US Preparing to Take over Saudi Arabia and for Illuminati IMF-One-World Central Bank/SDR Reserve Currency instead of Dollar I: Here Is Their Plan.

Something quite absurd is going on:
Russia is waging a war on the Dollar
through the BRICS Development Bank and here —  alongside with China and US-child ISIS and here! (which now trades its stolen oil in gold dinars) –  and by trading with China in national currencies.

But paradoxically, the US is now endangering the dollar, too, obviously aiming at having it replaced by the IMF´s SDRs. And even more peculiar, because a key reason for the wars in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, was in response to an attempt to find an alternative to the petro-dollar.

Saudi Arabia being dismantled

obama-saudi-partnerDWN 30 Apr. 2016:  The members of the Saudi royal family are preparing to go into exile. As much oil as possible is being sold in order to create the petro-dollars to take out of the country. From the USA  clear signals are coming that the days of the incumbent clans are counted.
President Obama  now  calls for “democratic reforms” by Riyadh.  Obama used the same rhetoric shortly to the government in Damascus before the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in 2011. au 18 April 2016 Saudi Arabian foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir told US politicians last month that “Saudi Arabia would be forced to sell up to $US750 billion ($A975 billion) in Treasury securities and other assets in the United States before they could be in danger of being frozen by American courts.”
The reason is that the US is preparing to release 28 secret pages in the 9/11 report, making Saudi Arabia´s Royal Family the criminals behind 9/11, thus once more covering  up the real mastermindsThe US, the US´Jewish Mafia, and Israel and their puppeteers in the London City and the CFR Jesuits.

DWN 27 May 2016DWN 27 May 2016:  Foreign banks are increasingly betting on a devaluation of the national currency, the rial. A devaluation of the rial might be the first step towards a complete uncoupling from the dollar.
Saudi Arabia has been hit hard by the fall in oil prices and has to take international (Rothschild) loans.

Investment Watch 4 April 2016: Donald Trump: “Saudi Arabia is going to be in big trouble pretty soon. And they’re going to need help” – (read US invasion!)

The same can be said about the US economy – based on the dangerous petrodollar!

petrodollar chart_0

What is the petrodollar?
The Oil Price 16 Jan. 2016:  The U.S. dollar has reigned supreme since the end of WWII, when the Bretton Woods system gave it is initial power. With Bretton Woods’collapse in 1971, oil became its new saviour and king maker as the U.S. dollar became the prime currency for crude oil transactions.

In 1973, the U.S. made a pact with the Saudi King to conduct all crude oil trades in U.S. dollars
— in return for U.S. protection of its oil fields. Because of the global hunger for crude, the demand for U.S. dollars experienced a similar, sustained hunger.
petrodollar-recyclingThe major producers of crude oil had an abundance of dollars, which was recycled back into the system to purchase dollar-denominated assets.
(Actually, the US thus imported Middle East uil free of charge).  This is now under threat.

The major producers of crude oil had an abundance of dollars, which was recycled back into the system to purchase dollar-denominated assets.
(Actually, the US thus imported Middle East oil free of charge).  This is now under threat.

The collapse of the petro-dollar as various nations seek an alternative could have economic consequences that could be the end game for a major world warRising oil prices could stave off this.

The Dollar Vigilente 19 April 2016:  “Remember the 28 pages of classified documents that numerous US representatives who read it said that it implicates Saudi Arabia in 9/11? While likely mostly untrue, I expect at the opportune time it will be released as a guise for an invasion and never-ending war and occupation of Saudi Arabia, further destabilizing the entire Middle East.”

Now appears to be the “opportune time”

This is also a continuance of the planned destruction of the US dollar, or petrodollar, which will make way for the new SDR global currency.
A quick Saudi sale of $700 billion in US Treasuries (see below) would pound the stock market, the bond market and the US dollar. The sheiks have realized that the globalists are quite willing to see them fall.  It may be allowed to an extent because the globalists are trying to crash the world economy by this fall in order to usher in the SDR world currency.
Now Riyadh is expendable along with the dollar.

