Popular Pressure Moving Mainstream Media and Politicians: “Time to Diccuss whether the (Unconstitutional) Islam Should be Banned in Europe”

Abstract: It seems as if,  after the New Year scandal in Cologne and the bombs in Brussels, there is a change in attitude in the media and with the “politicians”. But be careful: Much ado about nothing. For they do not want to stop the mass immigration.

Perhaps we are now traveling into the 2nd phase of George Soros’ and Angela Merkel’s European disaster: Guerrilla warfare in the cities, now prodded by “politicians”.

However, first let us listen to prominent voices saying unheard of things:
Austrian Journalist: “Now we must allow discussions about whether or not Islam should be banned as such in Europe.”

Britain’s Prince Charles, who was formerly a strong Islam advocate, has now seemingly grown wiser:
“The radicalisation of people in the UK is a major concern. They have slaughtered and expelled hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis from northern Iraq. If this continues, the day may soon come when there are no more Christians in the Middle East”.

In Germany, the new skyrocketing AfD party seeks the closure of mosques throughout the country and says “Islam does not belong to Germany.” The success of this party has cost the Social Democrats many voices already – and that causes Vice-Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, to strongly criticize Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism: “ISIS’ ideology is derived from Wahhabi extremism, leading to the spread of extremism into other countries.
We do not want such a thing in Germany and emphasize the necessity to cope with Salafism, and to close these (Saudi) mosques in Germany”.
But at the same time he grants unhindered access to unlimited amounts of such people  into the country – even inviting them!

In Italy a young, insightful sergeant and poet is being punished – risking his job because he tells and writes the truth about Islam. He has even irrefutably shown that Islam is unconstitutional. 

An American blogger refers to the fact that the average IQ of mass immigrants is much lower than we are accustomed to see (averages of 99 here in the West – and 83 in immigrants) and that they believe, nevertheless, to be able to maintain our standard of living for themselves – although they cannot –  when they come to reign (which they will, seen demographically and ideologically),

Fact: They can do it by making us their slaves in their terror regimes, as they have always done with conquered nations for 1400 years.
After the NWO desired miscegenation,  as usual,  the IQ will then decrease – and this is exactly what the Pharisaical / Zionist Masonic Elite wants: No rebellion, no racial tensions, and the main enemy of the Luciferian elite, Jesus Christ and the nation states deleted.


Yet European authorities are betting the future of their nations upon the assumption that these Muslims will assimilate and become loyal citizens of a secular society (Infowars 1 April 2016 and Jihad Watch).  


Brussels Airport after the bombs  – 35 dead. Worth celebrating, so our enemies, the Muslims in Brussels, think. How naïve can we be?


Politicians can only be moved by losing votes – and media by losing readers due to popular feelings. Both may be causing a turn-around of the attitude in the public space as for the disastrous and irresponsible Muslim mass immigration. But only if the people maintains pressure.

UK´s Prince Charles has previously been a defender of Islam – wanted to be the defender of faith instead of defender of The Faith.

Prince-Charles-west-can learn-from-Idlam

prince-charles-muslim+Now he seems to have grown wiser: “The radicalization of people in Britain is a great worry,” the prince told the BBC. ”
He has strongly denounced the atrocious actions of the Islamic State, and how they have slaughtered and exiled hundreds of thousands of Christians and Yazidis from northern Iraq. He says that if this continues there may soon come a day when there are no more Christians in the Middle East.

29. mar. 2016: On Saturday hundreds of Turkish Nationalists in Germany rallied in Duisburg against the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) and for Turkish national sovereignty and security. They were seen using the “Grey Wolves” Salute, the Turkish equivalent of a National Socialist Salute commonly used as what is classified as a “neo-fascist” or “ulltra-nationalist” organization.

But the pressure must be strong and constant to change the minds of  the obstinate NWO henchmen calling themselves “our politicians”

Infowars 30 March 2016: 
  Wolfgang Fellner stated in the daily Austrian newspaper “Österreich”: Now we must permit discussions about whether or not Islam as such should be banned in Europe.

moderate islamIt comes after terrorist attacks committed by Muslims, and the lack of will to combat Islamic terrorism by so-called “moderate Muslims”, who have a hard time protesting the verses of Jihad in the Quran, which naturally would be to acknowledge that the Quran is not perfect.

Sputnik 30 March 2016:  The Alternative for Germany (AfD) is seeking the closure of mosques across the country, local media reported Wednesday, citing a new draft of the party’s policy program.

Islam does not belong to Germany,” the AfD wing in Lower Bavaria said in the 45-page paper and added the party is seeking to prohibit construction and operation of mosques.
Today, AfD is Germany´s 3. largest party and rapidly growing.

Veterans Today 30 March 2016:  In an interview with the Bild newspaper, Mr. Sigmar Gabriel, Deputy of the German Prime Minister criticized massive western governments’ relations, in particular Germany, with Saudi. 

