Masonic EU Betrays Europe to Masonic Muslim Brotherhood´s Islamisation Plan: Unchanged Migrant Flow + Visa-free Access for 75 Mio. Turks

ADDENDUM: The deal with Turkey stipulates that Turkey is to be the EU´s large refugee camp. Turkey seems to have succeeded in determining the standards for the treatment of refugees and migrants on its own. A commitment to respect for human rights was deleted from the final document (DWN 18 März 2016). 


Ttower of babeloday the EU realized its warmest desire: Skipping its own Fundamental Rights about democracy, it promised 75 mio. Turks free admission into the EU and acceleration of the more and more dictatorial and arrogant Turkey´s EU accession. And this is also Crypto-Jewish Sultan 
Erdogan´s highest desire: The acceleration of the islamisation of Europe as part of his New-Osman empire. In return, Turkey will take migrants to Greece – but they will only be returned under under certain circumstances

The EU is building the Tower of Babel that God prevented: The one-world state of the Illuminati.

New_migrant_routes_After_the_closure_of_the_Macedonia_border_mig-a-3_1457555976343The Gotham deal with Turkey to take one Syrian refugee for each returned Syrian refugee will not reduce the number of Syrian refugees – but cost fare expenditures each way. There will be an equivalent number of migrants as via the Balkan route – only by other routes to Europe – the South Route Libya-Sicily already being overcrowded again. And for each returned migrant there will be a large nymber of Turks moving freely  into Europe with their horrible view on us “infidel animals”.

And it will continue as long as NATO´s illegal war in Syria goes on. This is not being discussed! 


Happy Superlodge-Masons building their satanic NWO with speedy Islamisation of  Europe.

Erdogan is a strong support for Obama´s Muslim Brotherhood, whose detailed plan for the  Islamisation of Europe has long been known by the EU – but remained unchallenged. One must shiver, when one sees how far advanced this plan is. . The Muslim Brotherhood is Masonic and Illuminati/London City-affiliated. 

The Daily Mail 18 March 2016: Any migrant arriving in Greece after March 20 will be given a swift individual interview to determine whether they will be allowed to remain or sent back to Turkey under the scheme (Many will not be returned).

The deal is also understood to promise visa liberalisation for Turkey’s 75 million inhabitants, who could be granted visa-free access to the EU’s Schengen borderless zone from this zone.
The EU and Turkey also agreed to open a new ‘chapter’ in Turkey’s long-stalled bid for membership of the EU – Chapter 33, on budgets – by July. It said preparations for other chapters would continue ‘at an accelerated pace’.
“This will mean increased numbers of people coming to Europe,’ said Mr Farage ‘And fast-tracking an unstable Turkey into EU membership is madness.”

A spokesman for European Council president Donald Tusk said that the agreement made clear that any removals would have to be ‘in full compliance with international and EU law’ and that there would be no ‘collective expulsions’  (that is: minimal expulsions).

All migrants arriving after March 20 will be returned after individual assessment.’

This means acceleration of muslim colonisation of Europe at our cost

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