NWO. Marxist Feminist´s Triumph: Beating their Self-made Sissy Husbands up – Ruling the Welcome of Macho Muslims

ADDENDUM: According to Cologne newspaper Express, (police) officers received a phone call from the state police control centre ordering them to take down an internal “important event” memo entitled “rape, sexual harassment, thefts, committed by a large group of foreign people” “or otherwise delete the phrase ‘Vergewaltigung’” – “rape”. State (Nordrhein-Westfalen) police understood it to be “the wish of the state interior ministry”

Prime minister of Nord-Rein-Westfalen is Hannelore Kraft, who immediatelly defended the Muslims after the new years Eve scandal (Infowars 8 April 2016).


“For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. (2. Timoteus 3:6,7).


During the last half century a boundless female emancipation has taken place, which fits exactly into the NWO tactics: put everything upside down to replace the many thousands of years of old world order by the New Illuminati World Order.
40 years ago, the then Danish Minister of Education said: We will take the boys´cars and give them to the girls – and vice versa with the dolls! – thereby  refusing to accept the biological order.

So it happened, because the children were brought up in kindergartens and schools as well as families without a father – the fatherless civilisation –  by women – male traits in consultation being banished – and men became absurdly effeminate, while women took over the regiment in politics and opinion. Result: Muslim dominated multiculture through their advocated welcoming culture towards Muslim mass immigration, Merkel opening her arms widely, thus inviting the downfall of the West. This is exactly as prescribed by Adam Weishaupt and Mayer Amschel Rothschild in their first communist 6-point program, because leading women are mindless Marxist feminists, promoting the death of Western culture and the teachings of Christ, abolition of the family and all morality,  Angela Merkel being their standard bearer.

The “High Representative” of the EU has even promised that Europe´s future belongs to “political Islam” (the Sharia)

The following shows the consequences of this end-time culture that may very well be due to stress because of  women´s  double-work out and at home.
But the role of men is contemptible – and in the broader perspective the actual reason of the downfall of the West.

Frequency of battered husbands
Domestic-violenceWikipedia tells: In Ireland, 6% of men had suffered severe IPV in their lifetime
In the  7.4% of men reported physical assault and in England and Wales, 4.2% of men had experienced domestic violence over a 12 month period in studies. Over a lifetime, this figure increased to 14.9% of men.
In New Zealand 27% of women and 34% of men reported being physically abused by a partner.
The 2006 International Dating Violence Study, which investigated IPV amongst 13,601 students across thirty-two-nations found that “about one-quarter of both male and female students had physically attacked a partner during that year.” It reported that 24.4% of males had experienced minor IPV and 7.6% had experienced “severe assault

The following is a continuation of newspaper articles about wives bullying and sometimes killing their weakling men from 2000 and  2013 and here etc

1) The Daily Mail 24 March 2016: Everything about the lives of teachers Paul and Meena Chivers epitomised middle-class respectability.
But behind closed doors, however, a different scene played out.
There was violence, bullying and intimidation. A spouse being isolated from friends and family, having their confidence and self-respect destroyed, and even sanity doubted.It was Paul who was the victim of domestic abuse.

Paul was already in bed when Meena came into the room, determined to continue an argument that had begun earlier.

‘She ripped a hairdryer out of a socket in the wall and repeatedly swung it at me by the flex, splitting my head open,’ recalls Paul. ‘There was so much blood, it was like a scene from a horror movie.’
Paul wrapped a towel round his head and drove himself to hospital, where he pretended he had banged his head on a kitchen cabinet. When he returned home he recalls how Meena, showing no remorse, got up to dress for work.

When he told her that he’d needed eight staples in his head, she flew into another fit of rage, and hit him around the back of the head with the cat’s feeding bowl.

‘My daughter told about in school, and after a call from the school  I went to the police station to make a statement,’ he says.

In April last year, Meena was sentenced to 16 months in prison after being found guilty of unlawful wounding and common assault by a jury at Swindon Crown Court and. Paul has now divorced Meena.
‘There are many men, like me, who put up with abuse in the home because they’re desperate to keep their families together,’ he explains.

2) Earlier this month, solicitor’s wife Sharon Edwards was jailed for life for murder after Manchester Crown Court heard how she regularly beat and belittled husband David, 51, before she stabbed him with a kitchen knife last August.

Edwards, 42, from Chorley, Lancashire, was said to have relied on the knowledge that her husband, whom she’d met a year earlier, would never hit back or call the police. After his death, his body was found to be covered in 60 cuts and bruises.

simon-stab3) As 6ft 3in, Royal Navy Leading Seaman Simon Smith, can testify masculinity and physical strength are no protection from domestic abuse.

‘She told me she had Obsessive Compulsory Disorder and if I left smear marks on a glass it would make her so angry she could become violent,’ recalls Simon. ‘She was very good at making me feel I deserved the things she did, so the next day I would apologise.
His ex-wife Crystal, a probation officer, was jailed for nine years last August after she stabbed him in a drunken rage at the family home so he lost 6 pints of blood.

Disturbingly, it seems domestic violence against men has become a very middle-class problem. As women work, earn – and in many cases drink – as much as their menfolk, the dominant force in many relationships is no longer male and some women are lashing out.
The number of women convicted of violence against a partner has increased six-fold over the past decade, from 806 in 2004/5 to 4,866 in 2014/15.

Mark Brooks, chairman of the Mankind Initiative, which runs a helpline for male victims of domestic violence, says the charity receives 1,500 calls a year, some of them from concerned mothers or sisters of abused men.

Professor Kevin Browne, director of the centre for forensic and family psychology at the University of Nottingham medical school, says: ‘In a third of all domestic violence cases the women are violent to the men, and the reason many men don’t report it is because they fear not being believed.’

Another reason why violence is creeping into middle-class marriages could be, at least in part, due to the dramatic shift in women’s position in society over the past half a century, with most now juggling work as well as family responsibilities, with the inevitable stress that entails, according to Professor Browne.
‘Women are also more likely to suffer from alcohol abuse than in the past and that might be contributing to them becoming more violent, as it’s a disinhibitor,’ he says.

As Nick Rockefeller said in an interview with Aaron Russo the elite wanted women on to the labor market, because 1) their children can then be brought up in accordance with NWO principles in the day-institutions 2) The bankers wanted the other half of the population to be also plucked by taxes (and consumption). Nick said the Rockefellers have started and promoted the emancipation of women.

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