Hitler Religion/Anti-Hitler Religion – Both Sides Adore Him: Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone and Jews Henry Makow/Edwin Black: Hitler Was and Is Zionists´Best Friend

Abstract: In the UK, a “scandal” in the Labour Party has broken out; the party is divided, because former London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has been suspended from the party. Why? He has made the horrendous crime of being guilty of telling the truth to those who hate the truth: that Hitler was working with the Zionists to send the Jews of Germany to Palestine – along with their wealth and possessions.

Then all Zionist Hell broke loose: The largest party donor, a Jew, withdrew his charitable gifts from the party. Moshe Kantor, President of the Central Council of European Jews (and a member of the notorious ECTR that quietly persuades the EU to mercilessly clamp down on all criticism of Jews and Israel), ordered the Labour leader to introduce zero-tolerance policy against anti-semitism, i.e. against anything that he dislikes.

On the other hand, I experienced several offensive, not well-founded and abusive comments on my in-depth article about the Jewish ancestry of Adolf Hitler. I see Israel as the Zionist synthesis of World War II and the thesis for the 3rd World War

Hitler is still a religious figure: To many, he is the Messiah. One commentator admitted that Hitler was his religion – he had none other. The Zionists created Hitler, he is their much-needed devil, by which they can have any criticism of their diabolical sanctuaries: Rothschilds Wall Street, London City and Israel punished by means of one word: “anti-Semitism”.

In this article, Jewish convertite Henry Makow reviews a book by Jewish Edwin Black, in which the intimate cooperation between the Nazis and the heavily privileged Zionists about transferring the German Jews to Palestine into Rothschild´s colonies, is described in detail. As early as 1933 that was set up in the Haavara Transfer Agreement (1984). The report was apparently re-published in 1993 by the historian Mark Weber.

Between 1933-1941 t 60,000 Jews were voluntarily relocated to Palestine.

The Zionists were completely legal, retained their flag, their newspaper, cooperated with the Gestapo. Hebrew was spoken in their schools, and Hitler personally supported them in every respect. They despised the assimilation Jews and said they deserved to be persecuted. Yitzhak Gruenbaum, a famous Zionist, proclaimed: “One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.”

 “The Real (Orthodox) Torah Jews” write: Nazi propagandist and Jew, Julius Streicher, before the Nuremberg Tribunal: “I have said no more than repetitions of what the leading Zionists said.” It is clear that he told the truth. Others said the same thing.

It’s the age-old intention of Zionism, to foment anti-Semitism, wherever it is possible. Indeed, hatred of Jews and Jewish suffering are the oxygen of the Zionist movement. Hitler did everything the Zionists wanted.

After he stated that he could not drive the German Jews to Palestine into James de Rothschild´s new settlements there, Zionism’s founder, Theodor Herzl, wrote in his diary: “The anti-semites will be our most trusted friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies. “

Hitler was, inter alia, funded by the Zionists in Rothschild´s Wall Street, Fed, Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, Ford. Their IG Farben plant ran Auschwitz – inter alia to pressurize the surviving Jews to travel to Palästine.

That the Holocaust in Auschwitz took place, has been convincingly reported to me by an “Aryan” SS dispatch rider. However, the 6 million victims, which the Zionist Holocaust religion keeps flinging at us is untrue: According to the World Jewish Almanac, in 1948, there were 440,000 more Jews worldwide than 1933. So, the bloodletting must have been limited – so much more as there were only about 500,000 Jews in Germany, when the war broke out, and 150,000 of them were in the army!

Today, Hitler is of immense importance for the Zionist domination of the world by means of the word “anti-Semitism” and a tremendous indoctrinated guilt complex – even amomg those to whom the Jews owe their salvation. And to many Germans, he is the Messiah.


An ADL press release shared yesterday urged Trump “to reconsider his use of the phrase ‘America First’,” saying it was used by so-called anti-Semites “seeking to keep the nation out of World War II.” (InfoWars 30 April 2016)


Adolf Hitler´s ghost has now split the British Labour Party – and enraged the Jewish-owned hypocrite MSM.


