Thank You, Angela Merkel. You Ended EU: Nation States Have had Enough, Rebelling, Closing Borders

ADDENDUM: Sputnik 26 Febr. 2016EU politicians and European heads of state are desperately looking for ways to save the European project, but a series of powerful anti-EU shocks, and growing public distrust makes a Soviet-style collapse seem almost inevitable, French economist Charles Gave suggests.


The EU´s nation states have had enough of Schengen, the EU Commission´s and Merkel´s dictatorshhip. The are rebelling – disregarding the Commission and Merkel, closing their borders – leaving Greece holding the can.  Thus the EU came to an end. May it never resurrect!

The UK
DWN 21 Febr. 2016
The British Minister of Labour Iain Duncan Smith sees the EU on the verge of collapse because of the uncontrolled immigration. The open borders constitute an incalculable security risk.
Great Britain is probably going to leave  the EU after the referendum on 23 June

migrantsGreece on Thursday said it would not be left by the rest of the EU to become the “Lebanon of Europe” by hosting millions of migrants and refugees.
“A very large number (of participants) here will discuss how to address a humanitarian crisis in Greece that they themselves are  creating.”  Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has said he will block EU decisions at the next summit – including the Brexit deal –  if Greece is left alone to deal with the migration crisis.
Every day  about 2000 new migrants arrive in Greece from Turkey. On the Macedonian border, rejected migrants are drifting around in towns, on the highways, and along the border.

“Since no EU counsellors have given Merkel a mandate to discuss the issue of refugees with Erdogan and Merkel’s claims to represent the EU were made without a collective decision they’re illegitimate,  French political analyst Didier Billion explained.
The German Chancellor has already provoked widespread public anger after calling on all EU member states to participate in a mandatory relocation scheme.

Austria / Balkans
Many countries in Europe have begun to plan for a refugee policy without German participation.
German Federal Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU): “The number of refugees must fall dramatically, otherwise we cannot make it” .

Erdogan-Merkel-Flüchtlinge-Türkei-EU-e1446587857375I am convinced that we can not sell all our values as at a bazaar at the summit with Turkey.” (German CSU EU politicians Markus Ferber)  DWN 24 Febr. 2016

The EU and the Turkish government will consult on the state of affairs of the refugee crisis on March 7. The EU has promised  Turkey visa facilitation, opening of further chapters of the accession negotiations and three billion euros of help if the government in Ankara restrains the migration flow towards Greece.

Austria and the countries of the Western Balkansconsulted on measures to stop the onward journey of migrants heading north. Greece, Germany and the European Commission were not invited to the meeting.
Austria’s Interior Minister Mikl-Leitner said the domino effect what Intended: “What we want is a chain reaction of reason.” Since Friday, Austria only allows 80 asylum seekers per day at its border and maximally 3200 transit migrants to Germany a day.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
wants to let the citizens of his country have a referendum  on quotas adopted by the EU  for the distribution 160 000 refugees. In Budapest, there was little doubt about a No of Hungarians to accept refugees.

The corporative media are also actors

nathanail-prosfyges-708_0“Foreign reporters pay refugees 20 euros to act as if they have drowned. I saw it with my own eyes” said Bishop of Kos and Nisyros Nathanael.
The bishop said that mass media are tryingdrowned-kurdish-boy to present a fake picture of events, far from reality.

The New American 1. Febr 2016:  Europe, Africa, and the Middle East are all in the cross-hairs of billionaire George Soros, the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations, and other key globalist forces on the road toward what establishment voices regularly refer to as a “New World Order.”

Rothschild banking dynasty protegé and billionaire hedge-fund boss Soros, played an instrumental role in encouraging the myriad wars and the subsequent tsunami of refugees into Europe that was sparked by those wars.

The European Union, Soros said in a recent interview, is “on the verge of collapse” due to the sudden influx of well over a million Islamic refugees last year. Not coincidentally.”

Globalist former Goldman Sachs (Rothschild bank) boss Peter Sutherland, currently “serving” as the UN “special representative of the secretary-general for international migration,” openly declared that national sovereignty is an “absolute illusion” that must be “put behind us” in the interest of the refugee crisis and, more broadly, creating a “better world.”



Cowardice of German politicians keeps Merkel in power
It´s brewing in the Union: Cold disempowering threatens he Chancellor because she rejects the political reality in Germany and in Europe.

Veteran CDU members cannot remember such a rapid process of alienation. However, nobody wants to be  quoted – for fear of reprisals.  With her (lack of) policy, she has made  the AFD large, so it´s said.

The EU cannot be saved, thanks to Angela Merkel.

 soros-merkel2 evil spirits behind the migrant chaos and the EU mass immigration: George Soros and Angela Merkel.
I have previously described how Rothschild-Agent George Soros, the man behind the planning of the mass immigration to Europe and here in collaboration with Angela Merkel and the Muslim Brotherhood, demands the EU has to take 1 million migrants annually and give each of them  an € 15,000 pay a year (add  customary social benefits).

George Soros is now demanding that the EU should use its AAA rates to make enormous debt at the banks of his Lord and Master, Rothschild, and thus become further dependent on of this dynasty, who will  enslave all of us in their Agenda 21 one-world government.
sotchi-phoenix-roubleWe should be grateful to Merkel for her betrayal of Europe: Without it, the creeping mass immigration of Muslim masses would continue unhindered. Now Merkel is causing the imminent collapse of the impossible EU – and hopefully to some extent curb immigration. What then follows is Rothschilds chaos from which he wants his Agenda 21 one-world government to rise from the ashes like Phoenix  if we, the peoples of Europe,  allow him to do so.


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