“The Secret Reset”. VT: Secret G20 and US Military Industrial Group Raising Putin against Rothschild – Hegelian Dialectics?

ADDENDUM: SuddenlyRothschild-Agent George Soros demands  cooperation between Russia and the EU!!

Abstract: As I wrote earlier, an apparent or dialectic  theater-war is being fought between the Orthodox Jews led by Vladimir Putin and the bankster-Zionists in the London City and Wall Street, whose  errand boys are the US / NATO.
For example, Putin arrested Rothschild´s man, Khodorkovsky for a decade and has now issued an arrest warrant against Rothschild agent, George Soros, who has been stirring up the white rebellion against Putin for years.

Putin has founded the BRICS alliance against the US dollar of Rothschild´s  US FED – China launched the AIIB alternative to US’s IMF and World Bank and trades with China in national currencies.
In 2009, then-President of the EU Council, Van Rompuy said 2009 was the first year of World Government, after Gordon Brown  had officially proclaimed the New World Order at the G20 summit in London.

For 240 years, the banksters have been governing the world by means of their central banks printing money out of thin air and then lending it to the states of the world  at interest (except for  “rogue states” to be subdued by war), which has sent states into deep financial and political dependence on the Luciferian banksters.
Western politicians are also widely  bought by the banksters – and disobedient politicians are liquidated (John and Robert Kennedy).

According to Veterans Today,  in the G20 a very secret conspiracy against the US petrodollar as the reserve currency in oil trade – the precondition for USA’s superpower status – was born, consisting of Russia / China, other elements of the G20, elements of the US military-industrial complex which  apparently give Russia technical assistance, as well as the Rothschild bankster, who have an interest in dismantling  the dollar in favour of their one-world currency. This makes the US desperate – and related activities (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran) have triggered US attacks.

Meanwhile, the banksters seem energized again. However, this new group in the G20
is said to be stronger than the Rothschild banksters ?? and  thus to have the final say in the world government.

The new group has said it intends to introduce a new monetary system and dismantle the old system. Arelevant plan has been elaborated

However, Putin is still subject to internal opposition in his government. Rothschilds are against dismantling the Russian Central Bank – and has very lucrative trade relations with the Western Illuminati – as shown in this article.

There is a serious ideological hateful dispute between the two Jewish Luciferian groups, the Zionists and Orthodox Jews – who apparently appointed Putin  King of the Jews in 2014. Which is now  is stronger: Putin´s  greed – or the Orthodox Talmudic ideology with which he was raised – this could be decisive for world peace or war.


I have previously written about an ongoing dispute between the Zionist Rothschild-led London City and the rivalling Putin-led orthodox (Chabad Lubavitch) Jewry.
Considering the fact that the High Priests of Judaist Pharisaism of the NWO have apparently appointed Vladimir Putin King of Jews, a struggle for the real power over the world might be going on between orthodox Talmudic Jewry and and the Zionist heretic Shabbatean-Frankist –  Zionist wing of Jewry, which established the state of Israel (see years 1895-1957). Or it might be an internal kind of Hegelian dialectics.

Acc. to former President of the European Council, van Rompuy, world government was introduced at the London G20 meeting in 2009.

Acc. to Veterans Today, an alliance has taken place between G20 members, Vladimir Putin, the London City (Rothschild) and a secret group within e US military industrial complex to abolish  the petrodollar – making the US desperate, a situation which has so far been cause of war for the US (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran). Paradoxically, the London City seems to have defected.

petrodollar-recyclingRothschild´s  FED prints money out of thin air to buy oil with. The money is then to be re-invested by the oil exporters into US bonds, so the US has actually free oil import – and Rothschild´s banks are cashing in.

Zero Hedge 17 Dec. 2015
 writes about the BIG RESET to come after the US and Saudi Arabia started an oil price war against the ruble and disconnected Russia from the SWIFT system. Recently it was China – and not the US ´IMF –  whicht bailed out Venezuela, Argentina and Russia as their currencies crashed.  The BRICS and AIIB and here banks further threaten the petrodollar which funds the US superpower status.
Russia and China bypass the dollar in their  bilateral trade – and Iran will barter oil.

I have recently written about an ongoing possibly feigned war between the London City ISIS-boss-1and Vladimir Putin over Yukos´ Oil equities i.a. as well as Rothschild agentGeorge Soros´white revolution in Russia. In the following the conflict between these 2 centres is more than suggested to have a much deeper and dangerous perspective.

Veterans Today 24 Jan. 2016  is boasting an infallible intelligence service. So let us see what its US website has to tell us. First its footage right (supplemented by me).

VT in the following article excerpt wrongly uses the term Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM). is is to avoid mentioning the Pharisaic European Half-Jews behind it the calamities: The London City/ and the Jesuits.

ISIS-boss2Wall Street  bankers are genetically Azhkenazy Jews/Europeans with no drop of Khazarian blood in them.

