Mendacious, Hysterical Scaremongering: “Shocking”, “We are in Climate Emergency” by those who Warm the Climate with Cheemtrails

I have often written about the global warming scam, e.g. on 9 Nov. 2015 – the only cause of possible manmade global warming being the chemtrails:

“If SRM (Chemtrailing) were terminated for any reason, there is high confidence
that global surface temperatures would rise very rapidly to values consistent with the
greenhouse gas forcing. CDR and SRM methods carry side effects and long-term
consequences on a global scale” (AR5 of the IPCC SPM 21


I have often written about the global warming scam, e.g. on 9 Nov. 2015 – the only cause of possible manmade global warming being the chemtrails:

Effect of cirrhus clouds (chemtrails): 1. High altitude ice crystal clouds (chemtrails) reflect less energy, but trap more heat emitted from the surface of the earth. High, thin hazy clouds that are created by aircraft (chemtrails) are warming the planet!
The Paris climate summit in Dec. 2015 was not a serious attempt to mobilize the money to combat the Don Quixote war against  fabricated man made global warming. It was a manifestation of the real purpose of the “man made climate change”: The corroboration of the one-world Masonic/Illuminati government proclaimed by then EU Council President, van Rompuy in 2009

Neverthelesss, the globalist outlet, The Independent 14 March 2016 brings hysterical apocalyptic scaremongering : “The global temperature in February shockingly smashed  monthly records to become the warmest month in more than a century of recordkeeping. “We are in a kind of climate emergency now,” Stefan Rahmstorf, from Germany’s Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research, told the Sydney Morning Herald.” Rahmstorf is a climate warming puppet.

According to Nasa data, global surface temperatures across land and ocean in February were 1.35°C warmer than the average temperature for that month, measured from the 1951-1980 baseline.

El Nino is considered to have contributed to the current record run of global temperatures. The weather event increases the area of warm surface water across the Pacific, allowing global oceans to transfer heart more readily into the atmosphere.
However, compared with the El Nino record of 1997-98, global temperatures are around 0.5 degrees hotter.

Comment: Dear me. We are frying – although in Denmark, we have had it just as cold as usual.  But these NWO-paid meteorologists simply cannot stop lying: It was only the 6. warmest year acc. to NASA.

But let´s have another look at what facts the leading scientific climate institutions have

Here are from NASA´s highly renowned Dr. Roy Spencer the global temperatures over the past 2.000 years. Note that after the Medieval warming period, a little ice agede followed until about 1850.


The following is From Prof. Ole Humlum´s Climate4You.


Global-temp.1-march-2016 VostokTemp0-420000 BP

Global-warming -march-2016MSU RSS GlobalMonthlyTempSince1979 With37monthRunningAverage With201505Reference

The following graph from HadCRUT (Climategate scandal and here – science working for corporate world revolution interests) has dropped the el Nino peak in 1998.

global-warming HadCrut


The following shows the fraud of linking global warming to CO2. Dr. Mann´s hockeystick fraud was exposed in 2009 – and as seen below, there is no proportionality between the rise in atmospheric CO2 and global temperature – on the contrary.

Global-warmimg-CO2- MSU UAH GlobalMonthlyTempSince1979 AndCO2

The next Graph shows that 450 Mio years ago atmospheric CO2 was 10 times higher than today – and it was ice age. Furthermore, that in the history of the Earth there is no correlation between CO2 and global temperature. 


But the sea level is increasing terribly! We in the lowlands are drowning!


But how can that be, since they tell us that the Arctic ice is melting disastrously, Greenland´s inland ice has nearly melted away and the poor polar bears are dying?
Violet is ice – white is snow (Cryosphere Today).


As Siddon & d´Aleo write:
   Human CO2-emissions are far lower than the
actual rise of carbon in the air.
The Following graph shows the accumulated atmospheric CO2 over the past 200 years (red) and the calculated emission from all human activities:


Don´t believe the political global warming scaremongering.
The 0.8 degree C increase since the end of the little ice age 170 years ago is far from the middle age warming and other warm periods long before man and industrialisation existed. And there is no causative correlation between CO2 and global warming.

This small warming has nothing to do with CO2. Nevertheless, the banksters behind it are robbing us by means of their henchmen, “our” politicians.

Scientists bend more and more to the explanation that the activity of the sun is the cause of global warming/cooling periods – as stated by my fellow-countryman Henrik Svensmark.

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