Very Dangerous Rapacious Military Industrial Complex behind NATOs/BBCs WWIII Scenario, “Anakonda” – NATO´s “Holy War” on “The Russian Bear Magog”

Abstract: On June 13, 2016 NATO will start its largest exercise, the “Anakonda”  since 1989 – in Poland.
This along with the installation of anti-missile systems along Russia’s borders has been of great concern to Russia and triggered preparations for war – unfortunately in an ice age between East and West.

At the same time, in the Western media, a war sentiment is being whipped up against supposedly very aggressive Russia (annexation of the Crimea after  US-initiated revolution in Ukraine, Russia bombing USA’s allies, the ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Syria, obstructing the United States). The US is annually spending 100 million dollars on anti-Russian propaganda

The question is whether this is real or merely due to hunger for money in the insatiable military-industrial complex.
The king of this complex is the think tank The Rand Corporation, which governs the Pentagon.

An Insider, Alex Abella, calls  the core of the RAND  mad scientists who have just one thing in mind: To start WWIII to give the US world domination through a new UN. They think when merely 10 million Americans survive WWIII the war is won! The RAND advocates preemptive nuclear first strikes against Russia!
Therefore, the RAND is named the wizards of Armageddon. The RAND is closely linked to the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations.

Now the RAND has just released a report, in which it is stated that in case of war, NATO would be overrun by the Russians in the Baltic countries in less than 60 hours. However,   fortunately, NATO could prevent such a scenario  by deploying another 7 brigades and its supportive structures. “This is not cheap,” says RAND and rubs its hands  – “but still cheaper than WWIII”!!
An undoubtedly bribed US Deputy Secretary of Defence now parrots this – thus  showing who directs him.

In February, the BBC aired a documentary in which former senior expert officials in the British war room play a scenario that leads to the 3rd World War, discussing like purported  decision makers. It ends with nuclear exchanges. The Russians were outraged.
The uncanny thing about this  is that precisely this scenario is the basis for the “Anaconda”!!

A very logical and insightful video analysis of the current situation on the world stage comes to the conclusion that WWIII is inevitable.

The MSM have done their job well: WWIII began im Marseille on 11. June  2016  (In Denmark called the Devil´s Birthday – mortgage payments), a clash between hateful Russian and British football fans cost 1 life and 37 injuries. The US alone spends 100 mio. dollars on Antirussian propaganda

And it is because the Illuminati have been planning it for probably 240 years. But if you consider Bible prophecy, one has to say that this war will probably not come at once: For Israel and Russia are currently the best of friends – which excludes the Gog-Magog prophecy now – but not Isaiah 17. The Albert Pike / William Carr plan would also be postponed, due to a new alliance between Israel and Russia.


Revelation 18: 8…and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. 9 And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, 10 Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.


NATO is now starting the “Anaconda”, its biggest exercise since 1989 – in Poland. This alongside with the installation of US missiles to intercept Russian nuclear missiles has not only worried the Russians but triggered energetic war preparations (see my next  post).
It looks as though NATO is hellbent on war with Russia, who is not yet ready for a conventional war – but would have to rely on her nuclear arsenal, which NATO knows very well (my next post).

The NATO brings the video below under the title of “World War 3: The Russian Bear of Magog (Ezekiel 38,39) declares NATO a National Security Threat”. So the next world war will be a holy war!

Military muscle flexing
Polish Army and U.S. Army soldiers attend the opening ceremony of the Anaconda-16 military exercise, in Warsaw, Poland, Monday, June 6, 2016. Poland and some NATO members are launching their biggest ever exercise, involving some 31,000 troops, as central and eastern European nations are seeking strong security guarantees among concerns about Russia's assertiveness and actions. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz)The Moscow Times 7 June 2016: Dialogue between Russia and NATO is held “at the level of ambassadors” is unlikely to help reach understanding amid the deficit of mutual trust, Peskov said, RBC reported.

