Merkel´s Strategy. President of German Governmental Security Service: Immigration Leads to Radicalisation of Immigrants, Citizens and “Far Right-extremists”

ADDENDUM:  DWN 1 März 2016: The Council of Europe sees a strong increase in racism in France:
Xenophobia and Antisemitism have considerably increased as has crime. (For the people has been deprived of its options to be heard).


DMaaßen-Verfassungsschutz-600x457WN 29 febr. 2016:   In a major speech, the president of  the German  governmental  security service, Hans-Georg Maassen, has described  the explosive situation in Germany: The uncontrolled immigration constitutes a considerable safety risk because the authorities no longer know who is in the country. The new situation has led to a rise of right-wing extremism. The speech soberly outlined  that Germany is on the threshold of an unprecedented radicalization:

“As the President of the Federal Police tells me these days, currently around 70% of migrants coming to us do not have a valid passport, so we do not know whether the identities that are communicated to our authorities are the real clearing-identities.
Every day we receive between two and four warnings about possible planned attacks in Germany.

Islamist organizations in Germany come under the guise of humanitarian aid and support services, increasingly approaching migrants. Specifically Salafists will also contribute to the aid for refugees. There are currently around 300 references of direct contact of Islamists wirh asylum seekers. These occur mainly at or in the vicinity of refugee centers.

Some Islamists distribute money and in-kind donations, such as clothes to Muslim women, on the grounds that they do not want these women to accept clothes from German and become dressed like Germans.
We also note  distribution of Koran copies.
(Unaccompanied) children need us Muslims as supervisors, otherwise they will end up with non-Muslims.”
Already through regular visits to Salafist mosques  refugees are advised under the influence of Salafists.

The risk of self-radicalization of migrants is  not being focused on, but it must not be underestimated, in my opinion
Remember that too many migrants came to Germany with false and exaggerated ideas, that in their home countries part of them belonged to the middle- or maybe even top layers and that this status and recognition they had at home, cannot in the same way  be granted to them here.

Also, right-wing extremist motivated attacks can cause frustration and  doubts about one’s own identity in the host society .

“Right-wing Extremism”
Migration  currently makes up the agitation gravity centre in the German right, ranging from the fields of legalistic right-wing, up to the neo-Nazi scene and camaraderie.
In addition,  through leaflet distribution, right-wing extremist  information  and poster campaigns,   fears of the asylum flood are being nurtured.
However, the agitation targets not (only)  the migrants, but also  politicians, refugee helpers, as well as journalists and other publicists reporting on  anti-asylum-protests.

The main agitation tool is the Internet, particularly the social networks. Here hate comments and threats are presented en masse. The propaganda is, however, also being taken to the streets.
The number of right-wing demonstrations more than doubled in 2015, as  compared to 2014; the total number of participants has more than tripled; the average number of participants increased by more than 50 percent. Approximately 75 percent of right-wing demonstrations targeted the asylum subject. The initiators were mostly right-wing parties.
The range of politically-motivated crime right in 2015 are 906 offenses, including 151 violent offenses. Thus the numbers compared to 2014 increased more than fivefold.

A serious problem is the radicalization of bourgeois milieu or of angry citizens. We must realize that the asylum issue polarizes. We see people who were perhaps politically indifferent until recently or voted for parties like the CDU, SPD or Die Linke (“Left”) , as protesters outside asylum centers.  In part of these people, we find radicalization.
It is a phenomenon that is inadequately  described by the term right-wing extremism or xenophobia.

The move away from our constitutional state of people who previously belonged to it, were its foundation rather than fighting it,  must cost us at least just as much  concern  as the significant increase in right-wing extremism.
Furthermore, the distinction between bourgeois and right-wing anti-asylum Protest is being increasingly eroded, especially in eastern Germany. Extremist ideas can thus get into the majority of society and that must be of concern to all of us.

Ladies and gentlemen,at the Pe-Gida events,  the growing loss of confidence of the population in state institutions and foundations of the political system as a result of the refugee crisis become particularly visible.

This loss of confidence also affects the neutrality of the established media: keyword (in quotation marks) “lying press“. Opinion polls show about 60% of people have little or no confidence in the media, according to a survey by Infratest Dimap. A loss of confidence that the media has partially contributed to, in my view,  and which through  the coverage of the New Year’s Eve in Cologne is perceived by many people as   confirmed. This leads to the use of alternative media services by members of the bourgeois political spectrum: the websites with Islamophobic and populist contents. Right-wing populists already have a considerable media network.

The legitimate concerns in much of the population  must, therefore, be taken very seriously.
Imagine the consequences of an Islamist attack in Germany. Right-wing extremists could exploit this as the final authorization for violent acts and actions. Also imagine that it comes to casualties with right-wing extremist attacks on asylum accommodations. This may also lead to radicalization and further polarization of society.

These risks are not just of a theoretical nature”.

The German governmental security service has seen the imminent danger of mass immigration and warns of very severe consequences. Nevertheless, super-lodge Merkel demands it to go unhindered on. That was previously called crime. Today it´s called good!
Mr. Maasen “forgets” the Soviet-style attacks on peaceful Pegida-demonstraters by hooligans hired and paid by the governmental Social Democratic Party!
Such a government has deeply betrayed its people.

You may say this video is digusting – but what choice does a people have which is left alone by “its” NWO-government and will not be pushed into the dark ages of the Sharia? The Finns are not willing!

When a people is denied the right of protesting on social media – like they have been the right of doing so in the mass media; when they do not have real alternatives to the corrupt, Masonic political establishment in elections; when they are being scolded and punished for speaking the truth about the Muslim mass immigration which is destroying their millennia-old heritage; when all they were brought up to see as right and good is being trampled upon by “their politicians; when the experience that their very safety in their own country is gone and the perpetrators go free; when the police dissolve their demonstrations – well, then a people has no other alternative than civil disobedience  and even guerilla warfare.

Unfortunately, that is even part of the satanist Masonic/Illuminati plan: Total Chaos, the total break-down of the existing world order in favour of the Soviet-style world Communist Agenda 21. Fortunatly sensible European leaders are now ignoring the spider in this immigration web: Angela Merkel.

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