus,  Goldman Sachs has inside information from within the Bank of England which it can use to speculate in the money markets in anticipation of the Brexit Vote.


As Joseph Stalin said. “Not the votes cast, but those who count the votes decide the election result . Elections are only there to reassure the population by an illusion of democracy!”

Although all polls before  the Austrian presidential election predicted  the national-minded candidate Hofer would win the EU henchman, van der Bellen won. But it turned out that in the absentee voting there had been  irregularities – that the difference of only 31,000 votes separating the 2 candidates could easily have been unjustifiably assigned to  van der Bellen. Suspicious was the statement by  German Foreign Minister Steinmeier: “It was a load off the mind of all of Europe”! The matter was submitted to the Constitutional Court.

Oesterreich-unregeläessigkeitenDWN 20 Juni 2016:
The Austrian Constitutional Court has found irregularities in the federal presidential election. When counting the postal absentee cards, there were errors  practically all over Austria. In many places, the electoral law was treated like a non-binding recommendation.
Before the inauguration of  “chosen” presidential candidate van der Bellen, the Constitutional Court will decide whether re-election is to be held.

Infowars 21 June 2016: Just yesterday, we recounted the story of Black Wednesday” when on September 16, 1992, the UK was forced out of the EU’s exchange-rate mechanism, or ERM, when the BOE tapped out and allowed the British pound to float freely, leading to 15% losses in the sterling.
This was George Soros’ infamous trade which “broke the Bank of England” and made the Hungarian richer by over $1.5 bilion.

24 soros years later George Soros is back, and this time he is warning against the kind of devaluation that made him a billionaire and which he believes will be unleashed by Brexit, when in a Guardian Op-Ed he wrote that U.K. voters are “grossly underestimating” the true costs of a vote to leave the EU, saying that there would be an “immediate and dramatic impact on financial markets, investment, prices and jobs.”
He predicts that the pound would decline “precipitously”, seeing a gargantuan drop of at least 15% and possibly >20% to below $1.15.

jacob-rothschildIt is notable that Soros’ warning comes just days after that of Jacob Rothschild himself who said in another Op-Ed, this time for The Times, that leaving the EU could lead to a “damaging and disorderly situation” in the UK as he urged Britons to vote ‘remain’.
Just like Soros, Lord Rothschild, suddenly exhibiting a rare strain of humanitarian concern, said readers should not “risk the wellbeing of our country”,and European countries are “better off together”.

In case the threat of shuttered markets was not enough, Finance Minister Osborne also hinted at imminent mass layoffs, suggesting that redundancy notices could be issued hours after Britons vote to leave the EU at the vote.

It is in Soros and Rothschild’s own self interest for the people to vote “Remain. With just three days until the vote, the scaremongering tactic, not to mention the murder of an innocent woman, may have already done its job judging by the reversal in public opinion.

Considering the above, one may think this referendum is really just one big charade, the “remain” being given beforehand.
By the way, the referendum is only meant as a guide. The government can ignore it – if it can survive it.

The Bookmakers and German  Investors do not believe in Brexit. No – for they have insider knowledge of the referendum being rigged! I hope I am wrong in this assumption.
The  DWN 23 June  reported that a few very rich people / banks are betting large sums in order to cover up the impression of the strength of the Leave-side. Actually, 60% bet that there will be a “Leave” -majority.

Die DWN 23. Juni berichtet, dass wenige sehr reiche Personen/Banken hohe Summen Wetten, um den Eindruck der Stärke der Leave-Seite zu vertuschen. tatsächlich setzen 60% darauf, dass es eine “Leave”-Mehrheit gebe.  

All factual arguments were swept off the table by the False Flag murder of JO Cox by an obviously brainwashed mentally ill person.
As this was certainly not in the interest of the Brexit side – one can only guess at dirty play from some one on the other side.

Here is how the fraud can/will be made














James Delingpole Breitbart 22 June 2016: “Make no mistake, we’re up against a bunch of bastards here so determined and unscrupulous they make Ramsay Bolton look like Mary Berry. These guys have EVERYTHING to lose from this – and they’ll stop at nothing to prevent us taking away their often ill-gotten privileges which too often the rest of us have to pay for”.  


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