Eighteen NATO member states will participate in the biggest exercise since 1989. A total of 31,000 soldiers, 3,000 units of military machinery, more than 100 planes and helicopters and 12 warships will be involved in the drills, the Polish Russian-language radio station Radio Polska reported Monday.
The exercise will rehearse a joint defence operation against “hybrid threat,” according to Radio Polska. The scenario implies a conflict between two alliances that leads to the annexation of an imaginary state and intrusion into Poland and the Baltic states.

DW 13 June 2016  NATO Secr. Gen. Stoltenberg said NATO officials would formally approve the plan to send four multinational battalions (4.000 men) to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland during a meeting on Tuesday in Brussels.
This i to meet the military industrial complex which in the Rand Report (below) demands 7 battalions.

Now Russia Today 10 June writes: The US Secretary of Defence’s deputy assistant said that Russia could potentially overpower NATO forces in the Baltics in 60 hours or less , adding that with its greater budget the chances of deterring such “Russian aggression” is set to significantly increase in 2017. This shows the RAND  governs his mind.

Foretaste? Putins SA marching in Marseille.



The Newsweek 6 June 2016: NATO is laying the groundwork in Eastern Europe for a “global strike” against Russia, the deputy head of the Defence Council in Russia’s upper house of parliament has declared.
“They have very serious plans on the framework of devising a so-called global strike.
Russia’s armed forces boast a numerical advantage to NATO troops: The Ministry of Defence estimates that its westernmost forces number around 400,000.This is roughly 10 times the size of NATO’s force?? According to Klintsevich, Russia will make good on its promise to reinforce its Western forces.

The RAND Corporation think tank
Some observers think the purpose of this warmongering is to extort more money for the military out of the governments. The exponent of the military industrial complex is the RAND Corporation. It is heavily putting pressure on and money in view for US presidential candidates to be war hawks. The Pentagon is bought by this complex.

RAND is called “wizards of Armageddon.”
RAND is intimately interwoven with the Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie Foundations. 
Here are the RAND grantors – unfortunately, I see that Denmark´s subservient NWO government and the EU are also grantors!
RAND has great influence on the US military policy.


The Rand Corporation has just released a scaremongering report on the deficits of NATO – and all the lovely hardware NATO has to buy to avoid WWIII:
“Russia could overrun the NATO in the Baltic countries in less than 60 hours
A force of about seven brigades, including three heavy armoured brigades — adequately supported by airpower, land-based fires, and other enablers on the ground and ready to fight at the onset of hostilities — could suffice to prevent the rapid overrun of the Baltic states.
The Expense Needs to Be Balanced Against the Consequences of Not Rethinking the Current Posture”.
NATO´s Secr. Gen. Stoltenberg has said similar things.
While this deterrent posture would not be inexpensive in absolute terms, it is not unaffordable, especially in comparison with the potential costs of failing to defend NATO’s most exposed and vulnerable allies.


The Rand Corporation driving the US military politics – besides Zbigniew Brzezinski and his Grand Chessboard, wh jetzt darauf zielt, Russland i Syrien verbluten zu lassen und Chaos in Russland zu schaffen!–– towards World War III
Abel4Prison Planet 16 Dec. 2010: Journalist and author Alex Abella was allowed exclusive access inside the RAND Corporation to view their archives. What he discovered was a plot driven by mad scientists, behaviorists, and generals who were intent on starting world war three and fleecing the American people in the process. He is now convinced that this top secret think tank has been pulling the strings of American government for at least 60 years. RAND ultimately expanded into politics, science, history and economics and was closely allied with the Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations. RAND’s decision in the 50’s to re-model the globe towards a new world order changed everything. RAND’s ultimate goal was to have technocrats running every aspect of society in pursuit of a one world government that would be administered under “the rule of reason,” a ruthless world where efficiency was king and men were little more than machines. RAND researchers believed that if 10 million Americans survived a nuclear war, the war was won.

