German Vigilantes: German Politicians let Migrant Violence pass, Want Police State against NWO Opponents.

The interior minister of the Saarland calls for comprehensive upgrading at all levels, to restore internal security in Germany. Cologne was a wake-up call, a cry of alarm. If anyone believes this integration goes smoothly, he is wrong. We have had a lot of negative experiences. (Interior Minister Saarland Klaus Bouillon: Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten 18.01.16).


DWN 14 Jan. 2016:  Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, Social Democrat (SPD) has urgently warned against so-called vigilantes who want to take the protection of citizens  into their own hands without any legal basis.”
It is not the task of vigilantes or other self-proclaimed amateur sheriffs to play police, ” the Minister told the Saarbrücker Zeitung.
Providing security and order “is and will remain the task of the state,” Maas said. The state monopoly could not be questioned: “We will not accept vigilantism.”
However, Maas could not tell why the state is apparently barely able to prevent numerous crimes – such as in Cologne on New Years Eve.

Vbürgerwehr-Rockerigilante Rocker groups join the vigilantes. They can something that the immigrants also can – and the state openly does not at all want to du: provide security!!

In East Germany  vigilantes emerged several years ago after the opening of the border because organized gangs crossed the unguarded border into Germany.

In the Facebook group “One for all, all for one … Düsseldorf looks out”, the idea of ​​the group is  to stroll around the city on weekends or at events: After all, everyone has a girlfriend, sister, mother, cousin, aunt , sister or wife.

burgerwehr2On  Facebook  many similar groups can be found throughout Germany. “Vigilante Germany” has also joined forces in the past week on Facebook.
It  also claims not to be rightist, but posts such as “As of today it’s our turn, we take our country back!” speak their own language.

In Saxony, vigilantes are also linked to xenophobic attacks and agitation against refugees, i.a. the vigilante FTL / 360 from Freital.

The politicians allow the migrant violence to happen and oppose the reaction against this violence: German patriots.

DWN 17.01.16:  After the mass harassment in Cologne and other cities, the German Social Democrats (SPD) see  societal cohesion threatened by right-wing extremism. The SPD wants to fund projects on the topic “Living Democracy” with EUR 100 million. In addition, punishable remarks on the internet will have to be more consequently clamped down upon“.

The AFP reports: “Given attacks on refugees and racist incitement, the SPD wants to ‘strengthen the fight against the Rightists.

The SPD seems  to “forget” leftist rioters and here and Video:

The SPD has come to the conclusion that, since Pegida and other groups protest in various German cities,  the verbal baiting is accompanied by a massive and significant increase of racially motivated crimes”.
On what numbers the SPD has based its  statement, it is not apparent from the AFP report. In the past week there has not been been an increase in  xenophobic criminal offences.

However, the violent clashes between extreme right and extreme left are brutal: Serious physical injuries have ensued
In that context, the Social Democrats repeated their demand for 12,000 new jobs in the police at federal and state level by 2019. Also against criminal manifestations on the Internet, more consequent action should be taken.
Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) has invited his colleagues in the federal states to a summit on the problem of right-wing extremism. Maas proposes i.a. the establishment of public prosecutors for right-wing violence in particular, it was said in the report.

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