The Brussels Terror on 22 March 2016 was a False Flag. A Detective Problem

Governmental false flag operations  are widely occurring – the purpose being for dictatorial governments to  usurp  power by surveillance and repression of their peoples aka Orwell´s 1984 or going to war. In a wider perspective, false flags by means of willing Muslims who see no other meaning with their lives than to get a quick single ticket to the 72 full-bosomed virgins with Allah, are used to mobilize against Russia in the end.

The false flag of 9/11, 2001 and here  led to the WW3 acc. to the US Congress,  called “War on Terror” by the dismantlement of  free press and democratic rights. Its purpose is to secure Rothschild´s US total domination over the world – also called globalisation and the New World Order. Even war on the white man and here and here and  here – first by means of effeminacy through Kindergartens and schools by Marxist feminists  and here and here  and  here – then by Muslim in the process of mass immigration organized by these female beings under Lucifer´s Masonic influence.

brussels-airport-after-bombsNotoriously, we saw false flags twice in France last year here, and  here and here   and here and here – and in Brussels again on 23 March 2016?

Now Prof. Chossudovsky has taken a closer look at the terror actions in the airport and at the Maelbeek metro station in Brussels.

And something in the public explanation does not make sense.

This video shows the rehearsal  for the Brussels bombs. Police officers instruct the “terrorists” in their roles!!!

In Prof. Chossudowsky´s video a videowith Abrini (Ma in the hat) is shown.

This man also seems to appear in the first video.

Global Res. 20 Apr. 2016 – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky: To address this issue, it is important to recall the TIMELINE:

7:55 am local time: “Surveillance footage shows three suspected attackers exiting a taxi and pushing luggage trolleys through Brussels Airport. Surveillance captured still images of the three suspects.” (See image below)


ONLY Three minutes later, it sounds absurd: Explosion. According to reports the kamikaze bombers blow themselves up.

7.55-7.57am: Very much in a hurry, Abrini is said to have left the airport between 7.55am and 7.57am. before the blast occurred at 7.58am


7:58 am. Gunfire is reported in the departures terminal followed by an explosion. There were two blasts: a second blast erupts 10 seconds later.

8.20 am: The airport is closed. all roads and railway to the airport are closed.

9.07 am, (Dernière Heure), one of Belgium’s largest print and online media released an exclusive video footage of the bomb attack recorded by the CCTV surveillance cameras of the airport. This video was aired on all major TV networks, the images went round the World.

The SOURCE OF THIS VIDEO released by at 9.07am did not emanate from the CCTV cameras of Brussels airport [22/03/2016, logo pasted on the Moscow 2011 footage], it was a rerun of a 2011 bomb attack at Moscow international airport. (see image below)




9:10 am: A blast is reported on a train at the Maelbeek metro subway station, near the headquarters of the European Commission.

AGAIN: The video broadcast of the Maelbeek metro explosion was not from the CCTV cameras as reported by the police and the media. It was from the Minsk, Belarus metro bomb blast in April 2011.

Above faked Maelbeek viedeo – below Minsk



These are the questions for police investigators.
Why did Dernière Heure deliberately broadcast at 9.07am the video footage of the January 2011 Moscow airport terror attack?
Why did the media broadcast the video footage of a Minsk, Belarus metro terror attack in 2011 in lieu of the surveillance video of the metro? In other words both the metro and airport videos were “fake”.
Did Dernière Heure interface with Belgian police and intelligence prior to releasing the Moscow airport video which was broadcast Worldwide?
3. Who authorized the release of this fake video?
4. What are the legal implications of this negligence on the part of Dernière Heure?
5. Where did Dernière Heure get the still image from which they released as an EXCLUSIVE at 10.27am prior to the conduct of a police investigation?


6. Was there evidence of them having access to the CCTV cameras? Did the CCTV airport surveillance personnel provide Dernière Heure with access to CCTV footage? Assuming they did, how on earth did the Derniere Heure journalists manage to single out a still image of three passengers, establish and corroborate their identity in the absence of a police investigation and without immediate access to police records – among hundreds of passengers – within 2 hours?
7. Did the police corroborate the identity of these three individuals prior to 10.27 am and communicate the results of their investigation to Dernière Heure?

Highly unlikely: lest we forget, the police released the still image at 12.58 am, two and a half hours later. By that time, the EXCLUSIVE picture by Dernière Heure had been picked up by the news chain, it had circled the globe prior to its official release by the Brussels police.


Prof. Chossudovsky leaves the answer to his readers. So do I.


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