Germany´s Social Democratic Party Pays Marxist Hooligans for Violent Demonstrations

IKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA have previously written about the Marxist feminists and here and here as a major cause of the demise of Europe into Islamic monoculture.

The following is about Antifa – gangs of thugs of the political left. They are paving the way for the Islamisation of Europe – as errand boys/girls of “our” politicians.

In 2011 6 Antifa members attacked the top of the Danish SIAD/SIOE Group with clubs and knives in a park-cellar before a demonstration against the Islamisation of Denmark. Had the SIADs not been wearing bullet-proof waistcoats the theys would have been stabbed to death.

Wikipedia: In the Anti-Fascist spectrum, Antifa -Antifascist Action refers to leftists, radical leftist and autonomous groups and organizations that  in their understanding of anti-fascism are targeting nationalism, neo-Nazism and to combat racism. This often occurs with particularly stressed rejection of anti-Semitism and folkish ideology.
Various anti-fascist groups, especially from the environment of the autonomous scene in Germany are under observation by the constitutional protection authorities. They are evaluated critically for partially accepting and owning the use of violence. Antifa-geld


Left: Violent Pro Migration Antifa protesters Being PAID $ 50 AN HOUR By the German Socialist Party  (Pamela Geller on January 20, 2016).

joschka-fischer-beating-policemanRight: Former German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer on the Street (with helmet) 1973 beating a policeman. Later, he became Capitalist  “philanthropist”, George Soros´ co-founder of Rothschild´s  European Council on Foreign Relations

The following is from the Federal Congress  of Young Socialist  Women  27.-29. Nov. 2015 in Bremen –  and confirms this disaster – as well as the connection between the SPD and violent anarchists at demonstrations: They are paid by the party.



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