Labour whip Mann berating Ken Livingstone for “antisemitism”

The Daily Mail 1 May 2016: It is ridiculous to call Ken Livingstone antisemitic. I was just leaving the BBC’s Westminster studios on Thursday when Mr Livingstone stepped into an over-excited knot of political reporters. They looked like what they are – simultaneously a pack of snapping wolves, buzzing with self-righteousness, and a flock of bleating, conformist sheep, all thinking and saying exactly the same thing.
But why do they never care about Muslem Judeo-phobia?
The Daily Mail 1 May 2016: This is race war. Labour in the middle of melt-down.   Corbyn’s perceived failure to effectively confront anti-Semitism has generated suspicion among his Jewish colleagues. That suspicion has in turn fuelled counter-suspicion on the part of Team Corbyn.
But it is also an illustration of just how deep the cancer of anti-Semitism has eaten into the bones of the Labour Party. In 2016, Labour MPs believe their own leader has been drawing up lists, and officially designating them as disloyal, because they are Jews.

NWO´s World-ruling Jews  are behind this brawl – of course.
The Telegraph 29 April 2016:  David Abrahams, a major party donor, withdrew his support for the party over the anti-Semitism scandal.
Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, has called on Jeremy Corbyn to institute a zero tolerance policy against antisemitism.
(Moshe Kantor is the man behind the ECTR which pushes the EU to surveil and punish any kind of “intolerance” against Jews).

And the Jewish British lords are fuming with rage, demanding Livingstone´s head on a plate.

Isaac-herzogThe Independent 30 Apr. 2016: The leader of the Israeli Labor Party, Isaac Herzog,  has written to Jeremy Corbyn to say he is “appalled and outraged” at examples of alleged anti-Semitism in Labour.
Herzog invited Mr Corbyn to visit Israel’s holocaust museum to help Labour “better understand the scourge of anti-Semitism”. Over the last week Mr Herzog himself has been subject to criticism after he was filmed telling activists “we need to stop giving the impression that we are ‘Arab-lovers’”.
In February Mr Herzog distanced himself from Mr Corbyn, describing him as “naïve”.
Comment:  What on earth does a British Party´s attitude concern Israel? Well it does thanks to their Wall Street/London City-sent Zionist Adolf Hitler (see below) – from whom the British saved them on behalf of Frankist Rothschild´s Zionist British Crown/City of London who own the UK.

On the other side, I experienced insulting, little founded berating comments after my well-founded article on unknown Adolf Hitler´s Jewish origin. I still see Israel as the Zionist synthesis of WWII  and the thesis of WWIII.

Hitler is still a religious figure: To many he is the messiah. One commentator admitted Hitler was his religion – he han none else. To the Zionists, who created Hitler, he is their much needed Devil, by means of whom they can punish any criticism of their diabolic  Shrines: Rothschild´s Wall Street, London City and Israel by means of one single word. “Antisemitism”.

The Beginning of this story:   The Independent 28 April 2016: Former London mayor, Ken Livingstone, said: “Let´s remember that Hitler´s policy, when he won his 1932 election, was at that time that Jews were to be resettled in Israel. He supported Zionism – this was before he went mad and executed 6 million Jews “.

So, London´s former mayor speaks the truth as I have written  – apart from the exaggerated 6 million Jews – and will be immediately suspended from the Labour Party!! Because they will not hurt their Rothschild paymasters /rulers and their product, Israel, of course.
What Livingstone says, is that Israel was planned long ago in cooperation between Hitler and the Zionists (the Rothschilds).

The following is by Illuminati and Masonry fighter, Jewish Henry Makow, who has converted to Christianity. Makow lives in Canada.

Henry Makow April 30, 2016:  Zionism, Communism and Judaism are synonymous with a mind and soul-crushing  tyranny called the New World Order. The treatment of Ken Livingstone and people like him is proof. In fact, Zionists and Nazis worked hand in hand, as The Haavara Transfer Agreement by Jewish author Edwin Black documents shows.