Riyadh will likely end up being yet another US military base from which to surround Iran, their next target.
The solution will be a new global order with a new currency and  central bank, the IMF and the BIS to rule them all and a new global tax system, launched and headed by the IMF!

Strong US Pressure for moving Saudi Arabia to destroy the dollar by selling its US  assets at fire sale prices or, enabling the US to buy its debt back for a song  – and face possibly occupation.

he Daily Mail 19 May 2016:  Until now, the Obama administration has refused to reveal the contents of the missing 28 pages of the 9/11 Report and looks to be leaving the decision to a Congressional vote. 

Former US Senator and  chairman of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Bob Graham, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and other critics believe the files expose Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks – something the U.S. government has allegedly sought to keep quiet – and that Saudi Arabia should be punished now!!!
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi also called for the 28 pages to be declassified, saying that the refusal to do so was ‘a mistake’ as she added to the Democrats piling pressure on Obama

Wto-flyWhite House Press Secretary Josh Earnest confirmed the files were being reviewed but mentioned that the 9/11 Commission’s report found no evidence of al-Qaeda being funded by Saudi officials.

He said: ‘I think that the Saudis who know what they did and have a pretty good idea that the United States, at least at the highest levels, knows what they did . ‘They’ve interpreted this as being impunity and have continued to fund terrorist organizations and to train the next generation of recruits in their mosques and madrasas.’
Comment: This is an incredible insolence: In the first place, 9/11 was a US/Israeli inside job. The US and Saudi Arabia have created, financed, equipped ISIS together  – and the US has trained them and in 2012 planned ISIS as well as its partner and child, Al Qaeda.

Last September, the latest lawsuit brought by families of victims of the 9/11 attacks, was thrown out. A previous attempt in 2013 also failed to make any headway. A US judge stated there was insufficient evidence linking the Gulf country to the 2001 attacks.
Of the 19 men behind the attacks, 15 were said to be citizens of Saudi Arabia!??  (Acc. to the big English newspapers they were alive and well days after 9/11!!!)

Hillary´s_sponsorsDemocratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said: ‘Obviously, we’ve got to make anyone who participates in or supports terrorism pay a price. ‘We also have to be aware of any consequences that might affect Americans, either military or civilian or our nation.” And she is being massively bribed by Saudi Arabia!!

Hillary’s major donors via the Clinton Foundation are Victor Pinchuk (a Ukrainian billionaire), Goldman Sachs, the House of Saud, the Wall Street speculator George Soros and the Rothschild banking dynasty. Hillary will be working for them and won’t even give you a second thought if she gets into the White House.

Another Democratic Presidentil hopeful, Bernie Sanders (awaiting Hillary Clinton´s exit from the campaign due to criminal behaviour as Secretary of State) “I do believe Saudi Arabia is playing a very dangerous role in fomenting fundamentalism all over the world”.

DWN 6 May 2016:  The Russian bank Sberbank issue corporate bonds  in Yuan, news agency Tass reported. In February 2014, Sberbank had issued subordinated bonds in Euro and further Euro bonds are to be issued.

It seems the entire US establishment wants to clamp down on its former ally, Saudi Arabia. And it seems the reason is, they want the Saudis to crush the dollar, giving itself and its puppeteers the opportunity to steal the Saudi oil resources and replace the dollar with their own reserve currency, the SDRs. Russia and China are willing helpers.

In my opinion, the Illuminati are now about to implement what was planned by Joseph Stiglitz  and included in the 2009  UNCTAD Report – viz. the IMF as the one-world Rothschild central bank – and its SDRs as the only world reserve currency.
The IMF is owned by Rothschild and 30-40 additional (Jewish) families.
Both Russians, Chinese, probably Saudis and the US itself are giving up the petrodollar – and thus the US status as the World´s only superpower: The Illuminati are taking over as  planned from their beginning.
Perhaps, however, the United States think they can preserve the superpower  status  by controlling Saudi Arabia’s oil resources and the acquisition of its US bonds at pittance prices.   


On 19 Febr. 2010, I published the following plan which is regular old-fashioned Soviet planned economy – without reward for industry and invention. As we know from the Soviet Union this leads to social poverty – due to man´s natural idleness. 

