DEBKAfile: Dramatic Events behind Syrian Stage. Putin Will “Consider to Sacrifice” Pres. Assad, Supreme Commander of Iran´s Armed Foces Takes Command of Syrian Army

What is happening in and around Syria is incalculable: The great powers seem to want to force the rebels to stop hostilities, save the ISIS and banish Pres. Assad  from the country if the sources below are right.

However, the Joker, Turkey – now perhaps in agreement with Israel – is becoming more and more aggressive, according to a Russian statement – an the rebels are apparently not willing, either.

Iran´s-Army-ChiefDEBKAfile 2 May 2016: The chief of staff of the Iranian military, Maj. Gen. Hassan Firouzabadi, arrived in Damascus on April 30 to assume direct command of the Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah forces fighting in Syria.

It seems that the main role of Maj. Gen. Firouzabadi will be to ensure that immediately after the capture of Aleppo, his country’s forces will focus their operations on other areas of Syria where Iran, not Russia, has strategic interests.

One example of such an area is southern Syria, which borders both Israel and Jordan.In other words, Israel must be prepared for the possibility that the Iranian chief of staff will personally take charge of the deployment of Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah forces along Syria’s border with the Golan Heights.

Until now, Israel’s government and military command had believed that it was possible to secure the northern border though understandings with Putin. But now, that assessment has been proven to be mistaken with the arrival of the Iranian general in Damascus.

DEBKAfile’s military sources point out that another main reason for the dispatch of the chief of staff is the fact that Iran has sent large forces from elite units of its standing army to Syria during the last month.

Sputnik 4 May 2016:  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Sputnik Syrian President Bashar Assad is not Moscow’s ally like Ankara is for Washington despite Russia’s support of the Syrian leader in his fight against terrorism.

Veterans Today 3 May 2016:  Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: “Russia is concerned, and not just us alone, about Turkey’s shelling of the Syrian territory, continued creation of certain security zones in Syria, not to mention the increasing calls for a ground operation.

On Monday, the Free Syrian Army refused to recognize partial ceasefires or local lulls in violence, claiming that if the UN-backed truce was not implemented in full, the group would reserve its right to withdraw from the Geneva talks and respond to any attacks.

Moscow is convinced “that such calls come from those who are not interested in the real political settlement [of Syrian crisis] and who rely on a military solution.”

We are convinced that this is the way to a catastrophic situation, and such appeals should be stopped,” Lavrov said.

DEBKAfile 4 May 2016: Washington and Moscow have made dramatic progress over the last few days in marathon telephone talks between Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on ending the war in Syria.
Russia agreed for the first time to discuss the possibility that Syrian President Bashar Assad will step down, and the conditions under which such a process will take place, according to DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources.

The contacts that include the Saudis and the Jordanians have reached such an advanced stage that participants have started to prepare lists of Syrian commanders who will be removed or remain in their posts.

Our sources report that US officials and senior officers in charge of the Obama administration’s strategy for the war in Syria presented the rebel leaders and commanders with a series of agreements already reached by Washington and Moscow on ways of ending the war. The main part of the agreement focused on the resignation of Assad and the departure of him and his family from the country  the Syrian opposition’s key demand for continuing the talks.

The rebel leaders were asked by the US officials and officers, who were accompanied by Saudi and Jordanian officials, to help facilitate implementation of the agreed measures and  to stop the fighting.

According to the information from our sources, the discussions in Jordan are continuing. Our military sources report that on Monday and Tuesday, by order of President Vladimir Putin, the Russian air force suddenly halted its airstrikes in the Aleppo area.
Thus, the Iranian, Syrian and Hizballah armies are preparing to launch their assault without the air support needed to capture the city. Even though the Syrian air force can operate in an uninhibited manner in the Aleppo area, it is not up to a large-scale and decisive attack.

The Moscow Times 3 May 2016: An American-Russian center to ensure a rapid response to violations of the cease-fire in Syria will be opened in the coming days in Geneva, the Interfax news agency reported Tuesday, citing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

Has this something to do with Netanyahu´s visit to Putin ob 21 April 2016?
the conversation was particularly on the Golan Heights.

I don´t understand a word of their video conversation except “Golan” – but there is no doubt: These 2 tribe fellows  like each other – and their conversation is very friendly. Obviously, Netanyahu achieved what he came for. To The Times of Israel 21 April 2016, he called the meeting “very successful”.
This meeting was very friendly  between 2 Jews –  Putin even having been appointed king of Jews – although Netanyahu presents the antithesis: the Zionists, and Putin the thesis Orthodox Jewry. A war is apparently going on between these 2 Jewish wings.

It is a scandal that the NWO superpowers simply bomb  a sovereign country into ruins and then oust their ruler, because he wanted no Rothschild Central Bank, or a certain  oil pipeline – or because he is Israel’s neighbour – or because he abolished the petrodollar in oil trade.

In April,  elections were held in Syria – and the result is being concealed in news blackout because it would be too embarrassing for the West!
However, a NATO poll in 2013 showed that only 10% of Syrians are against Assad were
But so is the NWO.

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