If Hitler didn’t exist, Zionists would have had to create him. Maybe they did. (Hitler was genetically a Jew  and here.
Zionism was “the only separate political philosophy sanctioned by the Third Reich.”

Hitler was a Godsend for Israel
from Aug. 18, 2009
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

This report  was repeated and apparently complemented  by Mark Weber: The Journal of Historical Review, July-August 1993 (Vol. 13, No. 4), pages 29-37. gebracht.

The numbers from Edwin Black’s The Transfer Agreement (1984) tell the story. In 1927, about 15,000 of Germany’s 550,000 Jews considered themselves Zionists. That’s less than 2%.

The vast majority of German Jews “vehemently rejected Zionism as an enemy from within.” They were Germans. Eighty thousand had fought in the trenches and 12,000 had died. (In WWII 150.000 Jews fought for Hitler. I knew one of them). “Nowhere was the opposition of Jews [to Zionism] so widespread, principled, and fierce as in Germany,” a Zionist historian wrote.

Thanks to Hitler, 60,000 German Jews emigrated to Israel between 1933 and 1941. Thanks to a “Transfer Agreement” between Nazis and Zionists, Jewish property valued at $100 million was transferred to Israel in the form of German industrial exports used to build Israel’s infrastructure. The Transfer Agreement brought in tools, raw materials, heavy machinery, appliances, farm equipment as well as labour, and capital to finance expansion. Many of Israel’s major industries, like textiles and the national waterworks, were thus founded. (pp. 373,379.)

This at a time when there were only 200,000 Jews in Palestine, including many anti- Zionist religious Jews. The daily wage of a Jewish worker in Palestine was $1 a day. There were 800,000 Palestinian Arabs.

Thanks to Hitler, the kernel of the German Jewish community was lifted up and transferred to Palestine along with their property. “Many of these people were allowed to transfer actual replicas of their homes and factories –indeed rough replicas of their very existences.” (379)

In 1937, when the British proposed dividing Palestine into two states, the Nazis wondered if they hadn’t made a mistake by creating “a Jewish Vatican” dedicated to Germany’s demise. But Hitler overruled all dissenters and insisted the Transfer Agreement be continued and even expanded to other countries. Italy, Rumania, Hungary and several other countries under fascist influence signed similar agreements. (378)

Hitler hated Jews so much he built a country for them. He could have taken all their property and kicked them out but that would have been anti-Semitic.

What did he get out of it? Well the Zionists actually expanded Nazi trade by reselling German goods throughout the Middle East. Yes, they didn’t just trade with the Nazis, they acted as their agents. The Nazis also got a lot of Jaffa oranges and got rid of a lot of Jews.

The Jewish World Congress had to act pretty offended because they had a world boycott of Germany goods. But this only endeared the doughty Zionists to the Nazis. And gave the Nazis an excuse to boycott and persecute German Jews.


As soon as the Nazis assumed power in 1933, the Zionists gained a protected political status. After the Reichstag fire, the Nazis crushed virtually all political opposition and closed 600 newspapers. But not the Zionists nor their newspaper which was hawked from every street corner, and saw its circulation multiply five times to 38,000. Zionism was “the only separate political philosophy sanctioned by the Third Reich.” (174)

The Zionist uniform was the only non-Nazi uniform allowed in Germany. Same with their flag. Hebrew was mandated in Jewish schools. Still, German Jews wanted to stay in Germany “even as second class citizens, even reviled and persecuted.” (175) But the Zionists scorned the German Jews saying they deserved to be persecuted for wanting to assimilate.

Zionists pandered to the Nazis comparing their racial ideologies: “a common fate and tribal consciousness must be of decisive importance in developing a lifestyle for Jews too.” (175)

This explains how ” a fringe minority of German Jews took emergency custody of 550,000 men, women and children…” Black says. This was confirmation “of what Diaspora Jews had always feared about Zionism–it would be used as the legal and moral pretext for forcing Jews out of European society.” (177)

It explains also why Israel behaves like Nazi Germany. They have a common racist pedigree. Not only did the Nazis build Israel, but Israel built Nazi Germany by providing an export market. They worked together. Many Jews didn’t get all their money when they arrived in Israel. Thus, the Zionists participated directly in the looting of Europe’s Jews which was called “Aryanization.”

