“Thank You for Raping Me, Dear Refugee. I don´t Hope I was Racist”! The Bizarre Twisted World of Migrant-Welcomers

Agenda 21 and here is moving closer, thanks to marxist feminists being led by Angela Merkel, Europe´s evil spirit and super-puppet.

What is going is… incredible!! Can it really be true? Here is the link to the Facebook post (Imgur). Also MM News has the story. Free fiction propaganda?

Infowars 17 Febr. 2016: Selin Gören, member of the “Linksjugend Solid,” a far-left German youth organization, was reportedly sexually assaulted by a refugee on January 27. After an initial false report that she had been assaulted by “foreigners and Germans alike,” she revised her story before taking to Facebook to apologise for any “racism” that might be caused by the revelation that her alleged assailant was a migrant.

Gören wrote

Dear male refugee,
presumably of my age. Perhaps a few years younger. A bit older.
I am so incredibly sorry!
Almost a year ago I saw the hell, which you escaped from.
I wasn’t directly in the center, but I visited the people in the refugee center in southern Kurdistan. I saw old grandmothers, who had to take care of too many orphaned children.
I saw the eyes of those kids, a few didn’t lose their light.
I also saw others, whose gaze was empty and traumatizing.
I was shown arabic writing in a math class of 20 Yazidi children and still remember how a little girl cried, only because a chair fell over.
I saw a bit of the hell, that you escaped from.

I didn’t see, what happened before that and didn’t have to live through your exhausting escape.
I am happy and glad that you made it here. That you left the IS and the war behind you and didn’t drown in the Mediterranean.
But I fear, you aren’t safe here.
Burning refugee homes, physical attacks on refugees and a brown [Referring to brown-shirts] mob that moves through the streets.
I always fought against it.
I wanted an open Europe, a friendly one. One that I can gladly live in and one in which we are both safe in. I am sorry. For us both I am so incredibly sorry.
You, you aren’t safe here, because we live in a racist society.
I, I am not safe here, because we live in a sexist society.
But what truly makes me feel sorry, are the circumstances by which the sexist and boundary crossing acts that were inflicted on me, make it so that you [the refugee] are beset by increasing and more aggressive racism.
I promise you, I will scream. I will not allow it, that this continues happening. I will not stand by idly and watch as racists and concerned citizens call you a problem.
You are not the problem. You are not a problem at all.
You most often are a wonderful human being, who deserves to be free and safe like everyone else.
welcomeThank you that you exist, and glad to have you here.

Infowars 16 Febr 2016:  The northern German city-state of Bremen shut down an Islamic cultural center on Tuesday after 220 police officers raided it and the apartments of 12 of its members on suspicion of associations with Islamist militants.
“This organization has promoted the radicalization of people, and support and following for IS. It really does mean that people who live in our immediate neighborhood are willing to become terrorists overnight,” Bremen´s interior minister said.

Dictatorial immigration censorship
Both German and Swedish police have admitted that they  keep Muslim migrant´s criminal acts secret.

Infowars 16 Febr. 2016: Police in Scotland arrested a man after he made an “offensive” Facebook post about Muslim migrants arriving in his area.

A Danish man was convicted and fined for a Facebook post in which he compared the religion of Islam to Nazism.
Facebook has also teamed up with the German government and an ex-member of the Stasi to track down and punish Germans who make anti-migrant posts on social media.

A protestor holds a poster with a picture of German Chancellor Angela Merkel reading 'Mrs Merkel, her is the people' during a rally of the group Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West, or PEGIDA, in Dresden, Germany, Monday, Jan. 12, 2015. (AP Photo/Jens Meyer)

A Dutch man also received a home visit from the police after he criticized his country’s open borders refugee policy as a “bad plan” on Twitter.
EUObserver 17 Febr. 2016:  Germany “has accomplished a lot” welcoming refugees, chancellor Angela Merkel told the Bundestag on Wednesday. “Those who need and look for protection must obtain protection,” she said, adding that 90%  of the Germans supported that position. “I find this wonderful,” she said.

EurActiv 17 Febr. 2016
: German chancellor Angela Merkel criticised an eastern European proposal to close the Balkan refugee route and promised to push instead for the EU-Turkey plan. “Do we really want to give up already and close the Greek-Macedonian-Bulgarian border?” she asked, warning of dire consequences for the passport-free Schengen area.refugees-train

EUObserver 17 Febr. 2016:  French lawmakers have voted to extend the state of emergency to 26 May, despite growing opposition from rights groups. The measure, introduced after November’s terror attacks (false flags and here) in Paris, allows police to place anyone under house arrest without court approval. Dozens of people have been detained under the powers.

EUObserver 17 Febr. 2016: Austria will accept only 80 asylum applications a day and will allow only 3,200 asylum seekers to travel through to other countries. Ministers said the rules would take effect on Friday. Last month the government promised to cap asylum seeker numbers at 1.5 percent of Austria’s population for four years (131.000).

EurActiv 17 Febr. 2016:  Senior experts said today (17 February) that unless Turkey starts targeting the mafias helping migrants cross into Europe, the worsening refugee crisis could push the British to vote to leave the Union, and bring about other disastrous consequences. Against the background of the refugee crisis, it now looks like there is a 70% chance for vote to leave the EU, he said.

merkel-isoliertThe pressure on Angela Merkel is higher than most people realise, Techau said. “There is a very bad atmosphere (even panics) inside her own party group,” Techau said (and in the EU she is isolated and fighting a lost battle) , which in his view explained why she had moved away from the big pan-European solution she advocated for so long, and expected solutions from a “coalition of the willing”, including the Turks.

Denmark´s Immigrant statistics calculated by statistician
Population: 5.7 mio. 
“Danmark” 14 Febr. 2016 : There are bout 827.930 immigrants and their children in Denmark – 77% of them have average IQs below that of the average of indigenous Danes – and 59% have IQs of or below 90.

The largest contributors to the immigration and the child brarings  1979-2016 excluding our neighbour countries are:
Turkey: 81.672 – Poland 41.230 – Iraq: 39.404 –  Pakistan: 37.443 – Somalia: 32.822 – Afghanistan: 31.959 –  Syria: 27.720 – Iran: 27.529- Stateless: 24.999 –  Romania: 23.886 – Bosnia-Herzegovina: 21.310

Continuing immigration from the present areas will make 59%  grow to 71.4% in 2072 and 77%. will grow to 87.1% in 2072. The reason is that it is precisely the most bearing  women who represent the lowest average IQ index figures.

This is not “conspiracy theory” – but another exposure confirming that the MSM and politicians´behaviour is conspiracy practice – and any attempt to deny that is true conspiracy theory.

By the way, it is incredible hypocrisy to demand Turkey to stop the migration flow. That is  EU task – and if it can or will not do it the EU simply has no mission d´etre.


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