Veterans Today: ”ISIS” Does not Exist”. We are “ISIS”: an Evil Coalition of Mafia States Hiring Willing, Incompetent Muslim Mercenaries.

Through terrifying headlines and shocking videos, ISIS is being used as a tool to justify war in the Middle East and to cause fear and panic worldwide.  ISIS was created by the very forces that are fighting it.
(Vigilant Citizen 10 oct. 2014). 


Al-baghdadi-mossad-agentThat the ISIS (Islamic State) is a construction by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia Qatar, Turkey with the participation of NATO states. That they are financing, training and delivering ISIS equipment (also see plumber Mark´s car below) is common knowledge. The Ottwa Citizen 13 March 2015   reported that Canadian Prime Minister Harper´s handpicked ambassador to Jordan and his former bodyguard employed an agent to freight 3 schoolgirls with Arab names from England to Syria where they were delivered to ISIS.

The surprise is that Veterans Today  – supported by the US Council on Foreign Relation´s “Foreign Affairs” (below) – can inform us that ISIS de facto does not exist. It is a cover name for the  evil  Mafia of the above countries. AlShishani
Mossad agent  Abu Baktr al-Baghdadi 
(above) and “general”   al-Shishani right (both have been reported dead) are taking their orders from some obscure supreme command – probably the CIA or/and  the Israeli Mossad.

Veterans Today 2016:  Recent revelations have shown us that ISIS/ISIL/Daesh has never really existed and what we have really been seeing happen in Syria and Iraq has been the work of mercenaries paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the faction of Kurds lead by Barzani; both being strongly supported by Turkey.

Your. News.Wire 8 Nov. 2015 brought the below photos



The motivation is simply avarice – the destructive habits of ‘ISIS’ serving as cover for the wholescale looting by Turkey of anything of value that could be put on a truck and sent back to Turkey; the ‘ISIS’ offensive in Iraq that seized Mosul and the northern oil producing region of Iraq was  to allow the theft of billions of dollars of oil by the Erdogan family and here, oil  that was trucked to Turkey to be sold on the open market.

james foleyRemember Jihadi-John´s faked beheading  of James Foley by ‘ISIS’? Of course, the revealing video was promptly deleted. And there were many others.

The source of most, if not all of these videos, certainly all of the most theatrical and ludicrous head chopping ones is a for-profit Bethesda, Maryland-based company called the SITE Intelligence Group. SITE purports to track the online activity of White supremacist and Jihadi organizations. and is led by Israeli Rita KatzSotloff-SITE-stunt (2).

Remember Steven Foley´s fake execution, staged by the Rita Katz´ SITE Studio?

SITE brought us such classics as the fake Osama Bin Laden videos and the comically staged ‘beheadings’. They are laughably fake.

Texan-plumber-carThen there was the comedy classic of the Texas plumber’s truck turning up in an ISIS video; suggesting it was shot some where in Texas rather than Syria. Mark Oberholtzer of Texas City sold his Car to a Ford dealership.  At least it shows where ISIS get their cars.

Sometimes, SITE has released the videos before ISIS themselves released them, making it pretty obvious who is really behind the production of these tragi-comic shorts.

Irita-katzn short, we know full well that the image of ‘ISIS’ has been manufactured through these videos; this places SITE at the forefront of the disinfo operation that is the ‘Islamic State’.  Rita Katz being an Israeli tells you all you need to know.

Rita Katz is of the Jewish Al-Baghdadi clan – as is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the Mossad-leader of ISIS

Which brings us to the latest release from the makers of all those ‘ISIS’ comedy classics – something new and creative intended to thoroughly disgust and spread fear of the big, bad ‘ISIS’ terrorist head choppers.


This time the head choppers have stepped the theatrics up a notch and rather than using an old blunt pen knife to slowly hack away at the dummy, sorry victim, this time they are using explosives!  (around the neck of the “victim” below.                                                                                                                          



Time and again one is baffled by people´s gullibility and the ruthlessnes of the criminals  who utilize it for very dirty purposes.

That Rita Katz has created the image of ISIS as head chopping satans is obvious.

In its March/April edition 2015, The CFR´s Foreign Affairs wrote:
” ISIS  is not really a terrorist organization at all. If ISIS is purely and simply anything, it is a pseudo-state led by a conventional army. Most of these recruits came from Muslim-majority countries, such as Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, some also hailed from Australia, China, Russia, and western European countries.
All told, ISIS’ revenue from oil is estimated to be between $1 million and $3 million per day”.

But if ISIS is not an organisation – but an army led by a Mossad agent, Al-Baghdadi (if he is still alive) – who does then lead it and him? And who administrates its money? Certainly not amateurs.
The Mafia which does is deceiving us for very dirty purposes. 

This mafia are the countries that mock- fight ISIS and say it’ll take many years to defeat these 30,000 warriors – and it will, indeed, until ISIS is no longer needed for their thefts of rich oil sources in Syria and Iraq).
If this Mafia ceased to remunerate its “ISIS”-mercenaries, take their stolen goods, to give them weapons and train them,   “ISIS” would be done for within one month.
Sharia in Saudi Arabia: 5 beheaded persons hanging in a temprary gallows (The Daily Mail  21 March 2016).
This is  Europe´s voluntarily chosen future. Saudi has offered Germany 200 new Mosques  in addition to the many already there and in all other decadent European countries.

Let alone that the trash of primitive uneducated Jihadists from all over the world could impossibly have established the very professional “ISIS”-management, which from day 1 provided unheard-of professional propaganda and recruitment in the media, money, training, equipment  with high-tech weapons and Toyota cars, professional medical treatment in Israel and here and Turkey, after care in European hospitals when they returned etc.

We are the mafia running and paying “ISIS” – a new acme of human immorality and satanism


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