Gotham NWO Agreement? Turkey´s Speedy EU Accession and 6bn Euros. Turkey takes Greece´s Syrian and Additional Migrants, Returning to the EU one Syrian for one returned Syrian!

European Union leaders will not be able to agree on Monday to an ambitious plan put forward by Turkey to stop migrants flooding into Europe but will welcome the proposals and keep working on them in coming days, an EU official said.
“Several countries really like the idea but cannot accept a deal tonight because of the very short preparation time (Reuters 7 March 2016).


This is what it is all about
DWN 7 März 2016: Apparently, Turkey has achieved her surprising demands on the EU: According to a draft agreement, the EU is  prepared  to pay  Turkey six billion euros until the end of 2018  to provide for Syrian refugees, twice as much as previously promised, Reuters reports. In addition, the EU is open to accepting Syrian refugees directly from Turkey (Safe transport first class!)..


NWO happiness: The planned mass immigration to Europe is now also being used as a lever to accelerate Turkey´s accession to the EU. The master plan works.

The document contains the proposal that Turkey should withdraw all illegal entrants from the Greek islands, including from Syria. The EU should take a Syrian directly from Turkey in return for each Syrian deported from the islands to Turkey!!

In addition, the EU should relax the visa requirements for Turks in the Schengen area by the end of June and ahead of schedule.

euromediterranean processReuters 7 March 2016: Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davotoglu: “Turkey is ready to be a member of the EU as well. Today I hope this summit will not just focus on irregular migration but also the Turkish accession process to the EU.”

EU Press Release 4 March 2016:  At the EU-Turkey Summit of 29 November 2015, Turkey committed to accelerating the fulfilment of the Visa Liberalisation Roadmap, including by anticipating the application of all the provisions of the EU-Turkey Readmission agreement, with the objective of completing the visa liberalisation process by October 2016.
Today’s report welcomes the new level of engagement and determination demonstrated by the Turkish authorities.

Turkey houses 2.5 million refugees from Syria.

Turkey-trojan-horseOnce again the EU is cheating us: First its NATO countries start illegal wars to chase Muslims by the millions into the EU – as though the poverty refugees already swapping over us were not enough. Then “our” treacherous politicians use their planned surge of Muslims as an excuse to accelerate their hottest desire on their way to the NWO one-world state: Turkey´s speedy EU-accession – the nightmare of Europeans: 80 mio. mainly Asian Muslim Turks being allowed to freely overflow Europe, speed the Sharia and destroy our social system in no time.

At the same time, the EU Masons have stopped talking about the EU´s precious “Fundamental Rights” – with which Turkey or any other Muslim country can only fit by giving up the murderous and women-hating Koran and Hadiths. And that will never happen  – because they are to replace EU´s “Fundamental Rights”.


“We will make it”

The above agreement is ridiculous: Turkey is the heartblood of ISIS, the postulated goal of NATO´s warfare in Syria. ISIS chases Syrian refugees to Turkey. Turkey blackmails the willing NWO partner, the EU, to pay for Turkey´s ISIS crimes – and to send one Syrian back to Turkey – to receive another Syrian refugee instead.
This agreement just means the EU is now again promising to distribute the Syrians in Greece – although it still has not been able to distribute 160.000 migrants from last year.

This is not only stupidity. It is deception of brainwashed Europeans.

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