The Consequences of Immigration I. Danish Professor: Submission to Islam, Radical Readmission or Civil War. Merkel´s CDU: Use Military against Citizens

Abstract: From officials, the assumption of  the dismantling of the EU  and civil war  can be  heard louder and louder, thanks to Angela Merkel’s diabolical immigration policy.

Her next step is legislation  to bring Germany´s military in action against the citizens in an “emergency situation”.

At the same time, the research of a Danish professor on the dangers of mass immigration of low-intelligence-migrants has been judicially declared correct. He says the point of no return has long since been passed: the native Europeans will be outnumbered by 2050.
We have only 3 options: To submit to Islam, to return the Muslims, or civil war.

But the introduction of immigrant children with low IQs among Danish high-IQ-children creates frustration and the feeling of lagging behind with migrant children – resulting in radicalization.

Prof. Nyborg says  3.2 million people with low IQ will not complete primary school in 2075, and that half of them will never get a steady job – but must be on life-long public support .
Today, Denmark has 5.5 million inhabitants – increasing due to immigration.

Through miscegenation (inter alia rape), the average IQ of the population will fall – and if it drops  under 90 points, no more democracy will be seen (It is virtually abolished already in high intelligence areas such as the EU and the US).

An interesting ranking of the countries of the world by IQ is shown.


The naïve welcome culture in benevolent European countries has been abused  by the Hierarchy of Evil and its henchmen, “our” Masonic  politicians, who are totally dominated by this hierarchy, to destroy Europe to an extent that Europe´s islamisation by 2050 is unavoidable already for demographical reasons.

eurogendforBut obviously, the Hierarchy does not just want islamisation. It wants total Chaos through terror and lawlessness, because neither police nor Eurogendfor will be/are able  to maintain order   – whereupon the military is to be activated,  probably not to protect indigenous citizens, who are outlawed already by the EU´s  “Fundamental Human Rights” for foreigners and minorities against the majority population.  And police and military will have the right to kill acc. to the Lisbon Treaty.

Now let us begin with the introduction to the ongoing thriller in part II.

Infowars 11 April 2016:  Last week, Swiss People’s Party (SVP) member of parliament Roger Köppel argued that “Europe is about to abolish itself” due to a “megalomaniac” open border policy overseen by the likes of Angela Merkel.

Last year, Swiss army chief André Blattmann warned that the risk of social unrest in Europe was intensifying and that citizens should arm themselves.

Top security experts in Germany also told Chancellor Angela Merkel last October that the middle class was becoming “radicalized” as a result of her open borders migrant policy and that domestic disorder could ensue as a result.

Danmarks-fremtid Danish Prof. Harald Nyborg on
How the NWO elements tyrannize those revealing the truth.
Jyllands-Posten 8 April 2016:  My Decay article in 2012 (Low Immigrant-IQ threatening democracy, prosperity and civilization) has enraged three leftist social scientists so much that they complained to the Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD). “It is  a dishonest, right-wing extremist, evolutionary nonsense propaganda, violating the reputation of Danish research. It has to be withdrawn, and the author and the subject must be put on ice”.

After DCSDs recommendation of withdrawal,  the publisher appointed a committee with four of the world’s leading researchers in the field and asked them independently of each other to review the matter. None of them found evidence of misconduct, and the publisher refused to withdraw.

Helmuth-Nyborg-180I then sued the DCSD and on March 30 the High Court imposed on  the DCSD to “recognize that Helmuth Nyborg (right)is not guilty of … scientific misconduct. 

Educational, professional and local politicians do not see that the number of people with IQ below 90 (of which at least half, neither complete primary school  nor ever get a steady job)  increases exponentially over time. Doubters should carefully study the recent increase in the number of dole recipients – and keep in mind while seeing it that this is only the tip of the migrant-iceberg.  In 2075, we expect that approximately 3.2 million people with low IQ leave school without qualifications. At least half will then need permanent social benefits in an increasingly automated world. What’s worse: Therefore, those in charge do not see that Denmark is being numerically overrun,  even if the border is closed immediately. The number of foreigners with lower IQ, with relatively high fertility already living in Denmark and most of Europe have already brought us past the point of no return.

Our children and grandchildren habe been brought into a primary school which had to correspond to a Middle Eastern majority.
How will they excuse the foreseeable increase of social pathology rates, including greatly increased crime and the increasing parallel society in the ghettos? How will they actually prepare the daughters of the land for their future status?


Unfortunately,  not only scientists have betrayed  Danish democracy, welfare, and people. The bishops and pastors,  convinced feminists,  do-gooders, humanists, a children’s organization, the Red Cross and several yet have, too.

