Rothschilds Think Tank Brookings´ and John Kerry´s Solution: Split Syria into Autonomous Units. Much More Foreign Military

In Syria, the US and Russia with  conditional approval of the Syrian government have agreed on a a truce from Saturday. But it does not apply to the fight against the ISIS and the Al-Nusra (Al Qaeda) – both US children and proxies and a blind for illegal participation of the USA, Great Britain, France, in thisattack on  a sovereign country.
The US has instigated irreversible chaos in Syria.

Apparently, even the US does not believe in this cease-fire. So US Secretary of State  John Kerry states he has a plan B. The Russians do not like to hear that. 

Sputnik 24 Febr. 2016:  Kerry announced steps that would be made toward a backup plan that could include the division of Syria if the ceasefire planned for February 27 did not work.  Moscow is not looking at “Plan B,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

Kerry´s plan B is obviously the Brookings plan
I wrote about on 29 June 2015
 which foresees a division of Syria into small autonomous units. This is the way the NWO scorns the rights of a sovereign state: The US started this war without any legal reason, created chaos by creating and supporting ISIS and its child from the time of the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, Al-Qaeda (Al-Nusra).


Brookings is behind the major part of US legislation.   It is visited by a host of US and foreign politicians – in particular Israeli ones. Here one of the most dangerous visitors,  Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, John McCain. Brookings arrogantly ignores that acc. to NATO, in 2013 Syrian pres. Assad is supported by 70% 0f the Syrians, 20% are neither for nor against him – and 10% against him.

Brookings 22 Febr. 2016:  It is almost certain that there can be no lasting cessation of hostilities (in Syria). Indeed, I would argue that peace negotiations are actually dangerous and counterproductive, because they make us feel that current policy has a realistic chance at success when in fact it does not.

Those who have favored minimizing the U.S. role in Syria need to recognize that their counsel has become part of the problem, too.
ISIS now has affiliates in at least eight countries; the Syrian civil war has killed nearly half a million (??) and displaced more than ten million; U.S. intelligence considers a Paris-like attack here in the United States to be increasingly likely; America’s key Middle East allies like Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq remain besieged.
No U.S.-led invasion with 100,000 troops makes sense, and President Obama is persuasive when he makes that argument.

1. Whatever elements of a moderate opposition that we can find to work with must be militarily strengthened and assisted much more than is the case today. This will probably require 500 or 1,000 American advisors on the ground—rather than 50—in carefully chosen parts of Syria. It will also necessitate an increase in direct military assistance to opposition groups beyond the miserly amounts we have been providing.
We could retaliate against Syrian government planes that attacked civilian populations and moderate militias, at places and times of our choosing, as an added element of such a policy.

2. President Bashar Assad does not wish to step down from power and, with Russia and Hezbollah at his side, sees no reason to do so.

The only logical escape would seem to be a compromise that tolerates having Assad rule over some parts of Syria—largely, the Alawite and Christian parts—while creating autonomous, self-governing and self-policing zones for other major groups.
Of course, ISIS and al-Nusra will need to be defeated. In the interim, Assad´s sector would have to get by with help only from Russia and Iran.

3. Finally, we need a muscular international peace enforcement operation   (50,000 or more at first and perhaps even 100,000 – with 10 to 20 percent of the total likely American forces) will almost surely be needed to uphold any deal that ultimately becomes possible ouside Alawite zones. Such a deal would have to include some fraction of Syria’s big multiethnic cities—Aleppo, Homs, and/or Hama—within a Sunni Arab zone.

This is an open declaration of war on Syria by Brookings´ Mastermind, Rothschild.

Brookings is Rothschild´s instrument to have his plans implemented worldwide through the US government and military.
nat-rothschildNathaniel Rothschild
is a member of the International Advisory Council of the Brookings Institution. And Brookings president, Strobe Talbott, is on the Advisory Board of Rothschild´s and Jesuits Council on Foreign Relations. next to its Pres. R.Haas.

However, the problem is that all “Syrian” and “moderate” anti-Assad rebels cooperate with IS(IS) and Al Qaeda! – are now nearly beaten and not moderate at all,  which is unacceptable for Turkey and US conservatives.

In 2012, the US Defence Intelligence Agency brought the below information. So the Pentagon knows full well, that the Salafists (ISIL) alongside with the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI (Al Qaeda) are the insurgents in Syria. And the US, nevertheless, is  funding and training (in Turkey) and equipping them to build one or more enclaves within Syria. This document must be the background of the  above Brookings document











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