Putin´s Master Chess Move: Putin´s Master Chess Move Checkmates US: Israel to Be Russian Base, Common War Games, Israel´s Peace Plan to Be Implemented.

The relationship between Netanyahu and Obama is very bad, since the United States would not attack Iran – but instead made an agreement with that State.
Netanyahu now appears to be turning to  Russia, which urgently needs more bases in the Mediterranean.
Herewith, the dispute between Rothschild´s London City and orthodox Jewry led by the King of Jews, Putin, is climbing to a new climax.

Russia Today 8 June 2016: On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Moscow. They discussed economic cooperation including energy ties. “Our doors are open for every company from any country that has vast experience in the development of gas fields, including Russia, of course,” Netanyahu said at a joint news conference, adding that there are no legislative barriers stopping Russian companies working in Israel.

Netanyahu, King of Israel and Putin,  King of Jews.

netanyahu + putin

Debkafile 10. JuniIsrael and Russia will hold joint fleet and Air Force military exercises. On June 7, Putin and Netanyahu have agreed on this. This means Israel is becoming a Russian military base. The Russian leader said that the presence of the Russian navy and air force would guarantee that no Muslim military in the area – such as Iran, Syria and Hezbollah – would dare attack the gas fields if Israel would grant the Russian Gazprom to develop the gas in Israel.
Netanyahu asked Putin to apply in the licitation process.


Russia and Israel are the best of friends at the cost of the USA

Sputnik 8 June. 2016
 President Vladimir Putin (King of Jews) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have met for the third time in less than a year in an atmosphere of trust and with flattering remarks in what points to a blooming relationship between Russia and Israel in areas spanning security and economic cooperation. Trust, shared interests and most recently the return of (a captured Israeli)  tank have contributed to making these ties cordial.
putin-netanyahuRussia Could Replace US as Israel’s Primary Ally in Middle East.
DEBKAfile 6 June 2016: Netanyahu proposes to move the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations under Moscow´s leadership at the cost of the USA.
DEBKAfile  7 June 2016: Putin said that Russia and Israel are “true allies” in the fight against terrorism.

Israel Netz 8 Juni 2016:  Russian President Vladimir Putin has assured  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of his support in the Middle East conflict. Putin has purportedly  promised Israel a full and timely solution. The Israeli Prime Minister met  with the Moscow (Chabad Lubavitch) Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar during his stay in Russia.

The Palestinian 2 state solution was signed several years ago!!


Video Interview with Israel Shamir: Netanyahu is doing all he can to please Russia, now even offering Putin to win gas in Israel. Israel often changes most important ally, is unreliable. Putin´s plan is to be friendly with Israel in the hope of then being able to influence the Jews who de facto rule America (see from the 12 min mark. But at the same time, Putin votes with the Arabs against Israel in every UN vote!

Here is an interesting graph brought by a Jew, Gilad Atzmon.
Maybe, it can help understand what is going on in the minds of the Chabadniks (Putin) and the Zionists (Netanyahu).


This moves  the Gog / Magog prophecy (Ezekiel 38, 39) into a distant future – and the The Albert Pike-William Carr plan, too.

Will the US come to terms with this new order in the Middle East? It is now being pushed aside in this new order, which has to do with the Soviet-born Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor-lieberman-und-putinAvigdor Lieberman, who is very popular and on wavelength with KGB agent Putin. He is even being called the Jewish Putin. Israel is also Communist.
Russia with its allies is a more natural ally than the United States – and Putin is the king of the Talmudic Jews.
Do the Rothschild/Rockefeller syndicate of the London City with its spearhead, the United States, think so, as well? Or do they believe that Putin has now but gone too far in their ongoing dispute?

The coming time could be dramatic.



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