UNCTADWorld governance by means of inflationary money production and regulation  – see 2009  UNCTAD Report.
III E Conclusions:
1. A key objective  of regulatory reform should be the weeding out of financial instruments with no social returns and providing incentives to channel resources towards investment projects with high social returns.
2. Regulatory arbitrage can only be avoided if regulators are able to cover the whole financial system and ensure that all financial transactions are overseen.
3. It is necessary to complement micro-prudential regulation with macro-prudential policies aimed at smoothing the leverage-cycle.
The incentives of credit rating agencies could be improved by establishing a regulatory authority that supervises the operations of the agencies.
5. Participation of developing countries in the various agencies different regulatory requirements.
6. Chapter IV D subsection 3: The report of the Stiglitz Commission: Reform involving Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) as the main form of international liquidity.
7. A system of managed flexible exchange rates. The Bretton Woods system and the European Monetary System provide precedents.
8. Better, if countries whose currencies were under pressure to devalue were joined in their fight against speculation by the monetary authorities of those countries whose currencies were under pressure to appreciate.
9. Example: Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), plus China, Japan and the Republic of Korea (ASEAN+3): collectively managed fund that will pool the foreign exchange reserves of these countries.
10. The global economic governance would gain greater coherence if multilateral trade rules were complemented by an effective system of surveillance and macroeconomic policy coordination. So far, policy surveillance by the IMF has been effective only for countries borrowing from the Fund. (And what a misery to such countries – see the year 2000!).
Free-trade11: Chapter V: F: Countries need to lead global action to mitigate climate change. They need to assume responsibility for the accumulation of emissions affecting the global climate, which have resulted from their past actions. If strengthened, many of its elements could contribute… to the greater participation of developing countries in those efforts.
12: Putting a price on emissions, in the form of taxes or tradable emission permits…, could help set in motion a process towards establishing lowcarboneconomies.
13: Direct government intervention in the form of emission performance standards and strict regulations.
14: The international community can support industrial development in this direction by allowing developing countries sufficient policy space in the context of relevant international agreements on climate change, trade, Foreign Direct Investment and intellectual property rights. Allow banks the possibility to deposit dollar reserves in a special “substitution account” at the IMF, to be denominated in SDRs. The SDRs could also be used to settle international payments. The risk would have to be covered either through the generation of higher revenues by the IMF or by guarantees from member States.
15: Enable a new “Global Reserve Bank or a reformed IMF to issue an “artificial” reserve currency, such as the “bancor” suggested by Keynes in his Bretton Woods proposals for an International Clearing Union. The new global reserve system could be built on the existing system of SDRs.
16: One possibility is for countries to agree to exchange their own currencies for the new currency, so that the global currency would be backed by a basket of currencies of all the members. But other variants are also discussed in the Commission’s report. The new system could contain penalties against countries that maintain deficits, and equally against countries that maintain surpluses.
17: The G-20, at its London Summit in April 2009, announced its support for a new general SDR allocation, which would inject $250 billion into the world economy and increase global liquidity. However, a major problem with the G-20 proposal is that the new SDRs are allocated among the IMF’s various members, so that the G-7 countries would get over 45 per cent of the newly allocated SDRs, while less than 37 per cent would be allocated to developing and transition economies, and less than 8 per cent to low-income countries.
18: SDRs should be allocated to member States on the basis of some estimation of their demand for reserves, or, more generally, on some judgement of “need”.
19: The G-20 finance ministers meeting in April 2009 endorsed the proposal for a countercyclical issuance of SDRs. If the purpose of SDR allocation is to stabilize global output growth, it would indeed be appropriate to issue more SDRs when global growth is low – and smaller amounts or retire SDRs in periods of fast global output growth.
20: Wage cuts have an immediate dampening effect on domestic demand and further destabilize the economy. Moreover, wage cuts of the size needed to restore competitiveness are deflationary and add to the general depression of production and investment. The purpose of giving countries unconditional access to international liquidity should be to ensure that the level of imports can be maintained, and not to bail out foreign investors.

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