Luciferian Freemasonry the Reason of Sweden´s (and Europe´s) Demise – Told by Swedish Freemason

 “You’re about to graduate into a complex and borderless world” (US Foreign Minister, Skull-and-Bonesman, John Kerry).


tower of babelMasons are building something big: The Tower of Babel in defiance of God, i.e. the Illuminati  one-world state called Agenda 21 and here: an urbanized and racially mixed, brainwashed, standardized robot mankind.

This is how they are doing it
The following is an interview  with a senior Mason  – given to the Swedish newspaper Västerbottens-Kuriren on 3 May 2016 

MasonrySputnik 4 May 2016 They take an oath of secrecy, swear each other eternal fidelity and go through controversial rituals together. The Swedish Freemasonry has turned out to have a strong foothold in the city of Umeå, with many of its members high-ranking politicians and could be a problem for democracy.
A total of 277 local businessmen and politicians representing different parties in the Swedish city of Umeå are members of the same Masonic lodge and support each other in many ways, The Västerbottens-Kuriren  reports.
A senior politician who desired to remain anonymous, described the situation as follows:

“So we are sitting at a conference table, and then suddenly a politician who is a Freemason  takes the word. His arguments can get another politician, also a Freemason, to completely reverse his opinion.”

This drawing was sent  anonymously  to solicitor  Dominik Storr as monition!

arm-aber-ehrlich (1)

Swedish-lodge An investigation carried out by the local newspaper revealed that a number of well-known politicians and officials, all freemasons, kept contact with representatives of the business community. They met at least once a week in closed rooms, dressed in either tuxedos or dark suits and black ties.
Håkan Järvå, a psychologist with extensive knowledge of manipulation and influence in closed groups, has conducted a research on the impact various cults have on their members and has penned a book about influence and peer pressure.

Rituals help strengthen a community, creating ties that happen to be stronger than laws and regulations. The members will be more like a family,” he told Västerbottens-Kuriren.

Under this link, you can read about a 15 year-old girl telling about paedophilia and sacrificing of her babies to Lucifer in high grade Masonry. Or you can Theresa´s horrible story on this video

templar-flagPeter Ullgren, associate professor of history at Lund University, pointed out that Freemasons make use of various ways to help and support each other. According to him, this is clearly a problem for Swedish democracy as Freemasons may be perceived as a “mafia-like” organization.
“They can also destroy the careers of non-Masons who fail to do what they want,” he told Västerbotten Kuriren. “It happened that Freemasons within the academia questioned my competence and even tried to sully me,” he said.

Former 32 degree mason, John Salza tells about the Luciferian Masonry

In the Red: Sweden Heading Towards Deep Economic Crisis
Historian Andreas Önnerfors thinks that there is a historic undertone to the new revelation, as there was the same tendency in provincial Sweden a century ago, which still lingers on.
frimurareThe phenomenon was that the headmaster, the police chief, the judge and the newspaper editor was in the same lodge. This was very common in provincial towns some 100 years ago. Such things may tend to persist,” Andreas Önnerfors told Västerbottens-Kuriren.

According to the newspaper, a number of present and former members declined to appear in the article “for fear of their lives being destroyed.”

Freemasonry in Sweden dates back almost 300 years. The country’s largest Masonic lodge numbers some 15,000 members.

Sputnik 4 May 2016:  Following a year in which arriving asylum seekers (about 163,000) outnumbered children being born in the nation’s hospitals (approximately 115,000), Sweden is still struggling with accommodating the new arrivals, as well as providing them with education and jobs.

daesh-recruiting-at-job_centre__ The growing costs of immigration and a housing bubble have paved the way for a “deep” economic crisis in Sweden and the situation has already begun to deteriorate beyond repair, three Swedish economists wrote in a debate article in Dagens Industri.
Fredrik N.G. Andersson, Andreas Bergh and Anders Olshov, all representatives of think-tank Intelligence Watch, noted that the current situation in Sweden is similar to that in countries like Spain, Portugal and Ireland in the years before the financial crisis of 2008.

Two major imbalances have been pointed out as the reason for the coming crisis: massive growth of household debt, which soon is believed to exceed 180 percent of available income, as well as the heavy influx of asylum-seekers from the Asia and Africa.

jobcentre-recruitmentThese brethren who have made distasteful rituals have the grip on each other: Threats of public exposure, loss of fat jobs given to them by the brethren, loss of money.
The grand master does as he is being told from the superlodge which is the keyboard of the Jesuits behind Freemasonry – in cooperation with their right arm, the Rothschilds.
And they tell Swedish Masons (and the rest of the EU) to take in the Muslim world in order to kill Christ and nation states.
This is paving the road for the NWO Agenda 21 Communism  and here. 

They are Luciferians – their god is   Lucifer  and here and here.

This corruption goes so deeply that “our leaders”  are unable not to lead us into chaos after their abominable Masonic initiation rituals and after whopping positions have been promised them by the end of their politician offices, thereby inflicting poverty, hunger, civil war,  and ultimately the WWIII on their own peoples. That´s the way Lucifer works.

This is the way today’s world is being governed! Forget all about democracy, elections, etc. No matter who is elected: The instructions of the Superlodges from their Illuminati masters decide the policy. To cover up that it is so, the Illuminati masters dominate the media and through the lodges they school their politicians in silence and lies.

The Gatestone Institute 11. Jan. 2016:  The late Robert Conquest:”The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies.” This rule comes in handy when trying to understand the otherwise clearly insane and suicidal policies of Chancellor Merkel’s government in Germany , an enemy intent not on holding Germany together but on pulling it entirely apart.

The same is true of Sweden, Denmark, Norway the UK etc. in the name of the Rotshschild one-world government. And the Swedish Mason explains this morbidity very clearly.

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