In this video highly intelligent Professor Helmuth Nyborg is being unqualified attacked for his scientific finds that we are importing low-IQ immigrants, that their genetic intelligence will not increase over age but miscegenation will lower our IQ – and when it passes 90 on its way down it becomes especially critical: Democracy is not found any countries with so low IQ´s . (The question is if it still does in high IQ EU countries and the USA!).

A 2. video follows after the first one below – unfortunately without english subtitles: Nyborg has also found that there are significantly  more highly intelligent men than women – and significantly more badly gifted men than women.
For every women with IQ 130 there are 5 men with that IQ – and the graph increases exponentially. Nyborg was sacked as professor for that find – but the  DCSD found his research correct in this case, too.

Only ignorance can make them believe that children with an immigrant background and low IQ can be fitted in with Danish high-IQ children in the same classroom without getting the feeling of lagging behind.
They do not understand that this is part of the reason why some of these children are being radicalized in frustration and turn  against the Danish society in powerlessness. They do not see the radical shift to the right as a protest against the fact that the natives have to continually express their solidarity with a rapidly growing group of weak  immigrants at the expense of their own weak people.

Scientists have not yet seen that globalization and multiculturalism increase the risk of extensive social damage, namely by combining aggressive low intelligence with dirty bombs. Almost nobody realizes that we already have a growing, potentially subversive fifth column within the country.

The collective academic fraud of the universities consciously deprives politicians, of the relevant research, while they seem to think more of the party’s international career, travel documents and boxer shorts than the country and the future of their children.
This leaves us with a quick choice: submission (to Islam), honorable repatriation or civil war.

Merkel’s response to her homemade Chaos: Preparing for civil war.
DWN 12 April 2016The Federal (German) Government is apparently planning to amend the Basic Law in order to use the armed forces in case of “internal emergency” in Germany can.
The security situation could make this necessary. “Character and dynamics of current and future security policy threats” made “improvements necessary  …. to make an effective contribution of the Bundeswehr possible.

In order not to specify the real reason the government has invented  “sleeping cells” of Putin-killers with knives and karate-like martial arts, who can be activated at any time, and whom, then, the police could not cope with, but who would have to be combated by the army!

Here’s how it goes in Denmark: Woman sold her conviction – and grew much wiser:
Alice Larsen had steadily been agitating against Muslims, but nevertheless, she was tempted by money to rent out her vacation centre to 100 Muslim refugees. And she got her just deserves!!
BT  13 Apr. 2016: When Alice Lauridsen decided to rent out her holiday center for 5 months (to migrants), it seemed like a win-win situation, but it ended up being a nightmare.

Asyl-pinkelnBut the mattress was jumped and peed on. Fire  was lit on my carpet, so that there are major burns, and there is urine in the corners. My large dining table has been carved up as firewood. Everything is completely torn apart, and only the lamps have survived, “she tells BT.

Asyl-hausall furniture was destroyed. Asylum seekers from other centres came on weekends and major parties were celebrated. The living room was used as velodrome and for roller skating.”
“I have wept many tears over it. For the Immigration Service   forbade me to prevent the destruction of the house. I should just be happy that I would get new furniture when they left, they said.

The Immigration Service claimed that the restoration costs have been estimated by an architectural firm to 560,000 DKR, and it sticks to it.
She even calculated that restoring it would cost 1.3 million.

Asyl-AbfälleAll this mess has long been anticipated and planned, as I have repeatedly written. Civil war is precisely the forthcoming point: the old society is being torn down  (Adam Weishaupt & Mayer Amschel Rothschild) to finish the new Satanic Agenda 21, the communist one-world dictatorship.

For the Pharisaic Hierarchy of Evil behind it “wants to come into our Kingdom” (The Protocols of the Wise Elders of Zion).

Nyborg certainly has a point in the low IQ of immigrants: This level is  being planned by the elite to rule Europe in the future. Perhaps because they are easier to rule and are unable to discover the malign thruth about their slave masters in the Hierarchy of evil.

This is a point which is being kept entirely out of the immigration debate.

I think lack of IQ may in part be du to repressive culture with no development of the brain in early childhood. And I think part of lacking IQ can be compensated for by assiduity and will. However, if the good will is lacking – low IQ indicates a catastrophe for Europe

I can recommend any one opposing the following table and rank list to test his own intelligence  quotient – which table also offers – and compare it with his/her state of origin.


IQ Research
These numbers came from a work carried out from 2002 to 2006 by Richard Lynn, a British Professor of Psychology, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish Professor of Political Science, who conducted IQ studies in more than 80 countries.

Richard and Tatu argues that differences in national income are correlated with differences in the average national intelligence quotient (IQ). They further argue that differences in average national IQs constitute one important factor, but not the only one, contributing to differences in national wealth and rates of economic growth.
These results are controversial and have caused much debate, they must be interpreted with extreme caution.

Sources: IQ and the Wealth of Nations (2006), IQ and Global Inequality (2002).

















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