Saudi Arabia: Sharia – Europe´s future

According to the AWDNEWS website he said in the interview: Saudis support Wahhabi mosques around the world and in this way, extremist Islamists are trained some of which come to Germany. We demand decisive action against these centers of extremism in Germany. Isis ideology is derived from Wahhabi extremism that leads to the spread of extremism in other countries.
We don’t desire such a thing in Germany and emphasize on the need to deal with Salafism and closing these mosques in Germany.
Of course we respect Muslims and have no problems with the activities of Islamic centers and mosques.
Comment: No, for Mr. Gabriel does not know what the imams are telling ind the Mosques. BUT IN DENMARK WE KNOW!
This is typical uncommitted double-tongued Masonic delusion of the public: A lot of calmimg words – but never any action.


Il Giornale 26 March 2016: While Europe is shattered by jihadism, in Italy, Riccardo Prisciano, 25 year-old Apulian uncommitted officer, has been subject to disciplinary proceedings and punished with seven days of confinement.

He is risking his career for critical positions on Islam and immigration and for having affected the political neutrality of the Armed Forces.

Approdo News.it 27 March 2016 (Calabria´s main News Channel)  brings an interview with Riccardo Prisciano.

Prisciano says: What is certain is that Islam is but a sect: there is no
right or wrong, good or bad. Only valid “either with me or against me.”
And who is against it is an infidel.

“Even the German writer Thomas Mann maintained that” tolerance becomes
a crime when applied to evil “, even an American lawyer
Joseph H. H. Weiler argued that “the message of tolerance towards
the other must not be translated into a message of intolerance towards the
own identity “

Ayatollah Khomeini, one of the most authoritative
Muslim thinkers: “Islam or politics or it is nothing!” Islam is a 
political ideology that, even today, makes use of religion as
power tool;

OpenBordersNow-cartoon480 (1)If we understand  Islam rightly as a political doctrine, and not as
a mere religion, it would be necessary to ask how much longer we
will allow it, in the civil and democratic Europe, to preach hatred
religious, intolerance and inequality between the sexes or between
belonging to different religions, without going to ban 
Islamic organizations, that are inspired by a far more totalitarian doctrine, far more intolerant of Nazism itself.

Islam is unconstitutional because
it preaches concepts and ideologies contrary to the constitutional fundamental principles, with regard to respect for life and equality between people
– Art. 2 of the Constitution: “… the inviolable rights …”, which are totally
different in the Islamic religion, so as to have created its own paper,
The Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, proclaimed on Saturday 19
September 1981 at UNESCO in Paris.

– Art. 3 of the Constitution: equal social status … without distinction of sex, race,
language, religion“; in the Qur’an, however, it is enshrined in the superiority of
man over woman and the Muslim over non-Muslims.

– Art. 13 of the Constitution: “Personal liberty is inviolable, may be limited
only by reasoned decision of the Judicial and only in cases and ways
provided for by law. … “; in the Islamic Declaration of Rights
Man, however, individual freedom is subordinate to the Shari’a.

– Art. 27 of the Constitution: ” death penalty is not permitted …”; Islam, instead, has death penalty for apostates, adulterers and homosexuals; it is confirmed by all
four Koranic schools and, therefore, reliable.

Here comes a bitter statement that is politically incorrect – but not far from the truth

Jim Kirwan, Jeff Rense 27 March 2016 (Muslim immigrants)  always steadfastly remain ignorant of all that is needed for anyone to even exist in the world of today

muslim-migrantsYoung Muslim men + one woman and children  invading Europe – thanks to Angela Merkel and many other Marxist feminists, who are severely infected with inverted humanism, and  who can look forward to women´s future status in Sharia Europe: The woman carries a big child and has to walk barefoot in snow and ice – while the men do not care!

They steal whatever they think they need, like cellphones, computers, etc.,but they are powerless to maintain the cell-towers, or the infrastructure at any level: Because they have on an average a low IQ level. Many cannot read, yet they are convinced that if they just take over the countries where millions of people once lived—they too will be able to have the same kinds of success that those formerly settled nations once enjoyed, just because they decided to invade anywhere they choose to go: Believing that no one can, or will ever be able to stop them.

The truth is all they will end up doing, is bringing about utter-poverty total destruction and starvation to every place they decide to invade
The world must come together to wipe Sharia Law & Islamic forces off the face of the earth or die: That is the only choice.

Acc. to this ranking of world states by IQ, the average IQ of the migrants surging into Europe is about 83 (Somalia only 68).  Western IQ averages 99 – which one can hardly believe!!

However, one must admit that this calamity would not be possible, if it had not been benn meticulously planned by the London City gang,  invited and allowed by Satan´s hierarchy of evil that is governing this Earth  – in particular Rothschild´s agent and right hand George Soros and their superlodge Masonic puppets like Angela Merkel, Europe´s evil spirit. Soros has laid his master plan quite open: He and his master want to promote the Pharisaic/Zionist desire to destroy Germany and Europe.
The reason: The German Federal Bank and Germany´s Federal Constitutional Court prevented the EU Fiscal Union that would have enabled the London City gangsters to rob all EU states into utter poverty and dependence on Rothschild & Co.
And the invited, ruthless Muslim masses are their tool.

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