Igutlencreasingly Israelis, and Jews in general, are realizing that Zionism is a ruse and Israel’s behavior bears an uncanny resemblance to Nazi Germany’s. For example, Israeli academic Yeshayahu Leibowitz said everything Israel has done since 1967 is “either evil stupidity or stupidly evil.” He refers to the Israeli army as “Judeo-Nazi.”

This is not the place to show how Hitler was put into power by Anglo-American (i.e. Illuminati and Jewish) finance, the same people who created Cmmunism  and Zionism.

European Jews were uprooted, robbed and massacred in order to build the capital of Rothschild world government in Israel. Left: Supreme Court in Jerusalem – a Rothschild temple.


Henry Makow 29 Dec. 2011:  Both Hitler and Churchill were pawns on the chessboard of the Zionist bankers. According to historian Thomas J. O’Keefe, Churchill said in his Memoirs that ex-German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich Brüning revealed the identities of Hitler’s backers in a 1937 letter:

‘I didn’t, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.”

Churchill was funded by a different branch of the same Illuminati Jewish banking syndicate. 

Obviously, the Nazis did collaborate intimately with the Zionists.
Did  Hitler really hate  his tribesmen – or did he love the Zionists , shared their goal and methods, therefore driving them to Israel as the  Zionists wanted?

In Fact, Jewish Hitler did with the Jews what the Zionists demanded him to do.

True Torah Jews:  At the Nuremberg Trials of Major War Criminals, Nazi propagandist and Jew Julius Streicher testified: I did no more than echo what the leading Zionists had been saying”. It is clear that he had told the truth. Others said so, too.
It has been the age-old intention of Zionism to intentionally stir up anti-Semitism anywhere possible.  Indeed, hatred of Jews and Jewish suffering is the oxygen of the Zionist movement,
There is a huge amount of literature describing how the Zionists made it very difficult to save Jews during and after World War II. Indeed, Yitzhak Gruenbaum, a famous Zionist, proclaimed that “one cow in Palestine was worth more than all the Jews in Poland.”

This is fully in agreement with what Zionist movement founder, Theodor Herzl,wrote in 1897 in his diaries when he and James de Rothschild could not persuade the German Jews to go to Palestine – to Rothschild´newly founded Jewish settlements there: “Page 84 The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies. On p. 118, he adds “We shall solve the Jewish Question by either safeguarding or liquidating the fortune of the wealthy Jews. If we cannot do it with the help of the wealthy Jews we shall do it in spite of them”.

That was the policy of the IG Farben´s board (Anthony C. Sutton) – both the American and the German side. IG Farben ran Auschwitz without which Hitler could not have waged the war




Here are the American owners of the of the IG Farben – John D. Rockefeller being the biggest shareholder in IG Farben in 1939.

IG-FarbenIn a witness statement before the Hague Tribunal on 14 June 2003 , Chris Fairhurst stated The Rockefeller family, through Chase Bank and the Standard Oil Company, together with J P Morgan through the Morgan Bank, were major financial supporters of Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. In fact Standard Oil was the largest shareholder in IG Farben and IG Farben was, next to the Rockefeller family, the largest shareholder in Standard Oil.
I am leaving it to my readers to draw the conclusions of this.


Only, I want to keep in mind what my big “Aryan” German ordonnance told me about stinking mass cremation  at Auschwitz – at Birkenau (Auschwitz II) I suppose.

On the other side the 6 mio. executed Jews used by the Zionist propaganda/religion are not tenable – considering there were only 500.000 Jews in Germany when the war started.

In 1948 there were 440.000 more Jews worldwide than in 1933. 
To compensate for 6 mio. The Jews must have been unusually fertile.

The 6 mio. Jewish victims are a fiction dating back to about 1900 AD – used in many other connections


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