Soros´Antithesis Becoming Active: Beginning of Civil War in Germany? Expert Lawyer: Merkel Has Broken the Constitution

The Daily Mail 12 Jan. 2016 Anti-refugee rioters have gone on the rampage in Leipzig, trashing Doner kebab and fast food stalls
250 holigans part of the local branch of PEGIDA known as LEGIDA set cars on fire and vandalised shops
LEGIDA called for the deportation of migrants and closure of borders following the sex attacks in Cologne
Germany has started sending a growing number of migrants back to Austria since the New Year’s Eve sex attacks.




The attacks come just hours after Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that Europe had lost control of the crisis. The right-wingers broke away from a largely peaceful march in the eastern city to trash the suburb of Connewitz.

This was a serious breach of the peace,’ said a police spokesman, confirming that several police officers were injured in the clashes triggered by simmering anger over the New Year’s Eve mass sex attacks against women in Cologne and several other German cities.
German police say the number of criminal complaints filed after the events on New Year’s Eve in Cologne has risen to 516 – 40 per cent relating to allegations of sexual assault.

‘Based on testimony from witnesses, the report from the Cologne police and descriptions by the federal police, it looks as if people with a migration background were almost exclusively responsible for the criminal acts,’ Ralf Jaeger, interior minister from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia told a special commission on the Cologne violence.

DWN 11. Jan. 2016: Police reports many new sexual assault against women in all of Germany. The methods are different, the crime scenes spread over the whole country. As a rule, there are no arrests of suspects. In Cologne there were acts of violence against foreigners. 12 Jan. 2016:   Bavaria’s Prime Minister Horst Seehofer is getting tailwind from an opinion of constitutional lawyer Udo di Fabio. Accordingly, a complaint  by the State of Bavaria against Angela Merkel’s refugee policy before the Federal Constitutional Court would be upheld. Refusing to control the country’s borders comprehensively, the federal government   broke the Constitution.

This is what Soros intends, “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom”  (Matt. 24: 7).” That was the aim of Soros´ many previous engineered riots.

Because he wants to create chaos out of the old world and the New World Order, Agenda 21, of his master out of this chaos – and that is going to be bloody bloody, see Albert Pike, Luke 21, Matt. 24, Jeremiah 25: 29–.

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  1. friedrich says:

    Anders, English reports by now…
    Tuesday, January 12, 2016
    Judge: Merkel Committed Historic Breach Of Law In Opening Borders, Constitution Allows ‘Right To Resist’
    by Nick Hallett
    “One of Germany’s most senior constitutional judges has said Angela Merkel’s government is violating the country’s constitution by failing to protect its borders. In a report commissioned by Mrs Merkel’s partners, the Christian Social Union (CSU), Udo di Fabio says the federal government is constitutionally obliged to take control of border security when European institutions are impaired.
    Mr. di Fabio, himself from an immigrant family, adds that the overwhelming migrant influx, and the subsequent suspension of the Dublin Convention, means that the German government is therefore obliged to step in, but has so far failed to do so adequately. In doing so, they committed a “historic breach of law”, N-TV reports.
    Taking a shot at Merkel’s appeals to keep the borders open due to compassion for refugees fleeing war and persecution, he adds:
    “The Basic Law does not guarantee the protection of all people worldwide through de facto or legal entry permits.” …”

  2. Anders says:

    Hallo, friedrich

    siehe meine jüngste Einlage.

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