Secretive Private NWO ECIPS Commands: Strong EU State, ONE Security/Police Service, No National Culture, Punish Weak Politicians

Abstract: In 2013, a group called The European Centre for Information Policy & Security News (ECIPS) appeared,  without us being informed about it in the media.

In 2015, it was made an organization with extensive powers by decree of the Belgian king: Its Supreme Council is made up of the unknown founders  – as well as of members selected by the President from  government  and organization   representatives from the Member States. All unselected and unknown – and totally undemocratic.
Obviously ECIPS represents the masters of the NWO.
Member States then have to comply with ECIPS´ decisions  in the fields of safety and free speech restrictions.

The organization has risen to something like an EU Kaiser

The organization is worried about the increasing resistance in the populations against the  Muslim mass immigration – and imposes on politicians to manage the unrest as a result of their actions. The president said, “everything is at stake if we do not see the risks associated with extreme political views. We should continue to strive for a democratic society, not a liberated society, as the liberation of the culture of all Europeans  will bring the international community “no good”.

“ECIPS has been appointed  an international watchdog (no one knows by whom) and will hold accountable those who fail in their duty, which could lead to unrest in Europe, and the” law of justice in the fundamental rights “should apply during such a multidisciplinary  hearing.” He said it (ECIPS) was prepared to keep this option if and when necessary, since it is in the interest of the international community.
“We need a strong state, One state and One security service if we are to combat this problem.”

A prominent Belgian politician has called for a pan-European FBI (which has made the US a police state).

One year ago, ECIPS warned of the consequences of  mass immigration – including ISIS terror.

As for Membership of ECIPS – see ADDENDUM below

Tjanus25here is a secret Establishment Hierarchy which determines governmental policy and runs the World — it is evil beyond imagination and operates according to the Law of Opposites.
They serve as the key decision makers and top policy-makers in a world of duplicity run by them. And they are wrinkled very old men nearing their end of days. They are in a mad race to attain their secret Globalist NWO Agenda, which is unimaginably evil and completely anti-human.
They believe that they will only be able to be regenerated in an immortal form once they have attained their Globalist NWO Agenda. (James Preston, Veterans Today 30 March 2016)


I have previously written about a mysterious NWO organization that has somehow something to do with the EU, and is based in Brussels, namely the ECIPS and here – The European Centre for Information Policy & Security News.
As of 15 June 2015, ECIPS has become an organisation by Royal decree. Its president, Baretzky, is codirector with Cyberpol which was recognized as an International Organization by Royal Decree on the 2 June 2015 WL22/16/595 governed by Title III of the Belgian law of 27 June 1921 on the non-profit organizations. ECIPS calls itself a “Global Watchdog” .

Here is ECIPS´website. Note the slogan of the French Revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity – the Masonic NWO´slogan.

But this organisation becomes more and more mysterious  – and threatening:
It seems to be a self-appointed representative of the New World order. It  commands states to obey it. Who is behind has not been possible for me to find out.

The International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) shall be the body of supreme authority in the Organization. It is composed of:

• The Founders (Who???)
• The President
• The Vice-President(s)
• The General Secretariat
• Delegates = Members selected by the Office of the President that could comprise of any European national and government members and / or member states internationally or organization or agency (s).
Under the Decree / Statute, all Member States and Members are obligated to comply with Council decisions under article 46 and reference Annex 1 of the Decree / Statute

International Information Policy and Security Council (IIPSC) researches, debates and alert the importance of early warning signs and signals that act as an international ” Watchdog ” to educate and promote solutions to issues of importance such as cyber security, global threats and scholarly education at all levels.

The IIPSC is an independent non aligned body that supplements its members supporters within the field of International Security
As you can see, ECIPS is a totally undemocratic organization, suddenly   created by royal decree out of nowhere,  commanding states to follow  ECIPS-decrees – and it has usurped the authority  to punish citizens and “politicians”, if they resist or do not subdue  resistance the NWO mass immigration  (see below). ECIPS behaves like a European emperor. ECIPS had been appointed  a global watchdog – by whom ???

ECIPS Monday, March 28, 2016

On the logo is written (in translation) NEW WORLD ORDER´s ECIPS

The President of ECIPS Ricardo Baretzky issued a “SCHENGEN ALERT” today after an OSINT risk assessment was done in light of the increasing terror attacks in Europe with the latest targets to hit Brussels in Belgium.