Veterans Today 9 Jan. 2016It is almost as if Putin has had someone or something advising him that is incredibly intelligent.

Add to this the very advanced defensive electronic warfare weapons systems which the Russian Federation is now manufacturing and one begins to wonder just who or what is now assisting the Russian Federation.

A Secret Reset is negotiated:
During the year 2013, G20 met three times, once in ISIS-boss-3Moscow (February) and twice in
(Washington) DC (April and October).

The second meeting in (Washington) DC in April was part of a meeting with the IMF and World Bank. During these meetings it is strongly suspected that an apparent secret aisis-israelgreement was made based on a recognition:
1) that the private Rothschild Khazarian central Fiat Banking System was unsustainable.
2) It was also recognized that the US Petro Dollar had provided the West with a means to gain and take unfair advantage of the rest of the World.

ISIS-boss5Apparently these “new understandings” by the G20 were based on the presence of a new and increasingly powerful group which is keeping a low profile. The
exact date this secret agreement was made is believe to be in late 2013.

city-of-london_smallCITY OF LONDON
The City of London statue of the Great Draco (Lucifer) , alleged secret God of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) and largest parasite of humans in history. 

This new group that emerged and appeared on the scene at G20 with a significant presence and apparent power is different than the RKM which has held the World captive for at least the last 300 years.
This new group appears to be aligned with the Russian Federation and a sector hidden deep inside some unacknowledged special-access deep-black US Defense contractor programs.

It is very hard to get information on this agreement.

But it appears that this new group instructed the G20 members that the current RKM World financial system was unsustainable and the World would no longer accept it or even allow it. During these meetings a plan was apparently proposed and approved to decouple oil from the US Dollar and create a basket of adjusted currencies in place of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.

ARREST-WARRANT-For-ROTHSCHILD-SOROSPutin has issued an arrest warrant against Rothschild agent George Soros for illegal speculation against the Rubel 

A schedule was allegedly set up for rolling out this new World financial system and displacing the RKM system piece by piece.
However despite this secret Reset Agreement being made, it is now being resisted by the RKM and its Cutouts.

Resistance to this new secret agreement is showing up with ISIS, the Ukraine as the western RKM large banks attempt to prop themselves up as long as they can. The longer they resist the farther they will fall and take much of the West especially Europe and America down with them.

The question always arises, how could such a powerful force as the RKM ever agree to give up their power and monetary hegemony around the World without using America’s military forces which they hijacked right before WW1?

We don’t yet have the answer to that question, but it appears that this new group has substantial defensive military might which they have shared with the Russian Federation, might which surpasses American military capability even when NATO and Israel are added to it.

As this Secret Reset is rolled out the first thing we are likely to see is imported goods rising and US standard of living falling significantly.

octopus-washingtonSome have predicted extreme social unrest in the urban centers of Europe and America, even perhaps the whole World and there is an RKM effort to lock down all the major cities of the World under the anti-terror, anti-extremism plan,  Strong Cities program which is related to Agenda 21 and the Free Trade Agreements.

The reason there has been so many illegal and legal immigrants allowed in America and now Europe is because of the side agreements that accompany this new Secret Reset Agreement.

Veterans Today 17 Jan. 2016: One source with connections to mainland Chinese sources has verified this claim that China has given an ultimatum that there will be a big reduction in their cargo ships unloading any products until the USG begins to honor the Secret Reset Agreement they entered into in 2013 during G-20 meetings.

This is all very mysterious.
Why did Russia give up oil as future fuel at the Paris Climate one world Agreement –  her only source of foreign currency, apart from weapons export?

russian-fighter2Of course there must be some reason for the revolution in Russian weapons development – both as for the sudden rise in intellectual and financial capacity behind it. But Russians can manage this on their own – although it´s happened so fast that one might suspect US experience behind it.

Mason Putin is subordinated to the Rothschild/Jesuit high priests – as shown by the fact that Russia is still submitted to a Rothschild central bank. Besides Putin/Russia are deeply involved in very lucrative trade relations  with the Illuminati (see below)

The fall of the Soviet Union was a Rockefeller Trilateral Commission trick to pave the way for one-world Communism, Agenda 21, which the Soviet Union could not enforce.
The Fall of the petrodollar (and the euro) is a necessity as seen from Rothschild´s point of view for his main goal: the one-world currency. 

As it seems from the above, Rothschild is reinforcing his antithesis for the final war of his (and Mason Albert Pike´s) plan. For the military industrial complex (MIC) of the US purportedly now cooperating with Putin´s weapon-producers are also under Rothschild control. And the MIC is heavily investing in bellicose republican US presidential hopefuls.
Putin is probably Jewish, certainly at heart and is surrounded by orthodox Jewish Chabad Lubawitch  – especially Rabbi Berel Lazar, who alongside with Alexandr Dugin is lobbying for WWIII to start in Israel.
Rothschild is pulling the strings in East and West for his WWIII – as he did for WWI and WWII and here.


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