Finally a Reason: Soros-Agent, Super-Mason Angela Merkel Dismantling Germany and EU to Save Her Superlodge-Brother Putin from Rusian Collapse due to Sanctions

The EU-Turkey summit on 7 March ended without a final result – although Merkel and the EU leaders call this farce as a success. In fact, it was: Super-Mason Merkel has the task to dismantle the EU in agreement with the wishes of Rothschild agent, George Sorosand the result is more and more clearly seen and closer with each Merkel performance  – including and especially yesterday.

FMerkel-destroying-europeirst let us take a look at what George Soros wrote in his Project Syndicate on 10 Febr. 2016: “Merkel offered to airlift 200,000-300,000 Syrian refugees annually directly to Europe on the condition that Turkey prevent them from going to Greece and will accept them back if they do so.

The most effective way that Putin’s regime can avoid collapse is by causing the EU to collapse sooner than Russia. An EU that is coming apart at the seams will not be able to maintain the sanctions it imposed on Russia following its incursion into Ukraine.
The EU is set to disintegrate. Today it is confronted by five or six crises at the same time (made by Rothschild & Co.), which may prove to be too much. As Merkel correctly foresaw, the migration crisis has the potential to destroy the EU.
The threat emanating from Putin’s Russia will be difficult to counter”.
Right: Putin gives his lodge sister, Merkel, Masonic handshake – which obligates to even end  the EU to save Brother Putin. Merkel was Russian/Communist-educated.

Comment: Thus, already in Febr., Merkel was ready to fly Syrians from Turkey into EU – without stopping the main flow. And she foresaw the potential of the EU´s destruction through the mass immigration – and did nothing. Why? She must have same goal as Soros – the destruction of the EU. Soros demanded the EU to take at least 1 mio. refugees annually like in 2015  – thanks to Merkel – and wants other refugees to be nourished by the EU – as is part of Merkel´s-Erdogan´s plan (below). It is possible that Merkel – unable to stop sanctions against her superlodge Brother (Golden Eurasia) Putin wants to help him by letting the EU collapse.  As for Soros´motive: see Comments  

Erdogan--blackmailerNegotiations between the EU and Turkey are continuing. Turkey has now demanded another 5 chapters to be opened in the EU accession negotiations – and at the same time Erdogan  forcedly confiscated another news agency and thus prohibits the freedom of speech in Turkey! (Danish Primeminister, Loekke Rasmussen, has just explained that this Turkey has no prospects of EU membership. So here is Merkel-opposition).

Thus, Merkel apparently wants to see the EU fall apart: National borders will remain closed, but the Turks will substitute illegal Muslims for legal Muslim immigrants having obtained visa-freedom, thus speeding the Sharia. Syrians (all entitled to asylum) will be flown to Europe on first class   – and there are 2.5 mio. of them in Turkey.
In a report, the EU regulatory agency, Euro Just, comes to the conclusion that a deal between Turkey and the EU will not work in practice. The Turkish government has neither the political will nor the infrastructure to implement the deal.

erdogan-poster Angela Merkel snubbed all states, dismantled the EU  and then spoke of a breakthrough. Asylum and press freedom are to be sacrificed. The war in Syria was not even mentioned as a central escape cause. The war and police state Erdogan style becomes the model,  to which the EU has to adjust itself.
EU leaders  suspect the Chancellor had helped write the surprising new proposals from Turkey.  It is unclear whether the plan can be implemented.
Turkey seems determined to dictate the rules of the EU. (UNOs UNHCR protests)
Hungary has vetoed the distribution of refugees. Italy Calls for freedom of the press to be mentioned in the final document. The Danes do not expect an agreement, however, the EU Commission speaks of having nearly achieved the goal. (Upcoming referenda in the Netherlands and Hungary will refuse refugees).

The above makes the unexplainable clear: Merkel’s motive to destroy the EU and Germany, is to save her superlodge – brother, Putin –  in agreement with Rothschild agent, Soros.
Enmity between Rothschild and Putin is just Hegelian theatre. At least, Putin has to finish his antithesis role.

Lately Soros wants German “Marshall aid”, not only to needy EU countries, but also for Russia.
In my post on  January 7th, 2016, I wrote about the   Soros´s hatred of Germany, which he cherishes because Germany´s Central bank and Constitutional Court  block the EU fiscal union, which would have enabled Rothschild to rob all Germany’s debtor countries alongside with Germany itself until their last Euro. Now Soros / Rothschild want  to disssolve the thus flawed EU at all costs: Wirtschaftswoche 4 Jan. 2016, George Soros:  “soros-merkel-junckerYou see, I just appreciate Merkel’s fierce determination on open borders”.
Europe? Exists no more”. George Soros  expects that the EU will collapse due to the migration crisis.

Soros is working closely with the Muslim Brotherhood, who has a plan for the Islamization of Europe. Czech President, Milos Zeman, Sputnik 4 Jan. 2016: “I think that this invasion [in Europe] is organized by the Muslim Brotherhood with funding from a number of countries”.
Soros is the paymaster for migrants´ voyages  across the Mediterranean.

With his International Migration Initiative Soros has bribed European politicians, judges, etc. to accommodate the Muslims of the world – and to plan their trip from the beginning to the end,

Through her belonging  to 3 superlodges, Merkel is a Rothschild puppet first degree – and therefore also subject to Rothschild agent George Soros. Anyway, her efficient dismantling of the EU is in line with  Soros´ desire.
Moreover,  Soros wants a common EU plan for refugees – also outside the EU, near the countries of origin of the refugees.

The EU dismantling is at hand – thanks to puppet Angela Merkel.

However, I find it hard to understand that Rothschild is willing to renounce his asylum industry and here with 1.2 million employees and an annual turnover in Europe of EUR 140 billion.
Have Rothschild / Soros lost their power over European politicians who probably gradually fear  their voters more than the Rothschild / Jesuit Freemasonry? Or does Soros plan  to revive the route Libya – Sicily?

Now. undoubtedly, the agreement with Turkey will be highly ineffective. In anticipation of that, Merkel does not want to close the Balkan route.

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