Careful, Mr. EU Commission President Juncker: Your Innumerable Sharia Friends See Your Drunkenness as a Mortal Sin

The President of the EU Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, obviously has an alcohol problem
That´s why British Prime Minister, David Cameron, tried to stop Juncker´s candidacy in 2014. But, as always, Angela Merkel knew what was better for Europe – at least for Europe´s Cognac producers!

This video is from 2015

The Telegraph 26 June 2016 : Jean Claude-Juncker’s drinking habits have been discussed at the highest levels by European leaders who privately have concerns over his drinking.  Allegations have circulated around Brussels in recent years about Mr Juncker’s drinking.
One senior diplomatic source has said he “has cognac for breakfast”.
 A separate European Commission source confirmed the report.

This must be at least one explanation for Mr. Juncker promoting Europe´s  total destruction through Muslim mass immigration: He does not see the problem through the fogs of alcohol. 

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