“Putin´s Brain”, Alexander Dugin Diagnosing Europe´s Disease – Disregarding His Own Identical Source of Contagion

It is obvious that communism and liberalism (freedom from all tradition with no ideals) are rooted in Adam Weishaupt´s/Mayer Amschel Rothschild´s 6 Illuminati commandments to kill nation state, Christianity, family and all morals.
Ayn Rand put fascism/Nazism and Communism into the same pot and called “Statism“.

Today, the same monster in the guise of liberalism is dominating the Western world – and nationalism is Russia´s shortlived lifeline.   This is the basis of the NWO Hegelian dialectics to steer the world into disaster.

In the following, Putin´s mentor Alexander Dugin is playing to the antithesis tune of these dialectics so well known from “scientific (atheistic) Marxism” in the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, he is widely right in his criticism of liberalism – however, this does by no means make his nationalism – which has failed so terribly in the course of history – any better. Adam Weishaupt and Hegel counted on mankind falling into this thesis-antithesis trap time and again.

Alxander Dugin is the fascist mastermind behind Putin´s Eurasia Illusion: A new world Order consisting of Europe and Asia from Lisbon to Asian Vladivostock. He is said to be Putin´s Brain and Putin´s Rasputin.

Dugin thinks Europe has to be conquered. In the Duma, some think Alaska and California sold by Russian Tsar Alexander 2 sold to the US in 1867 should also be taken back!

In his Article “What Is Wrong with Europe”,  Alexander Dugin, South Front 16 March 2016  writes: Liberal ideology is the source of  the problem
Ideologically the problem is liberalism as the unique and only ideology imposed on Europe and the rest of humanity by the Anglo-Saxon world. Liberalism affirms only individual identity and prohibits any kind of collective identity. So liberalism  refuses religion, nation and gender belonging step by step in order to set the individual completely free from any kind of holism.

1. Gender is the core political problem because the liberals insists on gender being individual choice (previously, the struggle was around religion or nation as individual choice).

Leuropa-bulleft: The fusion of  Europe with Asia. In the shape of a bull,   Greek god Zeus abducts the Phoenician princess Europa. 

2. The other crucial point is immigration. Liberalism refuses to acknowledge religious or cultural identities as well as gender: so an immigrant is not considered as the bearer of different identity but one numerical atomic individual more. So liberalism destroys any collective identity. Logically liberalism destroys European identity (with so called tolerance and human rights theories). Together with intensive destruction of sexual identity it accelerates the end of society as such. The end of Europe is granted by the very fact of acceptance of liberalism as mainstream ideology.

3. The last step in developing liberalism will be negate human identity as a collective one. So welcome to trans-humanism  and here. That is liberal agenda for tomorrow.

The brave new world order of transhumanism was corroborated at a congress in Moscow in 2011:  “The Russia 2045 Movement” is the most satanic endeavour the world has seen: by 2045, it will transform man to a complete immortal robot Cyborg with artificial intelligence – to be a byte in a world computer managed by the central server-computer of the Pharisaic/Zionist heirs of the Wise Elders of the Protocols of Zion – the development being led by Jewish Ray Kurzweil.

Liberalism is a nihilist ideology. It insists on the liberty from any kind of collective identity but never suggests anything positive.  It can only negate. It is not the ideology of positive freedom, It is the ideology of negative liberty. 

Liberalism has turned totalitarian. You do not  have the liberty not to be liberal. You must be liberal.  If you are judged illiberal by liberals you are finished – labelled as extremist, terrorist and so on. Liberals can only tolerate tolerant people. If you are not tolerant (in liberal sense) you are untolerable.

intolerant-world-of-campus-liberalismWriting about her school’s new sexual harassment policy for The Chronicle of Higher Education, a University professor wrote: “The new codes sweeping American campuses aren’t just a striking abridgment of everyone’s freedom. Sexual paranoia reigns; students are trauma cases waiting to happen. If you wanted to produce a pacified, cowering citizenry, this would be the method. And in that sense, we’re all the victims.”

We need to combat liberalism, refusing and deconstructing it totally. At the same time, we need to do so  in the name of the organic unity of People, social justice and real democracy. Liberals interpret democracy as the rule of minorities. We need to restore the original meaning of the term: democracy is the rule of the majority, of the majority sharing common identity – that is the rule of the People as the historic and cultural unity.

Financial capitalism
Such economy is based on the financial speculations (of G.Soros type) and cherishes the illusion of the infinite growth.

The growth of the financial markets doesn’t correspond to the growth of the real sector. Giving all attention to financial institutions promoting the outsourcing of the real sector to the Third World countries in the course of the globalization is the way to the abyss. EU is based on the full acceptance of the financial capitalism logistic. Only Germany now struggles to keep the economy in touch with the industrial realities, refusing to embark on the train into nowhere.

Atlanticism is wrong
Geopolitically, Europe is an atlanticist entity today.
The geopolitics imagined by the Englishman Sir H. Mackinder declares that there are two types of civilization – the civilization of Sea (Seapower) and the civilization of Land (Landpower). Seapower is purely merchant, modernist and materialist. The Landpower is traditionalistic, spiritual and heroic.  Modern European society is fully integrated in the civilization of Sea. That is manifested in the North-American strategic hegemony and in the NATO.

liberal_brain1So there is a need to  restore the Landpower strategy based on real European sovereignty.

The global liberal elite plans ethnic war not only in Ukraine or Russia but in Germany, France, Eastern Europe and elsewhere. The liberal Empire tries to save its  hegemony from falling apart by dividing us.

We need to resist in order to construct a better Europe, the really European Europe. And in such a situation, Russia is the friend, and the USA is the enemy. We have to work on a Russian-European alliance, not because Europeans love Russia or Russians love Europeans. The reason is different; we need to be together in order to save each other,  facing the danger that is a menace to all of us.

What Fascist Dugin writes on Liberalism comes near to an essential truth.
However, when talking about democracy of the majority and common identity, we have heard and seen it before. e.g. in the Soviet Union where the “common identity” and “democracy” were nothing but lies – and will be again in his/Putin´s Eurasia.

He “forgets”  something:
Whether Europe serves the US or Dugin/Putin´s Eurasia, it will in reality be serving the masters of the London City, the “British Empire”  – the Luciferian, /Illuminati  Pharisaic/Zionist NWO – an ancient Pharisaic idea and   their God   and here and here and here is Lucifer. Jewish Putin is no exception, being a Freemason – even appointed the King of Jews

Europe´s disease cannot be cured without a radical cure against this deadly Rothschild/Jesuit bacterium – which has also greatly infected Dugin,  his pupil, Putin, and the Russian Central Bank,  with controls Russia´s money supply being totally governed by this force.

The only tenable NWO is that by the rules of Jesus Christ under his surveillance – but few will accept that new world order – wanting satanic NWO chaos instead. And imperialistic Dugin is no exception.

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