Expected False Flag Terror in Turkey Ticket for Turkish Invasion in Syria? Engdahl: US Trap for Russia

Washington’s strategy consists in spearheading a broader regional war by inciting Turkey, Saudi Arabia as well as Israel to do the “dirty work for us”. (Prof. Michel Chossudowsky Global Res. 12 Febr. 2016).


ankara-terrorNow the Turkish terror action unter false Flag  came (28 casualties) – which I predicted on 14 February  as a precondition for  Turkish Invasion in Syria. However, the Turkish government says, it will only invade, unless the US does, too (Reuters 16 Febr, 2016).

On January 22 in an interview with CNBC US Defense Secretary Ash Carter stated that the US intends to defeat Islamic State’s greatest strongholds: the northern Iraqi city of Mosul and the IS “capital” Raqqa, in Syria.

“We’re looking for opportunities to do more and there will be boots on the ground, and I want to be clear about that. But it’s a strategic question whether you are enabling local forces to take and hold rather than trying to substitute for them,”

DWN 18. Febr. 2016  und The Telegraph 18 Febr. 2016: The threat of broader war in the Middle East is increasing.
Few hours after an explosion in Ankara,  the Turkish government notes: There was an attack, perpetrated by the Kurds from Syria. Evidence for these claims do not exist. The drama increases the likelihood of an invasion of Syria. On Thursday, Turkey resumed its bombardment of Iraq again. It is unclear whether Turkey is  calling NATO  for help.

The site of the explosion is close to the Air Force Command and the Turkish General Staff. Because of its importance, this site is guarded by military and security forces like no other place in Ankara. An illegal intrusion into this area is virtually impossible.

Similarly to the until  now mysterious attack in Istanbul, which killed 10 German citizens, the Turkish government had detailed knowledge about the perpetrators at its disposal few hours after the deed.
Normally, the investigations of such cases take weeks or months.
The Turkish government has nevertheless begun to spread its interpretation: The assassin of Ankara would be a member of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia.

On Thursday morning,  Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu held  a press conference  in Ankara. He announced that Syrian PYD / YPG was behind the attack..

In this sense, Both the YPG and the PKK are only “henchmen” used by other forces specifically against Turkey,  Davutoğlu said. “They want Turkey´s demise in a Turkish-Kurdish civil war.

These henchmen are used among others by the Syrian regime. The Syrian ambassador to the UN has recently said  that the regime supports the YPG actively and openly.
In the direction of the US and NATO, he said: We demand the same solidarity that we showed after 9/11.” It is unclear whether this is a call for assistance from the NATO.
The PKK rejects a direct responsibility for the attack in Ankara.



After the attack of 9/11 on the World Trade Center in New York  the alliance case was activated.
On Thursday morning i in southeastern Turkey,  a renewed attack on a military convoy took place, killing seven soldiers , the newspaper  Sözcü reports.


F.William Engdahl thinksthe USA stands behind Turkey, now that the ISIS and the “moderate rebels” have been knocked out  by Russia, introducing  as the next proxies  Turkey and Saudi Arabia into the field to trigger a regionwide oil war against Russia in the Middle East.

Tony Cartalucci Global Res. 17 Febr. 2016:  It should be noted that in all Western media stories, it is never precisely mentioned who the Kurds are fighting in Azaz – because it is ISIS.

Considering this, Turkey would be quite literally intervening to save ISIS and other hardcore terrorist groups sharing the city with it.
Just as US policy makers had plotted in 2009 to use an apparent “unilateral” attack by Israel upon Iran to provoke a retaliation the US could then use as a pretext to “reluctantly’ go to war, a similar strategy appears to be materializing along Syria’s borders today.  

Engdahl: “I’m going to make a prediction: The US Machiavellians have lured not only Turkey’s Erdogan and Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman, but now Moscow into their trap in the Middle East. The initial losers in this unfolding deadly game will be Saudi, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and likely Russia.

It would be interesting to know what double-tongued Henry Kissinger told Putin at their meeting on 3. Febr.

But 2 things are certain:
1) None of the parties will make any move on their own: They all know that they  have their assigned tasks to perform at the given time in Rothschilds Big Game. Their Superlodges will se to that.
And Rothschild will act when God allows him to – in order to fulfil God´s plan established at the creation of the world in this Limbo.
2) The US will not allow Russia to win in Syria, which is happening now

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  1. maria says:

    Its not Rothschild it is Rockefeller /the NATO creator& the Exxon Mobil owner the winner of this terrible dirty criminal game against Russia[Putin]&Assad!!!USA [aka the Rockefeller state &co.]wants NATO inside Russia to destroy it, at any price ,[exactly following Brzezinsky’s plan]US wants also Gazprom!!

  2. Anders says:

    Hello, Maria

    The Rockefellers were always Rothschild´s right arm – and in 2012 they finally merged into one body http://euro-med.dk/?p=27858

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