A Level 5 Alert for all Schengen countries was issued by the ECIPS based on several risk review factors such as, the growing instability on social cultures within the EU, illegal migration, the recent escalations such as the migrant crisis in Calais in France and the terror bombing that took place in the Heart of Europe within Belgium. …..

The ECIPS said that there is a strong underground growing sentiment of unrest in certain regions of Europe and that administration should take caution against hasty decisions as raising cultural conflicts and tensions can threaten the stability and European values as a whole, its people, and the rights to liberty should not be undermined by political views. The historical values of all Europeans could have rapid consequences if faced with an internal threat of cultural diversion if not managed properly in the crisis we face within the European Values.


The call for democracy can lead to a strong resistance if democracy is undermined and threatened by external forces according to the ECIPS. The President said “It’s time to realize that political members comprehend that their actions could lead to a security meltdown within the European Union and rational behavior is the answer to all discussions made in order to protect our basic European values, freedom and liberty. He further said all is at stake when we fail to see, realize or recognize the risks associated with extreme political views within a democratic society whereas both political parties will play a role in the deformation of security. We should not forget what Europe stands for and on what fundamental rights it was built on and we should continue to build a democratic society, not a liberated society, as liberating the Culture of all Europeans will bring “no goodto all of the International community.

The President further warned that ECIPS has been appointed as the International Watchdog and will keep accountable those who fail in their duty that could lead to unrest in Europe and that the Law of Justice in fundamental rights shall apply during such multi disciplinary hearings. It said it is ready to keep this option if and when necessary as it’s in the interest of the International Community to do so. He urged the United Nations to step up their role as peace keeping organization and not act as a political play house as it could be the tipping point in international cultural relations.

This is the “Third Alert” issued by the ECIPS in the last 13 months, of which, the first was the “EXODUS” on April 22, 2015 Reference no IP/2015/04/22/001 that was mostly ignored by the EC and the IC when it was issued, almost four months prior to the Migration crisis that begun during June 2014. The EXODUS Alert outlined the risks of uncontrolled migration that could lead to a major security risk to all Europeans that since has proven fact with several members of ISIS that participated by infiltrating illegal migration crisis to escape detection as proven by recent developments.

The President said that we should act now before it’s too late since a dark future could lay ahead for Europe if not acted now and our solution lays in the methods of acting we choose! It is urgently necessary to bridge the gap between information coming from public and security services to build community trust by using all possible partnerships as a form of public civil protection.

We need a strong state, one state and one security service as our countries need to have one intelligence service and one police service if we want to fight this problem, not 28 divided administration services as it has been proven to be a failed model to secure Europe and its ways of life.

Media Contact
European Centre for Information Policy & Security

As could be expected, and as was the case after the false flag terror actions in France 2015, the purpose of the Brussels  terror attacks is more state and police state – and as a rule more warfare in Syria. This is what the ECIPS is calling for:
Activist Post 28 March 2016: Yesterday on RT, Belgian politician Francois-Xavier de Donnea called for a “pan-European FBI,” a central European authority to deal with the threat of terror.

It´s too early to say if the EU is directly involved in the Brussels terror actions. But indirectly, the EU and Angela Merkel are guilty of these mass murders: Who invites millions of people belonging to a religion which demands deception and killing of all unbelievers (e.g. 9:1-5), having seen how Christians are being exterminated in Muslim countries, are the real ones responsible for these previous and coming Muslim terror activities.


ECIPS membership
1 International Information Policy and Security Council (hereafter also abbreviated as “IIPSC”) membership:

These memberships shall consist of Diplomatic Representations-Open to missions, embassies and permanent representations, Inter-Governmental and Governmental Organizations, Regional Bodies and Local Authorities and Non-Governmental Organizations.The International Information Policy and Security Council membership shall be subject to approval by a two-thirds majority of the ECIPS IIPSC International Information Policy and Security Council. All IIPSC memberships financial contribution shall be deemed controlled by the Commission for the Control of Records.

2. Paid memberships:
• Individual Entry Level Membership: Such as individuals engaged in public and private law-enforcement agencies or work.
• Associate Membership: Such as members of law-enforcement, cyber-crime prevention organizations.
• Agency Membership: Such as security agencies, State security agencies, intelligence agencies, border agencies and other.
• Corporate Membership: Such as corporate companies, conglomerates and private firms.
• Professional and Business Associations; Such as People with Professional skills and businesses of any type with likeminded interest to the Organization
• Platforms of Non-Governmental Organizations
• Foundations
• Institutions
• Professional memberships such as experts, lecturers and other that have a higher education or similar in expertise


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