Consequences of Immigration III. Turkey destabilizing EU acc. to NATO Intelligence Chief. “Our” Scared Masonic “Politicians” Do Not Match Muslims

Veterans Today 25 March 2016 In an interview today, VT military affairs editor, Colonel James Hanke, former G2 (Intelligence Chief) of NATO’s largest command, 3rd Army, noted the following:

NATO had long been aware of Turkey’s plan to destabilize the EU.
1) European unemployment has soared under rising wages, increased taxation and strict environmental regulations while prime manufacturing jobs have gone to Turkey with that nation building an industrial base, including an arms industry as well, eclipsing EU growth.

2) The manufactured and here refugee crisis, coordinated with Israel and Saudi Arabia, is simply a next step in a destabilization ploy, followed by what we are now seeing, a

3) terror offensive.

4) Worse still, the EU with a corrupt and incompetent bureaucracy and intelligence agencies long infiltrated by the MIT and Mossad, has no counter-terrorism capability at all.

5) When you add to that a (Jewish) controlled press, then the political swing to the radical right we are now seeing, which will bring about an implosion of the EU, the ‘re-Balkanization of Europe, if you can excuse the pun, is inevitable.

The Gateway Pundit 18 March 2016:  Östersund, Sweden, cancelled its annual “Earth Hour” celebration this year. All the lights in the city were previously turned off during the one-hour event to symbolize the “green” goal of being 100% fossil fuel free –  because it has been inundated with Muslim migrants and has experienced an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Some victims have been as young as 10 years old. As a result, residents of Östersund are now afraid of the dark.

Here’s a thought: Instead of fretting about becoming fossil fuel free, how about becoming barbarian free and limiting the number of radical Islamists coming into your nation?

fri-fran-svenska-barnFria Tider 19 March 2016:  Twelve-year-old Johan is the only Swedish student in his class at the Central School of Kristianstad (Skåne). But when Johan’s mother Karin takes up the problem that all the other students speak Arabic and that Johan therefore does not feel comfortable and cannot get friends the message from the principal is that it would be better if Johan changes to another school.

Last weekend, I wrote in the Free Times about how school children at the Central School at Kristianstad are  being battered by the newly arrived immigrant students who come to the school in connection with the asylum chaos. Several parents then decided to keep their children at home from school in order to not having to be subjected to threats and violence.

Johan has not suffered as severe violence as several of the other children at the school. A girl was, for example, attacked and had her head pounded into the ground so she got a concussion. In another event,  immigrant children took stranglehold on and tried to strangle a child while a third child was attacked and beaten bloody with no adult intervening.

The big problem for lonely 12-year-old Johan has been that there is no study environment of the school. It is disorderly and chaotic, and teachers resign – one after another – right now, John’s class has its third teacher since the fall semester started.

Aftonbladet 21 March 2016 : The drama occurred shortly after 15 o’clock on Saturday at Hantverkargatan in central Stockholm.
The man had just stopped his gray Volkswagen Golf for red light when two men showed up at the car.
He was torn out by the men who then took the car and drove away, says Magnus Modig, duty officer at the Stockholm police

This type of robbery has become increasingly common in recent times
The tip to protect yourself is to lock the doors while driving.

And the police can do nothing.

krekarVG25 Febr. 2015: Among other things, Mullah Krekar says if someone draws the Muhammad caricatures in Norway, then he deserves to die. According to the controversial mullah, Muslims have the right to seek such a “heathen”   and blow themselves up.
Because he has trampled on our dignity, our principles and our faith – then he must die, he adds. Krekar was sentenced zu 2 years and 8 months in prison
When Krekar met at the Oslo District Court in January, he started his explanation by saying that he was in the Oslo District Court for the fiftieth time.


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