Denmark: 2% of Immigrants Ready for a Job. Merkel Invites African Doctors for German Patients – Except for herself!

Time and again, we are being told that we bear too few children and that European populations therefore are ageing.  However, that is due to the free abortion which was so important to the severely infected revolutionary  Marxist feminists today welcoming raping Muslims – although 4 German intelligence services unison declare that integration is impossible. The 15.000 abortions in Denmark annually would have been the labour Denmark needs – and a much better one than the imported “labour” from low IQ countries.
These Muslims are said by Merkel to be vital for Europe´s “future capability” and here!

wodargIn the video below, Merkel will let doctors from Africa in without obstacles to treat the Germans, whom she obviously hates so much, that she ordered them to take the squalene poisoned Pandemrix anti-swine flu vaccine in 2009 in what German Dr. Wodarg of the Council of Europe and here  has called ” one of the greatest scandals in the century“.

Merkel and her government knew of the danger of the Gulf War syndrome – and had themselves vaccinated with Celvapan without squalene as did The Paul Ehrlich Institute behind the vaccination campaign with only one purpose: Money for Glaxo-Smith-Kline – imposing narcolepsy on countless young people below 20 years-of-age in the mildest flu epidemic ever seen – but drummed up to threaten the extinction of mankind!

Would Merkel ever let herself be treated by an immigrant doctoreducated in Africa or a Muslim Balkan country? The answer is given above. However,  German Goyim are good enough for such unqualified medics and poisonous vaccines.

So let us take a look at the qualifications of these migrants and their families – with whom they are entitled to be reunified – from low IQ countries. From June, the EU Commission will now furthermore grant 77 mio. Muslim  Turks free entrance into the Schengen area!!

Freedom Outpost 26 April 2016: German Municipalities estimate that just two percent of Muslim refugees in the rehabilitation program are ready to take a job. “You are not ready to work.” This is stamped by the municipalities on the vast majority of refugees.
Daniel Greenfield, in his article The Death of Europe, said:The Muslim migrants are meant to be the retirement plan for an aging Europe. But the Mohammed retirement plan won’t save European Socialism. It will bury it.”

Politiken (DK) brought the following on the skills of  the immigrants to solve our “old-age-problem”:  The figures cover refugees who have been granted asylum in Denmark and in December were doing an integration program in a municipality. The refugees receive either cash or integration benefit.

                             Ready to work

 Persons in total         of them                    Job-ready                     Percentage


They typically have stayed in Denmark for at least six months  from asking for asylum, are to move into a home in one of the country’s municipalities and embark on an integration program.

It appears from the table the Ministry of Employment has made  that by the end of 2015, 13,844 refugees under the integration program were on public benefits. Local authorities have estimated that just 282 of them are job-appropriate – ready to take a job here and now. This corresponds to a share of 2%.
The statement included the refugees of the 15 largest nationalities.

human-garbagePolish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke  on 9 Sept. 2015 had his version of what is going on in Europe now. 

Of the Syrians, social workers in the municipalities have only found 2%  who are job-ready. Of Afghans, 4.4% were found job- appropriate, while none  among those originating from Ethiopia, Sudan, and Pakistan were.

Three months ago, Danish Industry published a similar statement, setting the proportion of job-appropriate refugees in the rehabilitation program to 3%.

One mendacious pretext follows another for the NWO Coudenhove-Kalergi and Nicolas Sarkozy racial miscegenation and islamisation ideology:
1) They are to take care of us even as breadwinners in our old age, because  – acc. to their Luciferian free abortion plan – we bear to few children.
The above in combination with Islam´s fundamental prohibition of  integration and tremendous comtempt for us as “apes and swine”  (Sure 2:65 and 5:60) show  the Muslims are not our pension insurance: We are to pension them at a very young age.
See Sure: 3:12, 3:28, 3:82, 3:118, 3:127, 3:195, 4:89, 4:100, 4:144, 5:51, 8:36, 8:39, 8:60 (Terror commandment),  8:65, 9:1-5, 9:7, 9:29, 33:27 usw.
The Holy Quran. Muslims are forced to keep every comma in the Koran as it is supposed to have been sent from an original in Allahs 7. heaven. Islam is the Koran and the even worse  Hadiths (Sure 3:19 und 21: 10).

2) Then followed the humanitarian hypocrisy: NATO and EU are driving the Muslims out of their destroyed countries for NWO-reasons to Europe on guided, even paid,  tours organized by Rothschild agent George Soros and Superlodge Mason Angela Merkel.

3) Now, due to popular counterpressure, after the new Years Rapes made all the other migrant crimes pour out of the overfilled  closets – not least after Danish TV exposed what the Imams are really saying about women!!! Then the least hardboiled Marxist feminists awoke!
“Our” mendacious politicians pretend indignation (not at the crimes – but because they have become public knowledge) – but they do nothing: Instead they invite 77 mio. Turks to come in as well!!! Excuse: By letting in the Turks, we get less Middle Eastern refugees (although they have already found other ways of migration).


And why?



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