The Balkan Route of Migrants now Closed with EU Accept – Disregarding Merkel

DWN 9 März 2016The Balkan route for refugees has actually been closed. Since Wednesday, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia let no one pass without valid passport and visa. More than 35 000 people are stuck in Greece – (and the number is constantly increasing).
Hungary proclaimed nationwide state of emergency, the police and military at the border are to be reinforced.
Also Bulgarian Interior Minister Rumyana Batschwarowa explained: “We have recognized this risk and take any precaution against it.” The chain reaction was started by Slovenia.

EU summit Minister Donald Tusk welcomed the development. “This is not a question of unilateral measures, but a joint decision of the 28 EU member states”, he said on Twitter. Tusk was referring to the final declaration of the EU summit on Monday, which states: “The irregular migratory flows along the West Balkan route has come to an end”. This opinion is also a minor affront to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, because she demanded  the closure of the Balkan route to be specifically deleted from the summit document.
Tusk was taken by surprise by Merkel at the summit because she had suddenly submitted a new proposal together with  Turkey and the Dutch  instead of the document Tusk had prepared with the 28 diplomats.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is under fire from her own party ranks because of possible concessions by the EU to Turkey . “I see  visa facilitation and accelerated negotiations on EU accession critically”, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) told the “Augsburger Allgemeine”



Also in the European Parliament, the the envisaged agreement was partly met with criticism. MEPs argued across the groups for not linking the management of the refugee crisis with the talks on Turkish  EU membership.

Veterans Today 9 March 2016Guy Verhofstadt, the ALDE party leader, said in a speech to the members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in Strasbourg that the move “is extremely problematic.”

“It’s a deal with Turkey, where we outsource our problems; a business where, in fact, we give the entry key, the keys to the gates of Europe into the hands of Turkey, the successor of the Ottoman Empire, to Erdogan, I should perhaps say Sultan Erdogan.”
Critics have accused Turkey of  blackmailing Europe to let them join the EU.

Finally, the EU leaders are getting scared by public feeling  in Europe – and finally shove Queen Merkel aside:
I think that the Eye Opener in Cologne on New Years Eve and the statement by the four major German security agencies that they cannot cope with the massive security problems due to the Muslim mass immigration is the cause.

Perhaps the film coverage by undercover agents of the Danish TV2 showing what Islam really is – especially for women – in 8 “Danish” mosques has really scared a lot of hard-boiled welcoming Marxist feminists with catastrophic impact on the MSM.






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