Luciferian Masonic Goal for Europe´s Future: No-Go-Zones for Whites in Denmark, Sweden, and for Christian Immigrants in Germany´s Asylum Homes.

“Muslims are peaceful and nonviolent, but if you don’t let them into your country they’ll start killing people”, so says the new Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to Donald Trump (Liberation Information 10 May 2016).
London’s new Muslim mayor (contemptibly) calls moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms”  (Sklaven) (Jihad Watch 7 May 2016).
“There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it” (Recep Erdogan The Daily Mail 22 June 2013)


London now has 44% coloured inhabitants. From 2011 the 200-years-old censuses were Abolished!!!  The following table is from 2011:

London-census_2011There is proportionality between the number of muslims and violence in a society. At >10% and <20% Muslim population,  they will increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions  (Paris –car-burnings). Any non-Muslim action that offends Islam will result in uprisings and threats ( Amsterdam – Mohammed cartoons).

DWN 10 Mai 2016:  After a meeting with the Merkel party, the CDU, Bavarian Prime Minister Seehofer sees the continuation of border controls as the notarial end to the culture of welcome in Germany. The agreement is a document of  turnaround – and therefore means an end to  Angela Merkel´s  open border policy.

Text below: “Yes we will make it , we will make it , we will make it….


The Daily Mail 11 May 2016: Two thirds of German voters have had enough of Angela Merkel because of her irresponsible immigration policy of open arms – and they want to elect her out of office  as Chancellor next year.
Comment: However, that is not enough to avert the disaster. Even if we take no more  Muslims in, we have our declared enemies, the Allah-worshipers within our boundaries with their strongest weapons: Their demographic superiority and their IQ-inferiority,  although one often twonders if “our” politicians´IQs are even lower.
“We will destroy you giving birth,” a Muslim woman once said.

Recently.  some young men came  into a bar and shouted that all guests had to leave. They shouted that the site belonged to them and that Nørrebro is part of the Sharia, so no alcohol drinking was allowed” – so says an employee at one tavern in outer Nørrebro in Wednesday’s edition of Radio24syv Morgen.

Pat Condell: “I am anti-islamic. Nothing in Islam deserves respect. It is a violent, intolerant death cult. Child marriage is abominable”. 

A few months ago we told that the police in Copenhagen did nothing to help a desperate manager of a Netto store at Brønshøj, who begged for help to stop a group of migrant boys looting and stealing. We broadcast a laundromat owner’s sad tale of how the laundry was smashed, without police intervening – and tomorrow we shall tell about extortion, vandalism, threats and harassment against pubs.

Our reporter has even met those boys, they are in a group at the corner, one waved   a folding knife in broad daylight at 13.30 o´clock.

Tavern owners were calling 112 and pressing their panic button, but the police did not have time, or would show up so late that nothing happened.
They also ripped open the door and yelled that they will behead me, find me and skin me alive,” a tavern owner tells . They want 60,000 DKR in protection money (Yizya), he says.

Berlingske 9 May 2016:  No go-zones. That´s what they call more than 50  districts in Sweden, where lawlessness is rampant, and criminals have taken over.

If the police come out, they will be greeted by stone-throwing, shooting – and even grenades. This now makes the police warn that it appears  it has lost control.
These areas are in 22 Swedish cities. And they are  rapidly developing.

I have previously  written about the sneaking Sharia conquest of Germany through no-go-zones and Germany´s suicide – thanks to Merkel´s incredible treason.

DW 10 May 2016: The two largest churches in Germany maintain that there are isolated incidents of attacks against Christians. But other Christian organizations say there are literally thousands of cases, and it’s time for the government to take action.

Open Doors has now presented its own survey on violence against Christians in refugee homes.
“We’re also doing this on behalf of many volunteers who feel intimidated, as well as at the request of the police, who aren’t allowed to say that this is happening.”.
They got replies from 231 refugees, mainly converts from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Every second respondent reported that members of security staff had been involved in the incidents.

Merkel & Co´s reward for their pact with Lucifer :
Infowars 11 May 2016: According to a German language Huffington Post report, which cites the Die Tageszeitung newspaper, Angela Merkel  is on this year’s Bilderberg meeting guest list. Germany’s Federal Minister of Defence Ursula von der Leyen will also attend the confab alongside Federal Minister for Special Affairs Peter Altmaier and Sigmar Gabriel, the Vice-Chancellor of Germany. They will be joined by Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Germany’s Foreign Affairs Minister.
Masons like Merkel are  Luciferians – their god is  Lucifer and here und here.

These Minister henchmen will be told at the Bilderberg meeting which course they are to take, despite “populism” (Popular opinion is so contemptible that it has to be ignored in any case)  if they have their own physical and financial well-being in mind. All politicians have – because these  Superlodge masons have flagrant initiations to Lucifer behind them, which must avoid the light of the day.

Their command is: Spread chaos and anxiety in your decadent  populations to be  subjugated by mass immigration and the accompanying crime.

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