Who is Donald Trump?

Today, the Republicans  need a stable and conservative president – in terms of the erosion of American identity.
Bankers, on the contrary, requires that the head of the White House embodies a new supranational identity. This is how the African-American Obama is and this is how Hillary Clinton will probably be. (Veterans Today 6 march 2016)


Against the will of the Republican Party, US Presidential Hopeful Donald Trump,  real estate agent and billionaire, is the GOP candidate with the best chances of becoming the next US president: People are fed up with the present system and wants real the “change” Obama promised them but did not deliver.

Trump speaks freely and says what people want to hear, is impulsive,  and does not seem to be the man of the system. Or is he?

Let´s hear what US analysts have to say about this phenomenon.

President Richard Haas of Rothschild´s  would-be one-world government of Jesuits , The Council on Foreign Relations, has contacted Trump and no doubt told him that he can only become president if he plays by the rules of the CFR

Nevertheless, CFR insider and Bohemian Grove member Newt Gingrich,  former Speaker of the House told  that the establishment is scared of Donald Trump because he “didn’t belong to a secret society” and wasn’t involved in any of the rituals associated with such groups. Therefore, the establishment wing of the GOP is in a panic about Trump. These rituals are so satanic that an adept is always in the claws of his master. A very bad vice/ritual crime is a precondition for recognition by the real Masonic/Illuminati leaders of the world who can always publish it in case of disobedience. 


But Trump is deeply involved with the Illuminati, the CIA and the Israeli Mossad
The American Free  Press 28. September: In his own memoirs, The Art of the Deal, Trump proudly described how in 1987 he bought his first casino interests when he purchased 93% of the voting stock in the Resorts International gambling concern.

Resorts International was established and controlled by front men for the Rockefeller and Rothschild families and their “enforcers” in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its allied intelligence agency, Israel’s Mossad.

What made the report by Andrew St. George (1978)  so explosive was that this paper pointed out that the illegally rigged casinos were being operated with the collusion of “respectable” politicians, law enforcement officials, Wall Street financiers who floated loans to finance the gambling resorts
St. George pointed out that many of these casino resorts run by the mob through a variety of front men have actually been engaged in a de facto partnership with behind-the-scenes mobsters who have assisted the CIA and the Mossad in massive laundering of drug and gambling profits that have been channeled into covert operations of the two allied intelligence agencies. In return, the CIA and the Mossad protect them.

What person is Donald Trump?
Gordon Duff, Veterans Today  3 March 2016:  Trump is a Vietnam War draft dodger. He has very strong and lifelong ties to organized crime. He has made his personal fortunes through chiseling and inheritance.

I do so enjoy listening to Trump. These things I can tell, he has a low order intelligence, is deeply flawed and essentially a caricature of himself, a cartoon of a cartoon.

Whatever my own opinion of Trump, he is head and shoulders above the GOP crowd and has introduced a new level of clarity of speech to American politics. The only problem I have is that much of what he says is poorly considered. I don’t think he really means the crazy things he says and is much less a “danger” than he sounds.

I also don’t see him as having any administrative ability or personal energy, which still puts him ahead of the pack.

The real risk with Trump is that the mob can’t buy him and he doesn’t share the dreams of the rest of the GOP, buttered up little boys and dancing at the side of Tony Scalia, a gleeful exaltation to the angel of light.

The Washington Post 4 March 2016:  “[Trump] brags that he ‘would not care much’ whether Ukraine was admitted to NATO; he has no interest in NATO and its security guarantees. Of Europe, he has written that ‘their conflicts are not worth American lives. Pulling back from Europe would save this country millions of dollars annually’. In any case, he prefers the company of dictators to that of other democrats. ‘You can make deals with those people,’ he has said of Russia. ‘I would have a great relationship with [Vladimir] Putin.'”


To me, Trump seems to be manic-depressive – mostly manic, impulsive.

What would happen in a situation when this unstable man faced a major confrontation with Russia or China? He has the finger on the nuclear trigger. Can he be confided with that responsibility?

The alternative is Hillary Clinton, who sacrificed the lives of the US ambassador and his 3 security guards to  an Al-Qaeda fraction, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, to camouflage the embassy´s illegal weapon trading with Al-Qaeda and other Syrian rebel groups to oust Pres. Assad.

Hillary Clinton admits to be an NWO-CFR puppet

Hillary is the prototype of the rich corrupt harlot in Revelation 17.
Poor USA and world facing such a president

Hillary Clinton is likely to be indicted for unsafe keeping of state secret e-mails in her private computer. These e-mails tell another story of her omitting to send help  to the Benghazi embassy under attack, in spite of the ambassador´s ardent request for help from the neighbouring US troops. 

Trump is not independent of the Illuminati, the basis of his illegal Casino money laundering.






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  1. Massimo says:

    Trump is a puppet in the hands of people a lot richer and powerfull than him, a showman that is good for TV and newpaper headlines, a funny and smart person that I would compare to Italian Silvio Berlusconi former PM.
    Yes, he’s controlled opposition just like Saunders but after all the lesser of the evils compared to Hillary Clinton who is 100% mind controlled (just look at her eyes, totally lost in the space, a clear sign that she was programmed and mentally abused).

    Hillary will drop the bomb if asked by her Masters, she sold her soul to the Devil and I consider her the real danger for American people in upcoming years and the biggest of the threats to World peace.

    Lets add that US elections are fixed, they’ve already chosen her as the next president, just look at the 2016 Economist (Rothshild & co) cover, the Trump debate makes no sense: alea iacta est

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