Status of TTIP Negotiations acc. to EU

The TTIP negotiations have stalled for undefined time after the Greenpeace leak. Hopefully, they will never be resumed. 

The Independent 6 May 2016: The EC chart shows that of the 27 chapters that make up the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, 18 are more than half way through the negotiation process as the proposals from both sides are consolidated into one text.Days before Greenpeace Netherlands leaked 13 chapters of secret documents exposing the US and EU sides of a sweeping transatlantic trade deal, the European Commission released its own document outlining the state of play.



Greenpeace’s concerns focus on four key areas, most of which fall under the chapter 22 on sustainable development (meanimg Agenda 21 and here) which is still at the proposal stage. The EC said it expects consolidation of the EU and US proposals on sustainable development to start “shortly”.

1. Long standing environmental protections appear to be dropped
None of the chapters in the leak reference the 70-year-old “general exceptions” rule that allows nations to put people, animals and the environment before trade and profit.

2. Climate protection will be harder under TTIP
Nothing indicating climate protection can be found in the leaked texts, despite the Paris Climate Agreement to stop temperature rising more than 1.5 per cent.

3. The end of the “precautionary principle”.
This ensures a higher level of environmental protection by enshrining preventative decision-making. Instead the US demands a risk-based approach, which manages the risks of, say, hazardous chemicals, rather than banning them as a precaution.

4. Opening the door for corporate takeover
Greenpeace said the leaked documents show that big business has had more influence on decision-making than the EC has admitted. “The EU’s recent public report has only one minor mention of industry input, whereas the leaked documents repeatedly talk about the need for further consultations with industry and explicitly mention how industry input has been collected,” Greenpeace said

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