Abella notes how RAND saw the United Nations as a template for one world government but that a new organization controlled by the U.S. would eventually supersede the UN and become the de facto world government, which is why RAND researchers such as John Williams advocated pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the Soviet Union

The US alone is spending  100 mio. dollars a year on  anti-Russian propaganda – while I have found no anti-American equivalent in the Russian  Media (The Moscow Times, Russia Today, Sputnik). And it works: In Marseille WWIII broke out on 11 June in a hateful clash between Russian and british football fans: 1 dead, 37 injuries!

Unfortunately, I could not upload the BBC video below. But it can be seen in its full, very dramatic length via  the link below:  It is about decision making  in the British war room among former high-ranking expert officials on a developing escalation into a nuclear WWIII. The video has caused an outcry of anger in Russia.

BBC: World War 3 – Inside the War Room

Here is a trailer

Here is a very interesting  diskussion in Russia Today of the BBC scenario  of WWIII: Its preparation for brainwashing the minds of the population  for war

The following and the NATO Anaconda exercise shows that the video is the very basis of NATO´s strategy – justified or probably not (see my next post)

The following video logically describes the present preconditions for the 3rd World War. Previously, false flag operations will take place, as ususal. Some of these dirty operations are mentioned – including more recently the 11th Sept. and ISIS. The only winners will be the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bill Gates etc. They do not want money but population control and total control over mankind. They want a nuclear war

WWIII will come – but is probably not just around the corner – as I understand the new Israeli-Russian alliance

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3 Responses to Very Dangerous Rapacious Military Industrial Complex behind NATOs/BBCs WWIII Scenario, “Anakonda” – NATO´s “Holy War” on “The Russian Bear Magog”

  1. Michael K. says:

    Dear Anders,

    I have a hard time accepting that you see no equivalent to the $100 million a year that the US spends on anti-Russian propaganda, especially when you look right at RT, Moscow Times, Sputnik and so forth. These are obviously anti-American and state sponsored. Add to that all the Kremlin run gray propaganda around the internet posing as “White Nationalist” advocacy, being just the tip of the iceberg. Then there is the St Petersburg conference of the “new European Right” which is essentially more of the same idea. They are easily matching the US in the cold war of propaganda.

    I also question the logic that states a Russia-Israel alliance makes WW3 less likely. Conversely, I see it as making it more likely, since Israel appears to be dumping America, having bled it dry fighting for Greater Israel for the past 25 years. It seems like they are anticipating American revenge for their perfidy, and would like to see America crushed by a nuclear bombardment before that can become a political reality.

    Frankly, I don’t believe that there is any great future plan for America to run the world, at least not any realistic one. We have blown our load, our military is shrinking at an unsustainable rate, our wars have all but destroyed our currency, and our population is on the verge of rebellion if things get much worse. The information coming from Alex Jones is Jewish owned propaganda and you ought to know that by now. They are helping to make America out as a credible menace to the world, rather than the crumbling edifice that it really is. The notion that Agenda 21 is going to be imposed by some imaginary future world government replacing the UN is hysterical. The UN isn’t about to be replaced by America. Just listen to Putin’s 2015 address to the UN, and then the Pope’s speech there. That’s where your Agenda 21 is going to be coming from.

    All this fear mongering against America is irrational as it avoids the facts on the ground. Russia has 10 to 1 advantage in a war to capture Europe, the Russian military is in a higher state of readiness, and is preparing the way politically to be welcomed as liberators with this shrill propaganda that you say you didn’t even notice when you read Pravda last.

    Ezekiel 38 may not refer to WW3 at all, but to a future event after the destruction of Babylon/America. Perhaps it refers to the last battle, the Battle of Armageddon. There is no necessity to limit your understanding of the possibility of a sudden outbreak of violence between Russia and NATO by conditioning it upon the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38.

    So, in conclusion, I find your research very rewarding, but I wonder how you can be so credulous of the unsubstantiated and nearly impossible accusations against America, and not at all wary of the sources that dispense it.

    Peace in Christ.

  2. Anders says:

    Hello, Michael K.

    Your Comment goes so deeply, that I cannot answer in a comment.
    So see my next post



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