Adam Weishaupt still at Play: China´s Persecution Of the Dangerous Christianity. Orwell once More.

Where Communism rules, Christians are being persecuted because Christianity is to be eradicated – as prescribed by the 6-point program of the Pharisees Adam  Weishaupt and Mayer Rothschild in their 6-point Illuminati program, elaborated by Rothschild cousin Karl Marx.  Why? The Communist state wants to possess it citizens, body and soul. Only the leader of the state is to be worshipped and loved – as described by George Orwell in his”1984″. Th ereligion of Falun Gong therefore suffers the same destiny.

In ancient Rome Christians were thrown before the lions, because they refused to sacrifice to the divine Emperor.

The upcoming one-world Agenda 21 is nothing but world communism, the way of which was paved, when Gorbachev dissolved the Soviet Union, giving Communism a “human” face – which it no longer has once it has taken power.

The Sunday Express 9 April 2016: More than two thousand crosses have now been forcefully removed from churches as part of a government campaign to regulate “excessive religious sites”.


The nation’s leadership launched the crusade to eradicate Christianity in the coastal province of Zhejiang almost two years ago.

Several members of the public have since been arrested for attempting to halt the government’s crude attempt to suppress the Christian faith.

Among the arrested was prominent human rights lawyer Zhang Kai, who was detained after he mounted a legal campaign to challenge the removal of the crosses.

Mr Kai was detained for six months before he was “forced” to appear on the State channel to “confess” his crimes against the Chinese governement by supporting the anti-establishment protest of the demolition of crucifixes.

China has about 28 Mio. Christians.

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