EU Commission Vice President: “Not even the Remotest Places on the Planet to Exist without Diversity . No Future for Our Monocultural Nation States”

Face of a dying Nation Apr 1, 2016: Frans Timmermans, a Dutch diplomat and Vice-President of the European Commission, urged all members of the EU parliament to increase efforts to “erase single, monocultural nation states” and accelerate the process in which “every single nation on earth must eventually become diverse”. During his speech in the EU Fundamental Rights Colloquium 2015 he put special emphasis on the importance of “not allowing even the remotest places on the planet to exist without diversity“.

The future of humanity, so he says, no longer belongs to individual nations and cultures, but rather a mixed super-culture.
Contemporary conservatives, who value their own traditions and want a peaceful future for their own communities, value a “past that never existed” and can therefore not dictate the future.

Timmermans therefore implies that European culture and heritage are nothing but social constructs and anybody who says otherwise is narrow-minded. He concludes his speech by stating that Europe has always been a continent of migrants and European values inherently mean accepting diversity.
Comment: But Europeans have always successfully kept unwanted non-European barbarians outside the greater part of the continent.

He expresses concerns that if EU does not increase efforts to ensure diversity gets to every single spot on Earth as fast as possible, the peace in Europe will be at stake.

The means to achieve this are, of course, large scale, illegal mass immigration of Muslim men into Europe;

If this man were an authentic ethnopluralist and his intention would be true diversity, he would support the protection of every people in their own respective cultures rather than flooding Europe with hostile immigrants, because right now birth rates are so low and immigration levels so high that the very existence of all European peoples is at stake.

Frans Timmermans hereby confirms the EU’s fundamental ideology: the Masonic Illuminati one-world state with a population like in ancient Egypt –  or otherwise put, the odious Talmudic / Zionist war against the white man – and against Jesus Christ and his remaining  culture, their real goal.


Through the Pharisaic/Zionist boot-licker, Count Coudenhove Kalergi and Jewish-French President Nicolas Sarkozy, this Luciferian ideology became the girder of the NWO-EU


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3 Responses to EU Commission Vice President: “Not even the Remotest Places on the Planet to Exist without Diversity . No Future for Our Monocultural Nation States”

  1. Christian Lend says:

    This is genozid blackmail and is all done for the benefit of international judaism and nothing other. The plan of the jews is to exterminate the white race first cause their talmudic racist rabbis told them so. They need diversity cause cohasive independent ethnicities are in conflict to the only supremarcy left the jews. They know that their power structure the parasitic states they build under the nations will not exist any longer easely if they do not abolish all order that existed for thousand of years. Ethicities,family,culture,religion,property,gender. Read the 45 planks of their murderes communist manifesto which is a jewish plan from the beginning.

    Marxism,bolshevism,communism,maoism,hoxhasim, the trojan horse democracy which serves the highed bidder which is always international big capital jewry which usurp the uniquing selling point of money creation and force the people in dept and taxe all people for the benefit of the jews to plunder all nations!

    Jews are the destroyers and mass murder and are doing the will of their father the devil!! John 8:44 Jesus Christ speaking:
    Ye (the jews) are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

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