Veterans Today: The Devil, His Works and His Disgusting Doings through Illuminatis´, Jesuits´, Masons´Pact with Him

There is an end-game to all this, and that is the roll-out and attainment of a Globalist NWO System of war, mass-death, destruction and Hell on Earth in order to produce a one-world Satanic regime that they control. In the last 20 years, they have suffered delays and obstructions and are becoming more desperate. They know their time is short, as the US Petro Dollar is eroded daily. So, everyday their options become more limited.  (Veterans Today 18 March 2016)


To readers of this blog, the following will come as no surprise. I have so often written about these things. But there are gruesome elements that I have not pointed out so clearly as Gordon Duff does.

I shall pass over Duff´s description of the Satanism exposed at the Ciblo Ranch of the Masonic Order of St. Hubertus in connexion with the  murder of  US Supreme Court Judge Scalia, a paedophile, just repeat the abominable testimony of paedophilia and sacrificing to Lucifer/eating  her babies by a 15-year-old-girl in England.

St-HubertusLeft: The Order of St. Hubertus

Gordon Duff Veterans Today 19 March 2016: Above and beyond it all, we assert, are secret societies which share, almost invariably, an esoteric underbelly of quasi-religious adherence to angels, demons, early gods.cibolo1

Right from the dining-room of the Ciblo Ranch of the Order of St. Hubertus

To survive, to defend ourselves, we have to finally admit that these cults are real, that they have risen to preeminence in the worldthey are our judges, our bankers, our presidents, they run our think tanks, (Media), they control our nuclear arsenals — they decide what we learn, what we see, what we hear and what we believe.

I: We could spend not just months but years discussing Freemasonry (product of  Jesuit Rosicrucians -see more below) as a social organization, or as in Britain, a cult that through its penetration of Scotland Yard, the Metropolitan Police and the security agencies threatened British security through covering up a pedophile ring that continues to rule Britain.

Keshe came to us with solid proof that Sterling Allan, working directly with an elite group in Belgium, was operating inside the “Free Energy Community” online recruiting children through sex traffickingOur information is that it was Justice Scalia of the US Supreme Court who was protecting, Sterling Allan.

Keshe presented a wealth of solid evidence, videos, email, more, that a network existed that tied “new age” types to not only online recruiting but to NGO’s working in South and Central America, in Africa and the Middle East, were involved as well.
We found organizations that were running schools and orphanages, “Palestinian scholarships,” help for abused or displaced mothers, from Lebanon, to Morocco, to Mexico and Brazil, all involved in stealing children.

These groups plant themselves near the camps in the Middle East, preying on the Palestinians or working with ISIS to traffick Syrian and Iraqi Christians and Shiites, with full support of Turkish organized crime and suspected complicity with their intelligence services and political leadership as well.

II: The Jesuits worship  the Devil  (Father Malachi Martin interviewed by VT´s Gordon Duff).
Years ago I was talking with a former Jesuit named Malachi Martin.  Martin had been working in the Vatican and had been forced out by what he claimed was a satanist cabal from among the Jesuits.

He claimed they had been in contact with demonic entities and had consecrated the Holy See in the name of Satan ( during the Masonic 2. Vatican Concile) after receiving proof of a manifestation of the power of evil.

After the enthronement of Satan as the head of the Catholic Church in the night between 28 and 29 June 1963 in the Pauline Chapel of the Vatican, this chapel was deprived of its madonna and crucifix and not used for many years (Chiesa Viva 2012). Below the Pauline Chapel in 1960 (left) and 1978 (right).
After the enthronement of Satan no pope has worn the Tiara (papal crown), which belongs to the head of the church.



Martin said they cut a deal and were given promises, some very material in nature and, according to Martin, the rewards reaped by the Jesuits were material as well.

And Francis worshipping Lucifer again next year

That relationship involved participating in ceremonies, as depicted in not only dozens of films, but in ancient wood carvings as well, human sacrifice, killing of children, often newborn infants, dancing and chanting incantations while wearing headdresses depicting horned beasts or demons.

These Vatican rites Martin makes reference to in Windswept House and his other best-selling books are also the innocent ceremonies of Bohemian Grove or Hubertus or the yearly get-togethers on the solstice in Denver or at the Rothschild’s compound on Corfu.

At the table of Rothschild they always set a place for Lucifer, acc. to witnesses.  They are said to have been satanists for many generations.

Martin said this of the Jesuits, “they simply tired of Christianity, the unanswered prayers, they sought a ‘voice at the end of the phone,’ and such a voice was there waiting for them (Lucifer),  and the Church of today is based on them abandoning God, not out of a loss of faith but out of God’s unwillingness to meet their price.”

Father Malachi Martin tells about Satanism/Luciferianism in the Vatican.

III: Rothschild´s pact with the Devil
Duff tells: One of my friends is a longtime associate of Nathan Rothschild.
The Rothschild family, according to a highly placed source, cut a deal 4 centuries ago, with an unseen power. This power, I was told, and according to the Rothschilds, is not evil or Satanic or anything like that. They just came on “entities” somewhere in Germany, long ago, that agreed to help the family gain power and “earthly dominion in exchange for a few things.

Each male member of the family would, at age 25, and I know someone who has witnessed this, go through an “investiture” ceremony. There, the young Rothschild allows an unseen entity to enter him. This entity, as they tell it, lives outside time and space, and has been on earth for “hundreds of thousands of years.”
Their reward is help against enemies, knowledge of the future and a guarantee of an afterlife of their choosing.

It seems that wearing masks, dancing in circles, debasing and murdering children, starting wars and even running central banks is all part of it.

What is also supposed to be true is that these secret societies that include the only the highest levels of Freemasonry.

What can be stated here, categorically as fact, based on irrefutable sources, is that these “elites” believe they are teamed up with beings that came to Earth while mankind was in its infancy, beings that waited for endless centuries.

Wow. These are very clear words. It´s the old tale of people selling their souls to the Devil for earthly riches, fame, and power.

In general people do not believe in neither God nor Satan. But, as I have often written, everything indicates that the Illuminati and superlodge Masons do.
And let me add, however evil they are, they are implementing he plan of their enemy and Maker which aims at just their own eternal destruction. But they believe it´s vice versa, apparently – although having very well understood the significance of Christ´s resurrection on Easter morning – see my Easter post. For their NWO is directed against the Easter gospel

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