Consequences of Immigration II. Sweden the Model of the NWO Agenda 21and Europe´s Future: Urbanized Muslim Monoculture and Communist Dictatorship

Aswislams I have so often written, Sweden as a nation state no longer exists – due decades of politically enforced mass immigration and suppression of popular protests.
In fact, Sweden has reached the bottom of human dignity – and the acme of political hypocrisy,  not least after suddenly closing its borders to immigrants after having scolded Denmark for being racist and xenophobic. Reason: Political fear of losing their seats in parliament to the rapidly growing protest party the Sweden Democrats.

Sweden has long since  passed the point of no return – as have all EU countries.

Coudenhove-KalergiSARKOZY_INTERBREEDINGSweden is the model of the NWO´s Agenda 21 
Abolishment of democracy, nation states, and high intelligence,   the white race being rapidly substituted for borderless NWO, the absolute and persecuting contrast to Christ´s teachings, low intelligence and the mixed race demanded by EU father Coudenhove Kalergi and Pres. Nicolas Sarkozy.

Sweden is very much beginning to look like Northafrica and the Middle East – as do many ghettos in Europe.

Council of European Canadians 23 March 2016: If a person publicly questions the mainstream narrative and top-down practice of mass-immigration and refugee intakes that are altering Sweden  and the multicultural policies that are altering it from the inside out, then they are likely to be called xenophobic, fascist, racist or Nazi (and lose perspectives of career). In fact, critics of immigration are being hunted down, exposed on television, and intimidated “in a sort of 21st century televised witch-hunt”. And on January 1st 2015 a new law was enacted that allows for the criminal prosecution of anyone who is critical of immigration.


Officials´fleeing from the municipality of Malmö as Muslims are gaining majority in the city.

In effect, out of fear of arrest and out of fear of being intimidated and publically shamed by their hostile elites, dissenting Swedes are being silenced into submission.

Keep in mind that the population of Sweden is less than 10 million people. Between 1998 and 2015 net immigration steadily increased from under 11,000 to over 78,000 per year. (In 2015 Sweden took 160.000 immigrants).

In 2003, when immigration levels were around 29,000/yr, 57% of Swedes thought immigration levels were too high and wanted immigration numbers reduced to more sustainable levels. 58% of Swedes think the same today.

In 1960 the number of foreign-born citizens in Sweden was almost 300,000 and today this number has increased 500% to over 1.6 million people or 17.0% of the total population.

In 2014 the amount of residents with a foreign background in Sweden, which includes foreign-born and Swedish-born with two foreign-born parents, amounted to over 2 million people or 21.5% of the population.
white-genocideIn 2015 this number had increased to 22.2%. This means that nearly one quarter of Sweden’s population is currently of foreign background. If trends continue, within 15 years foreigners in Sweden will make up nearly 1/3 of the Swedish population.

According to Statistics Sweden:
In 2060, an estimated one-fourth of those who are age 80 and older will have been born abroad.

Only 14.3% arrive in Sweden as labour market immigrants.
As such, 48% of working-age immigrants in Sweden do not work and 42% are long-term unemployed.

This antiracism is a secular religion. 

But lucky for them, Sweden offers generous free housing and social welfare benefits.
The foreign-born population of Sweden uses over two-thirds of government financial assistance. This means that the cost of financially assisting the foreign-born population is ten times more than for real ethnic Swedes. The foreign-born population receives over 950 million CDN$ per year whereas the Swedish-born — 83.5% of the total population — receives around 320 million CDN$ per year.

ISwedenSucks-Link1n Sweden’s third largest city, Malmoe, foreign-born residents account for over 50% of the population and over 75% are receiving welfare benefits. (I am weeping at the fate of this ancient Danish city till 1658, when the German Dane king betrayed it).

Since 1975, when Sweden introduced mass-immigration, there has been a rapid rise in crime. Violent crime has risen 300% and reported rapes have risen 1,472%. First and second generation immigrants are over-represented in both these statistics.

Today, Sweden has the second highest number of reported rapes in the world: there are 53.2 reported rapes per 100,000 people. In less than ten years the number of reported rapes almost tripled, from 2200 in 2003 to over 6000 in 2010. Between 2002 and 2012 reported rapes and gang rapes against children under 15 doubled.

Discussion on Austrian TV: EU Refugees Commissioner Avramopoulos has said that the EU must take 70 mio. migrants over the next 20 years. The refugees (80% due to poverty, 20% due to NATO´s wars) are a welcome excuse.

In 2002, 85% of those sentenced to 2 or more years for rape were foreign-born or second generation immigrants. The Crime Prevention Council in Sweden reports that the overwhelming majority of foreign-born rapists are from Muslim majority countries.

muslima-polisGovernment-mandated multicultural polices in Sweden have actively encouraged and funded immigrants to remain distinct peoples and have led to the fracturing of Swedish society. A new law that was implemented in 2010, the content of which was already encouraged for many years, enforces immigrant separatism: The preservation and development of the cultural and social life of ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities should be promoted.

Essentially, this view and its enforcement by law has led to the formation of multiple parallel societies or ethnic enclaves made up of first, second, and third generation immigrants with different cultural values and ways of life that often conflict with Swedish norms, society, and the legal system.
Many ethnic enclaves are referred to as “exclusion areas” or no-go zones, parts of Sweden characterised by low levels of employment and high levels of crime, including bomb and hand grenade attacks. The number of these areas grow every year. In 1990 there were three exclusion areas and in 2006 there were 186.

In Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, there are over 20 such no-go zones constituting around 75,000 people. There have been a multitude of violent immigrant riots in Sweden that cost millions of dollars in damage and resources.

roma-beggarAnother symptom of sickness are Sweden´s beggars
Zero Hedge 11 Apr. 2016: Sweden has been overwhelmed with Roma beggars from Romania and Bulgaria who have turned “panhandling into an occupation.”
there are now around 4,000.of them.
“We do not fool anyone. We just benefit from the opportunity.” — Bulgarian beggar in Sweden who said he “owned” five street corners.

Today, Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg are among the cities with the most beggars per-capita in Europe. More and more people feel uneasy about the beggars, who sometimes are even aggressive.
Lars Ohly, then party leader of the Left Party (Vänsterpartiet), said: “We are not going to talk in a discriminating way about benefit tourism.  That is actually a way of fanning the flames of xenophobia and racism.”

And what about Germany? Even worse: “What happened in Cologne, that’s nothing, that happens here every day”

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